"Smoky" Amsterdam

• "Smoky" Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the capital of the kingdom since 1814. The town's name is derived from two words: "Amstel" - the name of the river and the "ladies" - "dam". In the XII century it was a small fishing village, but in the days of the Golden Age of the Netherlands, Amsterdam became one of the most important ports in the world.

This is one of my favorite cities. At this time the city was very different from what I used to see almost all the days spent there, the town was shrouded in a dense shroud of fog, although the city went to joke that all the fault of "the Cup Cannabis", which took place at this time here.

Going out in the evening of the building of the central station, I did not know the city, so unusually familiar places look in the fog:

The situation has not changed the next morning:

Pleasure boats are sad, with a visibility of tourists they can not see:

Bridges over the canals in this weather, look particularly attractive:

Like the houses on the water:

Chic Decor balcony:

The oldest surviving structures of the capital of the Netherlands - the Gothic church of Oude Kerk (Old Church):

Trams in Amsterdam:

Chic façade:

We were pleased with parking right, we should not relax when you exit the car :)


On the central streets are surprisingly not crowded:

In the evening the fog began to lift the third day:

On the morning of it no trace:

Museum of navigation in the former naval warehouse built in 1656, near the moored ship, similar to those that went between the Netherlands and the West Indies:

like door. And I am lucky to stylish cyclists:

The building "Weigh House" (Weigh house) building of the 15th century, which was brought by traders weighed the grain, measured various products intended for sale:

The Museum Quarter:


Striking. I noticed, to protest and Amsterdam is a pleasure - set up a tent and sit, sip bong:

Classroom Boat:

Amsterdam, you're fine, see you soon ...