20 tips from the couples who never leave

20 tips from the couples who never leave

Perhaps, any pair wants to be perfect. And, as it turns out, it is not so difficult. Amy Odell and Lori Fradkin - author of many articles on the topic of relations - collected 20 top tips from couples for those who still want to become one.

We publish these tips are for you. Be happy with each other!

"How was your day?" - a very important issue.

Always ask your partner about it. Such seemingly small things show that you really matter what happens in the life of your other half.

Brawl - it's just an argument.

Do not let them destroy your relationship. You may be crazy in love with a man and still sometimes get mad at him. All so - do not worry. But skirmishes do not mean the end. Inseparable pair put relationships above all conflicts.

The relationship implies a commitment.

You do not have to like everything you do together. But, even if you're not interested, you know what do your mate happy. And it's worth it.

to be honest about what you're not interested.

Of course, not all may be required. Of course, it is very important, for example, come each year to his mother on her birthday. But here's an invitation to his friend to drink beer and watch the basketball, it is possible to reject.

The Long Way is made up of little things.

Your partner loves chocolate or maybe chips, chewing gum? When you're in the store, just grab what he loves, it's easy for him. But these little surprises show that you always remember a loved one.

Do not insist on the paired dates.

Usually it looks like this: you have friends who also started dating, and you think: a double date - it's cool! But these are your friends, not your partner. Better to just go with them separately. Do not force your spouse friendship with someone else.

Leaving, Kiss, back - too.

It is always very nice, and when he wakes up, going to work, no matter how late, finds time to gently, trying not to wake up, kiss you. And the first thing he does, when he returns - also kisses. This shows that in any situation the most important thing for the two of you - it is you.

declined the invitation, stay with each other.

It is not necessary to agree on some sort of invitation only because you have a free cell appeared in the calendar. The older you are, the more densely packed your day. It is better to spend a spare moment with a loved one.

applies to his / her family as well as his.

Parents your partner will be very pleased, as well as his own. Call them from time to time, write. Go together somewhere, even if your loved one is not there for you.

Most say "I love you."

Those three words are never obsolete. Seriously, you can never say it too many times.

to take care when he or she is sick.

Yes, this means that you have to cancel plans for the evening and feed a loved one hot soup. Yes, this means that you have to run to the pharmacy for medicines. Do not complain! No one gets sick on purpose. And when you are ill, your partner, too, you will not leave.

Help your spouse around the house, if she blockage at work.

Of course, nobody likes to be human-laundry, but you're doing it for someone you love, to make their lives easier. And, you see, it's cool, because thanks to your efforts have a loved one to free up some time and you will be able to stay together. Plus - you can also happen blockage, and you will do the same.

Do not teasing your partner, especially in the circle of friends.

Treat each other with respect. Always think about the fact that there are things that he did not want to share with others. In the end, it's your loved one rather than a whipping bag.

Just so have time to time.

You can not even imagine how many fights can be avoided by simply running late. Only start to gather on 10-20 minutes early, pre-pick wardrobe. This will help to once again not to create a conflict of nowhere.

If someone says something bad about your partner - Protect your soul mate.

Even if you normally very polite and courteous, there are situations in which you need very tough to break off such talk. You're best allies!

Share with each other your personal plans.

Do you want a drink after work? Stay with friends? Sure, not a problem! Just put your partner know. First, your spouse will not worry about where you are and what happened. Second, he will be able to adjust their own plans, knowing that you will not.

Answer calls and SMS each other.

Do not reset or switch to another line for the sake of "more important" call. If your partner needs something - no matter what - this should be your priority.

Do not quarrel while traveling.

A luxury hotel that he had booked turned out to be not such a smart? You forgot to pack his favorite clothes, but promised? Take it easy - it can be either the start of a quarrel, or a part of a fun story, then you will tell your friends.

Add a relationship of spontaneity.

Just walking in the evening, suddenly book dinner just for the two of you - why not? Saw that will be a concert of his favorite artist - buy tickets. Hey, it will make your life not only more pleasant and more diverse but also more fun!

Love each other unconditionally!

Sometimes it's really very simple.