10 things that distinguish humans from other happy

10 things that distinguish humans from other happy

Happy people in a special live life: unlike others, they are trying to live it happily. Happiness lies in our subjective perception of the world.

Yes, there are unpleasant situations, which do not depend on us, as if we do not perceive. But in most cases, what is happening is the result of decisions we have taken or completed actions.

Therefore, a large impact on our lives has the way we decide to live it yourself. Writer Paul Hudson'm sure there nekolko rules of life, which you can learn from the happy people.

We want to try them out for yourself.

1. They try not to please everyone

In most cases, they simply do not care what other people think about them. They are confident and completely self-sufficient. There will always be those who you like and the ones who will have to dislike. Should not be given much importance.

People who enjoy life, to do anything, because they themselves have decided so. They do not need someone else's approval. They will be happy if you support them, but if not - they will not be upset.

2. They do what they want, rather than what should be

They do not believe that they must do something. With the exception of death, all our actions - the result of a conscious choice. If resilient people do something or are involved in something, it is because that is exactly what they wanted to do.

Own opinion most important to them, so they do what they think is right, and do not ask permission.

3. They love their friends, but do not rely on them

Friends - a separate identity, they do not belong. They will always be their own desires and needs, which for them is more important than your own. Well, when you have friends, but do not hold them high expectations, otherwise there is a risk to give up on people. Do happy people have close friends, but their problems they are trying to decide. Excessive dependence on the people is capable of destroying even the strong friendship.

4. If you ask them what they do, they will not be called a profession

They will tell about the places visited by, or just planning to visit, on projects involving, and the problems that are trying to solve. Cheerful people will not talk about work and life, which will be live when earn enough.

They are well aware that it is not necessary to live in anticipation of better times. Happiness is to accept the present, rather than ignore it.

5. On the question of where they live, they will say,

"At present..."

Happy people are more likely to move. Maybe because of that, staying long in one place, they get bored. Or they love meeting new people and fresh impressions. Or maybe they just have not found a place for the soul.

For them, the whole world - a big house and there is no better city or country where I would like to stay forever.

6. They have their own philosophy

People do not need to look for tips in the books, how to live life. You can just live, based on truths that are close to you. Every man is his own judge and the right to decide what is good and what is bad.

7. They are aware that they are not eternal

These people realize that the mortal, and sooner or later understand it. This can not be avoided, so it is necessary to realize this fact and accept.

Happy people do not fear death. They know that they can not influence the duration of life, but can choose its quality and to live by their own rules.

8. They understand that life depends on how it is perceived by

Happy people believe that there is not the same for all the world picture. They believe that they can create their own reality, depending on how it is perceived.

We are all able to change your own perception, just some do it better.

9. They live in the present, but the dream of the future,

Do happy people have hopes and dreams. They have desires and aspirations, but they do not allow themselves to get caught up and lost in them. Life is so short and to spend it on a permanent dream. Otherwise there is a risk of missing the most important thing in life - currently, the only time things really have value. The rest is an illusion.

10. They do not try to change others, and try to find an approach to them

Attempts to change other people is a waste of time. People can change, but only when they themselves want to. It is not necessary to put pressure on them, it will not work.

Instead, try to accept people as they are and find an approach to them. If you can not change them, try to direct their behavior in the right direction. And if you will not work - just let them go.