Learning to love yourself is easier than it seems

• Learning to love yourself is easier than it seems

Learning to love yourself is easier than it seems

All the people in the world are united by one desire - to love and be loved. But to do this first of all we should start to value yourself highly.

We offer you to breathe more deeply and from today to begin practicing the items on the list - to find inner balance and comfort.

Stop to compare themselves with others. People succeed in different ways.

You're not as fat as you think.

Physical exercises are useful not only for appearance but also for the soul. You need to love your body, no matter what it is.

We need to find an activity that you are perfectly able to do. Maybe you can get along very well with children, and you'd like to work with them, but you do not know about it, because not tried.

Spend more time with friends. They should be more important than a girl or a guy. Relationships come and go, but friends are forever - you need to take care of it.

Make time for yourself. This is fine if you want to stay at home on Friday night to watch a movie and popcorn pohrustet because it was a tough week and you have worked hard.

How long have you wanted to read an interesting book, but no time? In fact, the time is. Reading expands the imagination and sharpens the mind.

Spending time outdoors. Explore new streets and trails. Walking is helpful. Do it more often find yourself company. If you have a choice: to drive a few stops on the bus or walk - choose the latter.

Do a lot of pictures. A couple of years you will understand how much they are priceless. The best and most expensive photographs should be possible to print. If the person hurt you - let him go. Let him go back in time. We need to move on. If you're angry, it just hurt. The man who brings the pain - it's too much in life.

Start chat with old friends. Write classmates. If you are drawn away from the other - do not be sad. Make new friends. Over time, people grow apart; it is natural and normal.

Call your friends and family more often. The fact that you write them in the social network, this is not enough. There were times when there were no social networks, all walked and communicated in real life. That was great.

Tell your mother how much you love them. When they will not, you're going every day to think about them and regret that the time spent together is less than desirable. So why not start now?

To be healthy, you need to consume extra vitamins.

You need to pamper yourself. But know this measure. Maybe you have many years of dreaming about some things, but you mind spending the money. And who will still spend money on you if you did not? Simply put off a certain amount of it to purchase.

Take care of yourself. From the appearance will depend on your mood. No need to wear sweatpants or permanently collect hair in a bun.

Write down the names of the movies that you want to see.

Be active. This make you feel better.

Find yourself a hobby. This will allow for free time with pleasure and benefit for themselves. Maybe ordinary hobby into something more. Mines of money on travel. Life is short, you need to have time to see the world. There are so many interesting things.

Be able to laugh at themselves. If you stumbled - do not worry, just do this joke.

Sing. Sing karaoke. But do it sober. It's uplifting. Just try.

Eat fewer convenience foods. If you know of what really makes these products and how they are made, I would no longer have them become. See the documentary "Food Inc".

Dance. Dance with your friends. I do not think it looks silly. Just fun. Dance for yourself.

Smile more. The more you smile, the happier you will feel. This makes happier than others.

Do good to others and do not expect that you will respond in kind.

Let your heart be open to people. However, do not let anyone to use you.

Do not be so biased. It's all relative.

Look at the sky. Understand that the sunsets are magnificent. Look at the stars, they are incredible.

You will never be able to please everyone. You will never be like it absolutely everything. Understand that. Love yourself for who you are. Remember the Buddha's words: "You yourself, as no one else in the entire universe, deserve your love and devotion."