"The Most Beautiful Country": a photo contest of the Russian Geographical Society

• "The Most Beautiful Country": a photo contest of the Russian Geographical Society

From October 30 to November 8, 2015 the II Russian Geographical Society Festival, during which will be held on announcement of the winners of the photo contest "The most beautiful country." The competition is held in the categories "Landscape", "Animals of Russia", "The natural design. Art-photo "," Black and white nature "and many others. In our selection - the most beautiful pictures of the participants to shoot the amazing nature of the country.

"Tuvan herders," the author Leonid Kruglov. In the photo: the Republic of Tyva

"Monsters" by Gennady Subachev. In the photo: the consequences of the work of the Kola Mining and Metallurgical Company in the 80-90-ies, to modernize production, Monchegorsk, Murmansk region

"subglacial skyscrapers" by Eugene Dubinchuk. Photo: methane bubbles stuck in the thick ice of Lake Baikal

"Deforestation" by Konstantin Tolokonnikov. Photo: Voronezh region

"Blizzard" by Ivan sour. In the photo: a lone wolf, Bilibino district, Chukotka Autonomous Okrug

"Early Spring" by Julia Popova. Photo: Vynohradiv district, Arkhangelsk region

"Triumph of Life", by Egor Nikiforov. In the photo: the banded newt, included in the Red Book, the vicinity of Novorossiysk, Krasnodar region

"winter rug covered the hills" by Sergey Novozhilov. Place Taken: Mountain Demerdji, Crimea

"universal vehicle" by Danil Khusainov. In the photo: reindeer team, Taz District, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug

"transcendental country" by Anton Litvin. In the photo: "Elbrus" National Park, near the pass of the All

"The old pier" by Sergei Smirnov. Photo: Bay Nagaeva, Magadan

"Zen" by Sergei Krasnoshekov. Photo: Bear on the shore of Lake Kuril before hibernation, Kamchatka, South Kamchatka wildlife preserve