8 kraudfandingovyh greatest campaigns in history

Every day in the world run hundreds kraudfandingovyh campaigns. Alone and unnoticed by the Internet community, while others collect literally in a matter of days, an amount substantially in excess of the necessary budget. In our review of eight of the largest and perhaps the most successful projects in the history of crowdfunding.

8 kraudfandingovyh greatest campaigns in history 8 kraudfandingovyh greatest campaigns in history

1. The game Star Citizen (must be $ 500 000, raised 88,390,729 dollars)

Most financed by crowdfunding campaign in history belongs to multiplayer online game called Star Citizen. In 2012, on the Kickstarter campaign was launched with the aim to collect 500,000 dollars. Once the campaign is over, continued funding through the website of the game. As of August 2015 reached the colossal sum of 88 million dollars.

Gross beta of Star Citizen was to be released in late 2014, but the date was moved at least 2016. David Swofford, a representative of the developer Cloud Imperium Games, said that the dates were postponed, because no one has ever tried to make a game of this magnitude.

As a rule, the team gets the big games at the same time a large sum of money and spends years in the creation of the game. But Star Citizen - kraudfandingovy project, so developers can not do: the entire development process should be open, as investors are players. Now available unit fighting in spaceships, social module will be published in the near future, and the shooter first-person unit will be released in a few weeks.

8 kraudfandingovyh greatest campaigns in history

2. Flow Hive (need 70 000 dollars, collected 12,477,036 dollars) Few can assume that many people would like to have his own apiary, but the project proved otherwise Flow Hive, collecting $ 12 million on Indiegogo. Fashioned Beehive is based on the plastic part of a special design, you do not want to get out of the hive, disturbing the bees. Beekeeper can through the transparent window to see if the cells filled with honey, and then simply turn the lever to drip honey from the hive on a special tube. Flow Hive will be available for purchase in February 2016, and it will cost 260-670 dollars.

8 kraudfandingovyh greatest campaigns in history

3. Jacket BauBax Travel Jacket (must be $ 20 000, collected 9,192,055 dollars)

Chiral Sanghavi had a total of 20 000 dollars to finance the production of its BauBax jacket. He put it mildly, has surpassed this goal, collecting a whopping $ 9 million on Kickstarter. Jacket with 15 built-in functions will be available in four style (jacket, hoodie, blazer and bomber).

The most unusual features include the jacket pocket for iPad and charge for it, to drink a pocket into which fits the bank built into the sleeve gloves, a pocket for a passport, a hood with an inflatable neck pillow and eye mask. The campaign gathered 45,000 supporters who have booked 70,000 jackets for the price from 89 to 120 dollars. As expected, sending jackets will begin in November 2015.

8 kraudfandingovyh greatest campaigns in history

4. The smartphone of Ubuntu on the (need 32 million dollars collected 12,814,196 dollars)

Some projects do not receive the necessary funding and as a result, fail. The company Canonical has launched a campaign on Indiegogo, to build a smartphone based on Android, which would be able to work as a full-fledged PC mode running Ubuntu. As supporters of similar devices were few, Canonical has been forced to reduce the price of the smartphone even during the campaign - from 830 to 695 dollars. Still it managed to raise just over one third of the required amount, so the project failed, and the $ 12 million was returned to investors.

8 kraudfandingovyh greatest campaigns in history

5. Elio Motors (collected 21,161,869 dollars)

As of July 2015, a month after the startup Elio Motors was launched, he managed to collect more than 21 million dollars to build an additional 25 prototypes of three-wheeled vehicle for tests and inspections. The three-wheeled car has only two seats - for driver and passenger behind him. Equipped with the concept of a three-cylinder engine capacity of 55 liters. s., which consumes only 2, 8 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers.

8 kraudfandingovyh greatest campaigns in history

6. A smart watch Pebble Time (must be $ 500 000, raised 20,338,986 dollars)

SmartWatch Pebble Time - a new iteration of the original Smart hours Pebble SmartWatch - gathered around 13, 9 million dollars on Kickstarter in February 2015. Since then the company has released a new version of this watch called the Pebble Time Steel, stainless steel, as well as more capacious battery. Version with leather bracelet costs $ 250, and a metal - 300 dollars. Pebble said that all their watches are water resistant, and the battery lasts for seven days. The direct competitor of the Pebble - Apple's smart watch - also waterproof, but the battery lasts only 18 hours. on the Apple Watch Prices start at $ 349, and the base model Pebble Watch costs about 99 dollars.

8 kraudfandingovyh greatest campaigns in history

7. The coldest and cool the fridge (need 50 000 dollars, collected 13,285,226 dollars)

Startup Coolest Cooler was launched on Kickstarter platform in 2014. In just 52 days 62,642 man made 13,285,226 dollars. Now the miracle machine can be ordered online for $ 485. The buyer will get for the money 60-liter portable refrigerator, which is equipped with various functions. For example, the refrigerator provides the ability to prepare cocktails with a blender and charge gadgets via two built-in USB ports. Coolest Cooler also allows you to listen to music (it has two Bluetooth-speakers) and is equipped with LED-backlit. In this "cool" refrigerator equipped with a mass of useful details, such as cutting board and opener.

8 kraudfandingovyh greatest campaigns in history

8. Ethereum Cryptocurrency (collected 18,439,086 dollars)

In July 2015, eighteen months after the announcement, Ethereum platform, which managed to collect more than $ 18 million, was finally launched. Ethereum - one of the most ambitious projects in the field of "crypto 2.0", which aims to create a new universe programmable contracts. As stated by the developers, their goal is the decentralization of all on the Internet, as well as creating a platform that operates without downtime tolerance even possible, without censorship, fraud or third party interference. "That makes for Bitcoin payments, Ethereum will do for all that can be programmed."