How to tell the world about yourself

• How to tell the world about himself

How to tell the world about yourself

Write resume in 5 steps? Easily! If you are puzzled by writing resumes, or are actively looking for the second half, these simple tips will help you write a resume clear and memorable presentation. Follow the 5 steps, you will quickly make an interesting informative text with a good structure, beating right on target.

So there you go:

1. Determine what your use

In a good text "Statement" there will be nothing for you. It will be about what you are useful. Psychologist Dale Carnegie said: "Personally, I love strawberries and cream, but the fish prefer worms. That's why, when I go fishing, I do not think that I love and that loves to fish. "

Text to potential customers will be on how you decide to challenge them. If the dating site - about which one of you is a good partner.

How to tell the world about yourself

2. Create the structure of the text

It looks like this:

How to tell the world about yourself

3. Decide on the purpose of the text

Each proposal must work for the purpose of the text. All that does not work, ruthlessly deleted.

For Example 3, the text on one candidate with different goals:

On a personal website for potential customers: I grafdizayner → specializes in caramel and modnote → I draw icons for "Ozone" and "Amazon" → sometimes tear off time, but never sacrifice quality → I will be glad to help.

The forum grafdizaynerov: Designers working in Photoshop, Illustrator and skechape → specializes in caramel and shadows → Manually doing sub-pixel anti-aliasing → Website: .. On a dating site: Designer, 27 years old, Moscow. I am looking for a family → My hobbies are swimming and running. Veda own business → sing soul and funk group → → I love the music of the seventies E-mail: ..

4. Designate your mission and position of

So you need to show a lack: more important for you to do good, not to make any price. For you more confidence.

Mission - is the answer to the question "Why do you work?":

I want to create books that will inspire students to study science.

I am interested in the improvement of navigation and the urban environment. I want to make the city comfortable and environmentally friendly.

Helping companies to build respectful and lasting relationships with customers.

Position - is the answer to the question "What is not acceptable to you?":

I do not work in the office and do not trade time. If you need a designer pocket for a full working day, I can not be useful to you.

Only work under the contract. Somehow agree - is not an option.

I do not work with the manufacturers of tobacco and alcohol, forex and network marketing.

5. Add the zest to

Think about some details that cause emotion and thus be remembered. Important: The highlight has to be one!

Beautiful texts you about myself!