"Pink lady's car" 1950

• "Pink lady's car" 1950

A beautiful car for a fine half.

The vehicle for these ladies, was created in the middle of the last century in the United States. Such a curious title, the car was given not because of its specific pink body. This machine was a real "travel bag on wheels."

The body was really pink.

In 1955, Dodge released the world's first car designed specifically for women. Dodge La Femme pale pink sold complete with pink umbrella, pink bag and holder for lipstick. Despite the snide remarks in the press, there was a real reason for the appearance of this unusual model cars.

The interior was largely standard.

Before the 1940s, the vast majority of American women after getting married, become housewives and rejected the career that they had prior to the marriage. However, after the start of World War II, women suddenly become an important part of the labor force in America. Since many men were sent to fight in Europe or in the Pacific, the task of enterprises laid down on women's shoulders. It was at this time that the symbol of "Rosie the Riveter", representing the American women who worked in factories during the war. These women sometimes went to the brand new, unusual for them to work, taking the place of the men who went to the front. As women have become more independent, they had a need for independence and on the road. The advertising company has been very broad.

Soon after the Second World War (and the Korean War), America entered a new era of prosperity and success. Families are increasingly began to settle in the suburbs, where the city can only be reached by car. There is a problem of lack of transportation. In fact, when my husband went to work as a woman could get to the store or at your workplace? Several car was not a luxury in the family, but a necessity.

These changes in the US were seen in time the leadership of the Dodge. It has been estimated that most of the cars that are lacking, it is necessary for women. And what kind of car could better show women's newfound independence and prosperity than the Dodge La Femme?

here it comes in a complete set of cars.

In the seatbacks La Femme have been built otdeleniya- "purses", which was composed of a powder box, lipstick, cigarette case, combs, lighters and purse. All these accessories from the "Evans" were made from artificial "tortoiseshell plastic" or colored in pink calf leather and golden metal.

Behind the driver's seat was a compartment in which the coat, hat and umbrella from the rain were stacked.

And this.

The basis for the Dodge La Femme Steel Car 1955 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer. Reworked female version cost only $ 143 more expensive.

The interior was also pink.

Since the company's executives wanted to emphasize the independence of women and the fact that the car is only intended for them, Dodge La Femme produced only in pink color.

Advertising sheet.

The instrument panel.

The model 1956 added a futuristic control transmission "Mrs. Jetson" in which the transmission is switched by the buttons to the left of the steering wheel.


Unfortunately, a unique model of La Femme was virtually forgotten in the current days. Since 1956, La Femme has become an option for the base model car, which can be ordered for a fee. It is not known how much has been done a car like this, it is estimated that there are about 2,500 units were issued for 2 years.

Today there are fewer than 60 Dodge La Femme.

the project was abandoned in consequence.

Unfortunately, La Femme hardly advertised. There were only brochures in Dodge showrooms, which describes the model. As in magazines, on television and radio advertising was almost no "pink woman's car", the majority of American families are not even aware of its existence.