What people say about us any words-parasites: 8 examples

• What do we say about any of the words-parasites: 8 examples of

When the thought process is too slow, and it is necessary to speak already, that extra words help to gain time. Parasite words. And each of those words or phrases helps to understand the peculiarities of human nature.

We publish a list of words-parasites and their psychological transcripts compiled by psychologist Andrew Zhelvetro.

What people say about us any words-parasites: 8 examples

"By the way" - the word is used people who do not get enough attention. They often feel embarrassment and lack of confidence in the new company and, therefore, and cover his confusion with the word "way". Even if this is not the way.

"In short" - an indicator of haste, nervousness and aggression. Most often, these words are hot-tempered people. You can also often find the use of the word chatty people and those who can not cope with it for the quality.

"This is the most" - say those people who are too lazy to do their job and their household responsibilities. They can be unreliable and impulsive, so they can not be too much to hope. And these personality deftly avoid penalties, time dumping the blame on the nearest suitable for this sacrifice.

"In fact," - another word from everyday vocabulary insecure people. But, in contrast to the "way", these individuals have an enviable talent to roll scandals literally out of the blue. True, they do so because of the same lack of confidence. "Actually" - slips in conversations arrogant and selfish people. They trust only my own experience and my opinion, and the rest is simply not interested. As a rule, man- "really" hard to make friends, and strikes up a relationship, because it considers itself a unique and unrepeatable. Other people - it's just the public for its performances.

"Type" and "means" true conservatives like to say. They are against all new and the rightness of his opinions can always prove aggressive attitude to the interlocutor.

"Whatever" - a sign of a creative nature, which often spends time in a fantasy world. It is this phrase such people unknowingly emphasize their isolation from the society and all the relativity of every event in their lives.

"Just" is often uttered in the speech are the people whose opinion is not independent. They are dependent on their environment and are afraid to take on at least some responsibility. And they are often justified than the final "dropping" in the eyes of familiar people.