13 priceless culinary tips

• 13 priceless culinary tips

We are for the homemade food! Say "no" to the cafes and fast food, and move on their own cuisine, especially since Christmas bustle leaves no other choice.

We publish for you a collection of tips that will make you shine cooked dishes with new flavors!

13 priceless culinary tips

The sauce for roast and any sauce to the meat will acquire an additional piquancy, if you add to it 2 pinches of instant coffee. It sounds strange, but the taste - great!

Add in a bowl of milk, a pinch of salt. This will prevent the milk turn sour and prolong its shelf life!

The recipe for gourmets and lovers of potatoes! We will cut 2 apples, sprinkle them with lemon juice and mascara in butter. Then add to the finished mashed potatoes malic creamy mixture and milk or cream. It turns out the original, very spicy dish!

To determine the freshness of the fish, put it in a bowl of cool water. If it sinks to the bottom - the fish is fresh, it can be eaten. Stale fish immediately pops up! The fish will be perfectly cleaned, if it is to grate before cleaning with vinegar and leave for a couple of minutes.

If the champagne goes flat, throw him a few highlights! This will return the drink sparkling and rich taste. Milk never will burn if you opolosnesh saucepan with cold water before boiling. Lubricate the edge of the pan with butter, you shalt milk from boiling!

Raisin is incredibly juicy and tasty, if before using it to soak in a warm lemon juice.

The stew is cooked quickly and is very soft, if extinguishing add the 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar.

Recipe for homemade mayonnaise useful in haste: add in the sour cream mashed boiled egg yolk and 1 teaspoon of mustard.

Delightfully delicious obtain rice cooked with grapefruit juice (1 cup rice - half Grapefruit).

Keep plastic wrap in the refrigerator! Cold food film does not break and does not stick to hands, treat it much easier.

Try to add to an omelet soda instead of milk or plain water. Get incredibly lavish meal!

The secret to baking with an unforgettable aroma! Put in a bowl of sugar for baking spices: cardamom, cinnamon (stick or ground), pieces of peel of lemon or lime, dried mint, cloves, star anise ... Prepared with delicious and nice-smelling sugar meals are very special!