Rules of life of Monica Bellucci

• Life Rules Monica Bellucci

Rules of life of Monica Bellucci

, all destroyed. Let's say you have a beautiful red apple. It will take quite some time, and it is wrinkled, it will be crawling with worms. That's the same with people.

Clever women - it is something incredible. I think they are much more interesting to men.

When I was a model, I never felt that I was used as an object.

LAWYERS - a great actor (Bellucci studied at the Law Faculty of the University of Perugia -. Esquire). Just imagine: every day they have to play. After all, the big difference between the courtroom and the film set there.

Richard Burton says: "The actress - it's more than a woman; actor - it's less than a man. "

I am NOT a Bond girl, I'm a woman Bond. Maybe, even a lady Bond.

BOND can be black, why not? The main fact is not color, but the talent of the actor. But Bond Frenchman - is excluded.

Today all movies are shot for adolescents.

The "Irreversible" I agreed to do it, without reading the script. It just was not there.

When shooting a rape scene, Vincent (Cassel, Monica Bellucci's husband - Esquire.) Asked me, do you want me to be on the court? I said no, and he left to ride the surf to the south of France. All day I was alone, ready to shoot, rehearsed. But I do not understand what I will feel when we start shooting. For me, it was all like "A Clockwork Orange", "Requiem for a Dream," "Deliverance" or Pasolini. These films are hard to digest, but they have something that makes sense. They penetrate deep inside and you see the monsters that you inhabit. At the premiere in Cannes Vincent crying during the scene in which I come out of the tunnel, covered in blood. I reassured him: "Come on, what are you doing. It's just a movie. " AS ALL THE TIME's boring to hang in Cannes.

WITHOUT SICILY Italian cinema would simply not be. The most beautiful stories, poetry and violence - all there.

I'm sad only when there is something sad. I can hardly be called melancholic.

RECENTLY my daughter said to me: "Mom, I want to be like you. I do not want to work. I want to be a mother, and when I grow up, work will be my daughter. " It's just wonderful: it does not consider that I work with.

I, of course, women are unpredictable. When I was pregnant, then I chose just three of the hospital because they did not know until the last minute, where I want to give birth: in London, Rome or Paris.

We do travel a lot, my older daughter knows four languages: Italian, French, English and Portuguese.

I respect the secrets. Keep them know how adults.

For what would not like to see I was twenty again.