Luxurious air of the future Halo ship with an outdoor terrace for $ 330 million

• Luxury air Halo future ship with an outdoor terrace for $ 330 million

The oligarchs, who are tired of their super expensive yachts, could spend their holidays on the aircraft of Halo, an area equal to the area of ​​four football fields in the future. Its cost is 330 million dollars. The idea and the project belongs to the London-based Andrew Winch Designs, which has long established itself as a first-class manufacturer of the world's largest super-expensive yachts, private jets and luxury homes.

Luxurious air of the future Halo ship with an outdoor terrace for $ 330 million

The prototype aircraft, the length of which was 811 m, appeared in the sky in 2013 and received the certificate of the US Federal Aviation Administration.

Anyone who is willing to pay a huge sum of money for the airship of the future, can lay claim to a large number of privileges, except the possession of such an extraordinary ship. It is planned that the ship will have 20 bedrooms, area for business meetings, a spa, a cinema and a hall for balls.

In addition, all the essentials that you may need while traveling to the most remote corners of the world can be accommodated on the cargo deck of the vessel. On the boat there is a place for yachts, helicopters, cars and motorcycles.

Halo If passengers want to go down to explore the area, the vessel provides for these services is a real man-made island in the shape of a ring, which descends from the bottom of the ship. With such a convenient island diving or swimming.

Luxurious air of the future Halo ship with an outdoor terrace for $ 330 million

Halo aircraft can fly at an altitude of 4000 meters. Guests on board have the opportunity to enjoy the fantastic views from the open deck. The ship can fly over the city, mountains and undeveloped areas. In some parts of the vessel has a transparent floor, which not only give the opportunity to observe what is happening at the bottom, but also to get an unforgettable experience and impressions. The ship has a possibility of vertical take-off and landing, both on land and on water. It is expected that the ship will be able to fly a distance of about 10 000 km at a speed of 200 km / h.

The ship, according to the creators of the ideas will be economical in fuel consumption. In addition, it is, despite its size, is easy enough thanks to composite materials from which the frame and the outer shell, improving the aerodynamic characteristics of the vessel.

Some furniture inside the ship will be made from carbon fiber, while the interior as a whole will be focused on the needs and tastes of potential customers. Head of the department responsible for the development of the aviation activities of the company, Jim Dixon, said that the ship Halo - is an extraordinary project that makes a different look at the world, life and travel in the future.

Luxurious air of the future Halo ship with an outdoor terrace for $ 330 million

The only obstacle to the realization of this project, the company believes that it will be difficult to find interested customers, which will help to realize our plans. The company believes that their project will be realized when the number of companies joining forces in the creation of non-traditional modes of transport. The Telegraph Luxury last month released information in respect of the ambitious plans for the company's return to the market of transport Concorde manufacturers. Today a number of companies have been successes in the creation of supersonic aircraft. Danish airline KLM, meanwhile, has announced plans to create the future of the aircraft, and the Etihad, company-carrier of Abu Dhabi, has recently introduced the audience to the plane Residence A380, carrying the three-room suite, which, as stated in its characteristics in all respects superior to the best first-class air shows in the world.