5 amazing jelly desserts

• 5 amazing jelly desserts

French jelly dessert was and remains one of the most delicious desserts in the world. Yet Bonaparte and his wife regaled this dish at the dinner table.

Since then there have been hundreds of recipes jelly dessert and AdMe.ru selected for you 5 of the most mouth-watering, so you can surprise your loved ones.

Jelly rice dessert

5 amazing jelly desserts

You'll need (for 2 servings):

4 tbsp. l. cooked rice

150 grams of curd

1 tbsp. l. gelatin

5 Art. l. low-fat cream (or milk)

2 tbsp. l. Sahara

vanilla sugar

Powdered cinnamon


Rice boiled in sweetened water until tender. The proportions of rice and water indicated on the packaging of cereals.

Gelatin soaked in a small amount of warm water to swell and give subsequently dissolve it in a water bath.

Putting cheese, cream (or milk), sugar, vanilla sugar, cinnamon and peremeshevaem using a blender.

To add the curd and rice gelatinous mass. Mix thoroughly. Rice can be pre-crushed using a blender or leave whole for textured dessert.

We pour the mass of cups and send in the refrigerator to harden.

To jelly can be easily removed from the mold, we omit its bottom down in hot water for a few seconds and then turn over.

Dessert served with your favorite sweet and sour sauce, with melted chocolate or jam.

Chocolate jelly

5 amazing jelly desserts

You will need:

120 g of chocolate

500ml milk

10 g of gelatin

sugar if desired


First we need to boil the milk.

Then take gelatin, soaked it in a small amount of warm water, giving swell and dissolve in a water bath.

Ready gelatin added to milk. Mix a little warm up and stir vigorously.

Dark chocolate break into pieces and combine with milk. Stir until complete dissolution chocolate mass until a uniform color.

The mixture was poured into molds and send in the refrigerator. Ready dessert you can sprinkle with grated chocolate or almond petals.

Jelly cake kiwi and cream

5 amazing jelly desserts

You will need:

For the cake:

400 g shortcake

150 g butter

For I jelly:

2 jelly packaging with the taste of kiwi

2 pcs. kiwi

25 g of gelatin

For jelly II:

750 g of cream

500ml milk

35 g of gelatin

200 g of sugar


First biscuits crumble, so that it became a fine crumb, and then mix it with the melted butter. The dough should get quite wet.

At the bottom of a split form Stela plastic wrap and spread to the dough. The surface is smooth, press down the dough with a spoon. Put the form in the refrigerator.

The slightly cooled down boiled milk add the gelatin and stir it until completely dissolved. Sour cream with sugar, beat with a mixer. Without switching off the mixer, carefully introducing a thin stream to the sour cream milk with gelatin to the differential temperature gelatin is picked lumps.

The mixture was poured into the mold on top of the cake and send it all in the fridge for an hour. During this time, weight should grab.

Cooking jelly with the scent of kiwi on the instructions on the package.

Kiwi cleaned from the skin, cut into slices or wedges.

Gat shape dessert from the refrigerator and check whether jelly compacted surface. From above pour a layer of cooled green jelly and spread slices of kiwi. Cake put in the refrigerator overnight and in the morning enjoy a delicious dessert.

Jelly Cake "Mosaic"

5 amazing jelly desserts

You will need:

4 packs of jelly of different colors

400 ml of condensed milk

85 g of gelatin


Cooking jelly according to the instructions on the package (different dishes), then leave overnight to harden.

Gelatin soaked in a small amount of warm water to swell and give subsequently dissolves in the water bath.

Combine gelatin with condensed milk and mix well.

Colored Jelly cut into cubes, randomly fill them into a suitable form and fill condensed milk with gelatin. Leave to harden in the fridge.

Tart with mandarins

5 amazing jelly desserts

You will need:

100 g butter

2 egg yolks 130 g wheat flour

30 g of ground almonds

a pinch of salt

125 g of sugar

20 ml of water

300 g of sweet curd mass

25 g starch

2 eggs

350 g of mandarin

1 without packing jelly flavoring and aromatic additives


Preparing dough: mix butter, flour, mandelic crumbs, 25 g of salt and sugar. Rub the hands in the crumb mixture and add yolks. Knead the dough dense, gradually pouring cold water.

The dough was put between sheets of parchment or food film, so it can be easily rolled out into a thin layer. Plast carefully transferred into a greased form, forming bumpers.

Curd complement sugar to taste (if needed). Triturate with eggs, add starch.

Pierces the dough with a fork in several places, spread the stuffing on top. Bake 30 min at 200 degrees, then Let cool.

Cooking jelly according to the instructions.

Mandarins peeled and divide into segments. Put the slices on the surface of Tartu and pour jelly. Dessert send in the refrigerator until solidification.