Rules of life of James Bond

• Rules of Life James Bond

Rules of life of James Bond

So, wait a second. Three parts of Gordon's, one part vodka, half of Kina Lillet. Shake very well until it is completely cold, then add a large piece of lemon peel. Clear?

GET TWO ZERO TO YOUR NUMBER difficult. You just need to be ready to kill people. That's all. Proud there is especially nothing.

World domination. Always the same dream. Our mental hospital crammed with people who believe that they are Napoleon. Or gods.


SMERSH? I must tell you, I'm not happy with the fact that these guys are walking around in France and kill all those who, as it seems, gave them up mode. Devil's anarchy!

And they say that the Communists did not know how to have fun.

I HATE TEA. It's just a dirty slush. Moreover, the tea - one of the main reasons for the decline of the British Empire.

I ridiculously love good food and drink. Partly because I am a bachelor, but mostly because I used to pay attention to detail. This, of course, absurd, and old-fashioned, but when I'm working, I often eat alone, and the process becomes much more interesting if it is a little harder. Fish with red wine ... This usually leads to all sorts of thoughts.

After drinking DOM PERIGNON 1952, it can not be done for scum.

I never drink more than one cocktails before dinner. But I love that it was a very large, very cold and very good cocktails. I hate small portions of anything was, especially if the taste of stuff.

Get drunk to death is better than to die of thirst. As for cigarettes, I just do not really understand what to do with his hands.

Between good and bad golf swing is the same difference as between a beautiful woman and nondescript. Everything is decided by millimeters.

I usually notice small things - such as blond or brunette girl.

To forty GIRL worthless men. And from then on need either money or impressing history. two versions of the stories - more painful. However, I still do not have a forty.

For a woman with a knife I'm ready for anything.

In fact, I ALMOST MARRIED. On the man. His name begins with M. I would have had with him a divorce before marrying a woman. And I'm not sure I would like it.

I decide what I think about men and women. Why me other people's opinions? Animals do not consult with each other about the animals. They look, smell, touch. In love and hatred, as well as in everything in the middle, but it matters. But people no longer trust their own instincts. They need to insure. Therefore, they are asking others - owe them some like it or not. And since everything in the world like bad news, they receive bad answers - or at least qualified. Why have not I done for England!

I never killed a midget. But perhaps everything happens for the first time. You Only Live Twice. Once when you are born, and the second - when you look death in the face.

Why do people who do not listen to others' advice, so love to give their own?

Who of us smells like a scarf street girls. And it seems it's me.

AS - NO chatter? NO gossip? That is the problem of the modern world. People have forgotten how to conduct interrogation. It's a lost art.

I must say I had a great evening. And you?

Impending storm.