How to find the power of speech, when you need to talk to toast

How to find the power of speech, when you need to talk to toast

toasts during a feast - a wonderful tradition. Unfortunately, not everyone can boast of their ability to make a brief, well-aimed and memorable.

We have gathered the basic rules of a good toast, so you could easily cope with the honorable role of toast at the next festival.

1. The problem does not exist

Judge for yourself, the audience overwhelmingly grateful and configured favorably. You are required only to express their attitude to share sympathy, to give advice. And, if possible, original. This may have the best audience for training. Public speaking - sounds serious, and toast are not relatives or dry report of an interview with tricky questions.

2. Speak standing

Be sure to get up, a toast. Such is the tradition. In addition, it will draw attention to your audience. Increased attention is a bit confusing, but it's much better than say a toast, when you have no one listens.

3. Be prepared!

Muse will not come. Re-read the literature - Muse toast does not exist. Not justified touchingly naive "think of something" or forgotten school "can not me." The ability to give a good impromptu - a sign of a specific skill. Comrades able to stir any company, first, already know their capabilities, secondly, always have in mind proven reserve billets.

4. Drop anchor

Check out collections from the series "Green toastmaster" and select yourself a few toasts. For example, on the following topics: health, love, happiness, anniversary, luck, wedding. Toasts should be like you, after having been run - try to tell in their own words, to check on someone reaction. It is quite possible that will have to remember to write down and check out a few times. And another trick: the most remarkable anecdotes make good toast, they just have to pack and arrange the relevant topic, "Now, I wish ..."

5. Be in the subject

Good harvesting, which usually help out, may not be to the table. Separate a libation in a friendly company, which allowed more and celebrations, where necessarily need to comply with the format and not a reason to pass by.

6. Correctly highlight key points

To make it more expressive, clear and convincing will correct accents in sentences. Highlight important words, changing the tone of his voice during a conversation. The pronunciation of important words suddenly rises or lowers his voice to a word or phrase is advantageous to separate from the crowd. Apply this principle everywhere, when you have to speak in public, then you will have to listen carefully and with interest.

7. Brevity - the sister of talent

Do not re-read "War and Peace", otherwise all of the guests fall asleep. Your toast should not force guests to stand or sit for a long time with his glasses. Allow to toast for 1-3 minutes - this is the optimal time.

8. Be a

Do not force to beg you to say good words, but do not give up, if the only problem is to choose or say the words. Do not indulge in verbiage and do not try to become a star of the evening. The task is simple and pleasant: you have entrusted to announce the one stop on the holiday itinerary.

9. Catch the moment

If you have successfully reached the state "right now sing", it is better to forget about his toast. Sit modestly and chew salad. Toasts better to say in the first half of the evening, when the amount of drunk alcohol does not confuse your thoughts.

10. Speak sincerely

Not so important, how beautifully unite words in your toast, the most important thing that your speech was sincere and came from the heart. People feel it is necessary and answer thank you with sincere smiles and warm words.