10 famous people who do not immediately succeed

Search their talents and deeds, that like to do - exercise time-consuming. Looking at others, we sometimes think that they got success due to luck and innate qualities. Of course, it is. But do not forget that in the lives of many successful people was a period when they did not know for sure where find themselves and the need to deal with.

We have prepared 10 stories that show that the find itself is sometimes not so easy, but it's worth it.

Vera Wang, a designer wedding dresses

He worked as an editor and 39 years old.

10 famous people who do not immediately succeed

Vera Ellen Wong c childhood preparing for a career skater, but without hitting the Olympic team, I have decided to quit the sport and as much as 17 years worked in senior fashion editor of Vogue magazine. The idea to create their own wedding gowns originated from the Faith, when the future husband proposed to her and she got up before choosing the dress. Wong was then 39, and only the age of 41, she opened her own salon gowns for brides of your trademark in Carlyle Hotel in New York City.

Joseph Conrad, a writer

Up to 20 years old did not speak in English.

10 famous people who do not immediately succeed

The writer was born in the family of a Polish nobleman and spent his childhood in Vologda, where his father was in exile. At age 16 he became a sailor, and at 23 he moved to England, absolutely not knowing the language. Learned English as an adult, he mastered it so well that now he's learning to those for whom the mother tongue.

Vincent Van Gogh, the artist

I began to write only in 27 years.

10 famous people who do not immediately succeed

Vincent van Gogh, Self-portrait with a gray felt hat III of, 1888

In his youth, Van Gogh worked for several years in the company of his uncle, which was engaged in the sale of art objects. Gradually, however, the artist began to refer to the Bible, which led him into a poor mining area in southern Belgium, where he preached and taught children. Due to attempts to improve the performance of work by Van Gogh was dismissed by the preacher. This blow caused him to turn again to the painting, but now as a creator, not a trader.

Alan Rickman, film and theater actor

Up to 26 years in graphic design.

10 famous people who do not immediately succeed

In school, Alan loved to play on the stage, but, in his words, "in 18 years the school of dramatic art does not seem healthy and practical choice." On completion of Alan and his five friends opened a design studio in Soho. The company did not bring good money, and in 26 Rickman cast design, decided to become an actor. His first major role in the theater of Alan Rickman played in 39 years. Immediately after the premiere he was invited to star in the "Die Hard" with Bruce Willis.

Sylvester Stallone, actor and producer of

Up to 30 years old was shot only in episodic roles.

10 famous people who do not immediately succeed

Stallone from childhood dreamed of becoming an actor, he studied drama at the University of Miami. But fate did not smile to him - is now Stallone recalls that of cinematic agencies of New York drove him fifteen hundred times. At that time, his wife left him, he even had to sell the dog, as there was nothing to feed her. In a desperate situation a failed actor decided to write the script for the next film "Rocky" and offer themselves as the protagonist. In the end, Stallone achieved his goal: the actor two nominations for "Oscar" for "Rocky."

Grandma Moses, the artist-lover

She discovered her attraction to painting in 78 years.

10 famous people who do not immediately succeed

Anna Moses, "Early Spring on the farm" 1945

Grandma Moses - one of the main representatives of American pictorial primitivism. Most of her life she spent as a farmer's wife helping her husband on the farm. And I began to draw only after the death of a spouse. In 1938, a New York collector noticed a picture of the artist, exhibited in the pharmacy window in the town Huzik Falls, where she lived. Then Moses figures began to appear in a New York gallery Saint-Etienne. One of the summer landscape Moses, "Old colorful house", purchased from the author after the creation of the $ 110, was sold in 2004 at an auction in Memphis for $ 60,000.

Julia Child, the chef of French cuisine

I began to study cooking at the age of 30 years.

10 famous people who do not immediately succeed

Julia Child in his youth could not even imagine what will succeed as a famous chef. She worked as a copywriter and even engaged in the development of shark poison to scare away sharks mine. But her husband was inspired to go to the chefs courses in Paris, and then she opened her own cooking school already for the Americans, who wanted to understand the French cuisine. Hard work of the researcher and the love to detail made from Julia's culinary art gurus and praised it for the whole world. She has released several books and was presenter of the popular show.

Momofuku Ando, ​​creator of instant noodles

Up to 48 years was a small businessman, was in prison.

10 famous people who do not immediately succeed

Momofuku Ando was a man of enterprising, already at 22, organized its own textile business, and then began trading with salt. He spent several years in prison for tax evasion, and after the Second World War, Ando served as managing director of the credit union. But the firm went bankrupt, and in order to survive and find their place under the sun, Momofuku decided to conquer the Japanese market by inventing an inexpensive and tasty product. He turned his house into a laboratory to make instant noodles. Now the noodles are consumed in large quantities all over the world.

Fauja Singh, the world's oldest marathon runner

I started running marathons in 89 years.

10 famous people who do not immediately succeed

It is surprising that started running Faudzha by going 80-year milestone - and all because he was bored sitting at home from his son in London, where he moved from the Indian village, a widower. So, in an age which is called age; Fauja Singh became world famous and started a career. It drew the attention of even a giant like Adidas, offer a unique runner to star in an advertising campaign "Impossible is Nothing". He participated in the Olympic Torch Relay in Athens (2004) and London (2012), and all the money received in the competition, gave charities.

Paul Cezanne, the artist

He did not show his talent up to 20 years

10 famous people who do not immediately succeed

From the early years Cézanne was drawn to the arts, but had not, at first glance, no distinct talents. Drawing was a compulsory subject in school and college, but no progress Cezanne there is not achieved. Practical father insisted that he learned the fundamentals of jurisprudence, but after a few years young Paul still gave it up and devoted himself to painting. The first successful exhibition of Cezanne took place when he was already 65 years old. It happened at the Paris Salon d'Automne, where a room was set aside for the demonstration of the artist's paintings.