Unknown force: how much is the Russian military group in Syria

Everything began on September 28, when the Tu-154, assigned to the 223rd flight detachment of the Ministry of Defense, flew out of Nalchik, crossed the Caspian Sea, then Iran, Iraq and Syria, and landed at the airport in Hmeymim near Latakia. Tu-154 flew accompanied by six Su-34. By this time in Syria has already deployed an impressive group - under the guise of a sudden inspection of troops of the Central Military District, and exercise "Center-2015" on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea were deployed bombers, fighters, helicopters, tanks, armored vehicles, construction equipment and about 1500 2 000 soldiers and officers. Two days later, on September 30, Russian aircraft bombed positions LIH and the Syrian Free Army in Syria, and the October 7 missile attacks from the Caspian Sea caused Navy ships. Ex-Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin has compared the operation in Syria with advanced long-term exercise. According to military experts, the surgery costs can reach $ 1-2 billion, the Defense Ministry budget of about $ 50 billion.

bomber Su-34 (NATO classification - Fullback)

Unknown force: how much is the Russian military group in Syria

The main impact Russian aircraft generation "4+" is equipped with turbojet engines with an adjustable nozzle that allows to gain speed up to 1900 km / h. The maximum ceiling - 17,000 meters. Aircraft radar capable of tracking up to 10 targets and simultaneously firing to 4. It has 12 hardpoints that allow the use of not only Russian high-precision bombs and missiles, but also standing on the arms of NATO. The maximum combat load of 12 000 kg.

The Russian air group in Syria consists of six Su-34, which cause air strikes on ground targets, making 16 to 25 departures a day. Produced since 2006, the Novosibirsk Aviation Plant. Chkalov, the cost per aircraft - 1, 5 billion rubles..

The bomber SU-24M (NATO - Fencer-D)

Unknown force: how much is the Russian military group in Syria

Modification frontline bomber with variable wing SU-24 sweep. It reaches a maximum speed at high altitude 2240 km / h, the height of the ceiling - 11500 m.

Can carry the bombing, guided and unguided missile and gun armament to eight external hard points. Maximum combat load - 7500 kg.

The aircraft is designed for the application of air strikes at any time, in simple and adverse weather conditions. The Russian air group in Syria 12 bomber Su-24M.

Adopted in 1983, it was produced by the Novosibirsk aviation plant them. Chkalov (in 1993, out of production).

According to the contract in 2000 for the supply of Su-24MK (export version) Algeria cost per aircraft is $ 5, 5 million.

The Armor attack plane Su-25SM (NATO classification - Frogfoot)

Unknown force: how much is the Russian military group in Syria

The modernized Su-25 is equipped with upgraded avionics among the most reliable in its class engine R-95 and R-195. So designed that upon failure of one of the motors is able to continue flight. All vital systems stormtrooper duplicated, the cockpit is made of titanium armor. The maximum speed with a combat load of 950 km / h, ceiling - 7000 m.

It has 10 suspension points, the maximum combat load of bombs and missiles - 4400 kg.

The aircraft is designed to support ground troops and destroy enemy targets in all weather conditions. The Russian air group of 12 Su-25SM. In Syria, according to a representative of the Russian Defense Ministry, the stormtroopers restrictions apply - only where the danger of falling under the fire of anti-aircraft guns and MANPADS minimal. Produced by Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant, was adopted in 1980, a year later a squadron of 12CU-25 has been involved in the fighting in Afghanistan. The cost of one aircraft is estimated at $ 10 million.

Su-30cm (NATO - Flanker)

Unknown force: how much is the Russian military group in Syria

Double multipurpose heavy fighter generation "4+" top speed at 2125 km / h, the ceiling - more than 17, 000 meters. Equipped with 12 suspension points can carry bombs guided and unguided missiles total weight up to 8000 kg. Designed to control the fighting groups of fighters in the air, cover the actions of ground troops, destroy ground and air targets, conduct reconnaissance. The Russian air group in Syria, four of these fighters. SU-30 is produced since 1992, his modernization of Su-30cm - since 2012. Produced "Irkut Corporation", under contract in 2014 to supply Su-30cm Kazakhstan, the cost per aircraft is about 1, 25 billion rubles.

Mi-8 (NATO - Hip)

Unknown force: how much is the Russian military group in Syria

The most massive helicopter with two engines in the world has a lot of modifications to the civil, military and special purpose. Military transport Mi-8AMTSh designed for the transport of personnel and equipment, and weighs about 7 tons has a maximum takeoff weight of 13 tons. Engines total capacity of 4000 liters. from. allow the machine to reach a maximum speed of 250 km / h. Ceiling - 6000 meter range with additional tanks - 1,300 km. Can arm guided and unguided missiles. In Russian air group included in Syria 15 MI-8 (modification is unknown).

In operation since 1965, it is now produced by Kazan and Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant, the approximate cost - $ 15 million.

Mi-24 (NATO - Hind)

Unknown force: how much is the Russian military group in Syria

It is the second most common in the world (the first American Apache) attack helicopters.

In 1979, MI-24 set a world speed record for helicopters - 368, 4 km / h.

From more than 1300 cars were produced in 1969, helicopters were widely used in many military conflicts, including the Afghan and Chechen wars. Who it is in service with nearly 50 countries.

Has six suspension points may be equipped with small arms and cannon, guided and unguided missiles, including "air-to-air, bombs. The Air Group 15 MI-24 helicopters in Syria.

Now the helicopter made aircraft company "Rosvertol" in Rostov-on-Don, the approximate cost - $ 22 million.

Mobile complex "krasukha ew system 2"

Unknown force: how much is the Russian military group in Syria

It is intended to protect against missile and bomb strikes command posts, army, air defense systems, industrial and administrative facilities. The station emits a noise and "blinding" enemy planes: they can not detect targets and to direct them missiles.

The system is mounted on a four-KAMAZ-terrain vehicle. Engine - 500 hp. from. Total weight -. 40 m Ekipazh- 7 people. The performance characteristics of the complex are kept secret, known only that the system operating range greater than 300 kilometers.

Produced NGO "Quantum" (Novgorod), developer of the Research Institute "Gradient" (Rostov-on-Don "). Cost: about 200-250 million rubles.

anti-aircraft missile-gun complex "Carapace C1" (NATO - SA-22 Greyhound)

Unknown force: how much is the Russian military group in Syria

It is intended to combat air, lightly armored ground targets, the protection of military and industrial facilities.

The crew of 3 people. Distance to the target 1, 2 - 20 km. The complex is equipped with automatic guns and guided missiles.

The developer is the Tula State Unitary Enterprise "Instrument Design Bureau".

The approximate cost of about $ 15 million (estimate for 2010)

The tactical air defense missile system "Tor" (NATO - SA-15 Gauntlet)

Unknown force: how much is the Russian military group in Syria

Designed for missile and air defense, protection of economic and military facilities from air strikes - launched cruise missiles, drones, planning bombs, helicopters and airplanes, including "stealth" technology made of. Independently knocks down all air targets, not recognized by the system "friend or foe". On the combat vehicle has 8 antiaircraft missiles (SAM) 9M330. Station target detection and guidance station capture the target moving at speeds up to 700 m / s, on the distance from 0, 5 to 12 km and altitude of 10 m to 6 km. Translation from marching into the firing position takes up to 3 minutes.

Developer: NIEMI

Cost: Not available

The tank T-90 "Vladimir"

Unknown force: how much is the Russian military group in Syria

developed in the late 80's T-90 is now the main Russian battle tank. In the 2000s, the T-90 and its export version became one of the most sold in the world of tanks.

T-90 is capable of hitting most of the tanks and helicopters, while remaining out of range.

The crew consists of 3 persons. Weight - 46 5 tonnes.

Engine Power - 840 l. from.

Armament: 125 mm smoothbore gun 2A46M. Right from the gun located coaxial 7, 62 mm machine gun PKT. Located on the tower 12, a 7-mm anti-aircraft gun NSVT equipped with a remote control system 1TS29 with stabilization in the vertical plane. 125-mm tank gun adapted to fire anti-tank AT-11 laser-guided. ATGM firing range is 4000 m. Now the tank is made "Uralvagonzavod", the approximate value of T 90 -118 000 000 rubles.

BTR-82 A

Unknown force: how much is the Russian military group in Syria

It is intended to transport infantry units and fire support on the battlefield. This is one of the most modern armored vehicles in the Russian army. Machine weight is 14, 5 tons, the maximum speed on the highway - 80 km \ h, range - 600 km. Engine power - 60 hp. On arms 30-mm rapid-firing gun 2A72 and coaxial 7, 62 mm machine gun PKT. APC is performed at the Arzamas machine-building plant, approximate cost - 22-24 million rubles.

The patrol ship "Dagestan" (according to NATO classification - Gepard), cruise missiles "Caliber" (according to NATO classification - Sizzler)

Unknown force: how much is the Russian military group in Syria

October 7 four rocket ships of the Caspian flotilla headed to the ship "Dagestan" missile launches conducted 26 to 11 goals in Syria.

Ships of the project 11661, to which the "Dagestan designed for search and anti-submarine, surface and air targets, conducting convoys and protection of the marine economic zone. Ships have missiles, anti-aircraft missile and artillery weapons. "Dagestan" has become the first Navy ship, weapon systems "Caliber-NK", using high-precision cruise missiles. It was believed that they limit the range of less than 300 km, but cruise missiles launched Caspian Flotilla October 7, hit targets at a distance of 1500 km. "Dagestan" was laid on Zelenodalskom plant named after Gorky in 1991 and launched in 2011. Under the contract with Vietnam to build two ships of this project, the cost of one ship was estimated at $ 350 million. Cruise missiles "Caliber" designed and manufactured by OKB "Innovator" in Yekaterinburg. The cost is unknown. American counterpart - Tomahawk - estimated at $ 1, 5 million.

missile cruiser "Moskva"

Unknown force: how much is the Russian military group in Syria

The lead ship of the project in 1164 "Atlas", the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet. Designed for attacking enemy surface ships, Coast Guard facilities, landing support and defense. In connection with the events in Syria grouping of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean Sea increased to 15 ships and support vessels, including the missile cruiser "Varyag", a large anti-submarine ship "Admiral Panteleyev" landing ships "Novocherkassk", "Minsk", "Shabalin" "Relight", and so on. d.

Displacement - 11,490 tons, length - 186, 5 meters, the crew of 510 people, autonomy - 30 days. Cruiser equipped with 16 launchers for anti-ship missiles "Volcano" gun mount, zanitno-missile-S-300 "Rif". SAM "Osama", antisubmarine weapons. Producer - "Shipbuilding Plant. 61 Communards "(Nikolaev). Cost - at the time of construction of approximately $ 600 million.