20 lessons that will make your vacation even better New Year

20 lessons that will make your vacation even better New Year

Ahead of us waiting for a long New Year holidays. On the one hand, this is a good reason to relax, rejuvenate and recharge your vitamins and positive emotions, and on the other - a great opportunity to spend time with benefits.

We have prepared for you 20 interesting activities, which will definitely not get bored on winter holidays.

1. Gather a great puzzle

What could be better than to gather the whole family around the table and enthusiastically engaged in a common cause? Such moments are not only strengthen family ties, but also develop fine motor skills and memory. The result of collective work hang in a beautiful frame to the picture remind you of the time spent with loved ones.

2. Winter photoshoot

New Year's holidays - a perfect time to go on a family nature and arrange a winter photo shoot. The resulting pictures can be made into a big New Year's collage.

3. Read as much as possible

During the year, in the bustle of daily business, we sometimes do not have the time to just read. On holidays we finally got the chance to spend a few evenings reading interesting books, articles and journals.

4. Karaoke night

Go big company in the nearest karaoke club and sing the night away. Even if you are not the owner of the voice of Whitney Houston, singing still bring you a lot of positive emotions.

5. From the fresh air of

Every day, try to spend a few hours on the street. During walks in the fresh air, oxygen enriches our circulatory system, nourishes all the organs of health and strength, stimulates mental activity.

6. Day Art

In the morning the whole family enjoy a creative. You have a vast field of activity: you can rehearse and sing Christmas songs, draw portraits of your family members, make a collage of photos and clippings from magazines, articles made of clay or plasticine, learn to dance, to make their own hands gifts for Christmas ... This day will remain in your memory for a long time.

7. The Marathon guests

When, if not during the holidays, you can see all your family and old friends? Invite every day for someone to come and visit for yourself or apply holiday visits.

8. Travel

Why not take and do not spontaneously go on a trip? This can be a nearby area of ​​the city where you have never been, an ancient city of which you have heard, or a warm country, which you have long wanted to visit.

9. The Spa at home

Give your loved one or beloved certificate for a day spa, or arrange a home a real salon. Buy and aromatic massage oils, candles decorate an apartment, choose the appropriate music, put on the table, snacks and fruit, and just rest and relax.

10. Culinary Week

Try every day of this year to please their loved ones some new dishes, cocktails or dessert. This will allow you to improve your Cooking skills, and fill his new cookbook recipe that he liked.

11. Forget about the

For 10 long weekend just remember that you have a job, colleagues, unsolved problems and not handed over reports. Just relax and switch to the holiday mode until January 10.

12. Work out

It's okay if you have no subscription to a fitness club - sports you can do at home. The main thing - to find the right place to pick up a fiery playlist, select to enable video tutorial on YouTube, and to devote a couple of hours of work on his body.

13. Kinoden

Stock up on popcorn, candy and jam, make a list of films that have long wanted to see, and do not hesitate to spend a whole day for their view.

14. Board Games

Gather the whole family, as in the good old days and play your favorite table games. Classic "Monopoly" and "scraping" mobile "Twister," funny "Crocodile" and "hat", chess and checkers - no matter what game you choose, the time you spend wonderful!

15. The skates, skis, sledges

Skiing with friends ice skating, walking through the forest on cross-country skiing, downhill ledyankah or sledging from the hill - what could be better than such a simple, but such a childish joyful entertainment?

16. Help those in need

Not everyone in the New Year's holidays can spend time with family and friends. Help those who were not so lucky as you. Take the nearest orphanage their unwanted toys and books, go for a walk with the dogs from the shelter, stay all day as a volunteer in a nursing home, or simply feed the stray cat and Heating. Let them say that it is impossible to help everybody, but you can try and make a contribution.

17. New Year - new work

If you've always wanted to change jobs, the New Year's weekend - a good time to go looking for a new one. Examine the job market in your city, start to browse suitable job, edit or redo your resume, go through, if necessary, the necessary courses online and pull up your English.

18. Make friends with your neighbors

Even if you are not familiar with the tenants in the neighboring apartments, please be courage and look to visit them with fresh cookies or candy. It is always useful to know who lives next to you. And who knows, maybe you'll ever need to contact them for help.

19. Cultural Program

Take a look at their city through the eyes of a tourist: visit the places where never before been. Visit museums, theaters, a planetarium, exhibitions and Christmas fairs. Make a list of attractions and cultural sites and catch up.

20. Plans for

Try to mess the Christmas holidays to make time for yourself and start planning in 2016. Record in the diary all the desires, goals and ideas that would be implemented during the year, and to support their inspirational quotes and photos. All will surely come!