7 signs of emotional maturity, according to Freud

What it means to be a mature person? Psychologists have compiled a list of features that are inherent in an emotionally stable and reasonable person. "The only people with whom you have to compare yourself - are you in the past. And the only person, it is better that you should be - are you now "(Sigmund Freud).

7 signs of emotional maturity, according to Freud

The course of life, we become more emotionally mature, develop self-confidence, the desire for a serious relationship, improve their lives. Below - compiled by followers of Sigmund Freud's list of traits by which one can judge the human maturity.

7 signs of emotional maturity, according to Freud

1. The ability to perceive constructive criticism

This is a very important quality for a fair assessment of their own merits and demerits. It should be ready to hear the truth, and not deny it. Running away from problems or pretend that they do not, you do not get rid of the difficulties. When people find it difficult to perceive reality, they seek refuge in illusions, which lead ultimately only to disappointment.

2. The ability to adapt to change

Change is not always easy to make. They are able to turn the whole world upside down and the cause for the emergence of stress. After all, I could be like your plans for the day, as well as work, social status, place of residence and much more. You must be able to adapt to change and not be annoyed by allowing them to knock yourself out of the rut.

7 signs of emotional maturity, according to Freud

3. Immunity to stress

Fears, inner feelings, stress can lead to a number of physical ailments. On how you are immune to stress depends on your mental and physical health.

4. The ability to not only take but give

People who devote their time to others, attention, providing assistance and financial support, much happier others. Those who are more inclined to accept, are often selfish, envious.

7 signs of emotional maturity, according to Freud

5. The ability to treat people with an understanding of

Life - it is a process of interaction with people, so it is very important as you build your relationship. Love and respect - two key factors leading to a harmonious life.

6. The ability to redirect the negative energy in a constructive direction

It is important to be able to redirect their negative emotions, do not keep them in themselves, but, on the contrary, try to use the benefit.

7 signs of emotional maturity, according to Freud

7. The ability to love

Love - a great power. People are born with the ability to love, and it is very important to carry this feeling through his whole life.