Rules of Life Kylie Minogue

• Rules of Life Kylie Minogue

Rules of Life Kylie Minogue

I'm POP-veteran. I must soon be retired.

How much it was for my life: vinyl, mini-disks, floppy disks, the DAT-cassettes, CDs, downloads from iTunes, Spotify. And, of course, kassingly (popular in the mid-1980s with singles audiotapes total length of no more than 10 minutes -. Esquire). Oh, I was the queen of kassinglov! But I still do not know how these formats work.

It scares me that the "greatest hits" I was released 10 years ago.

I do not consider myself old, but I consider myself to be old for some things. Tverk - it's not for me.

I've tried Botox and much more. I'm not exactly the kind of person who would say, "No, this can not be done." Everyone does what he wants. Women always want to look attractive, but today it just got a little more than tools.

47 - This is the perfect age to pick up a fitting trousers.

It does not matter that helps a woman feel like a woman.

Several years ago when my grandmother died, I decided to buy myself a clutch and I will always carry it with you in her memory. It is everywhere to carry a clutch, and I began to pull it too.

MY GAY audience was with me from the beginning.

In the biography of a gay icon, tend to eat something tragic. But until the moment I was diagnosed with cancer, I had tragic haircuts and outfits only.

I know that the world is living large number of women who will put the same diagnosis (in 2004 from Minogue was diagnosed with breast cancer -. Esquire). But I want to say that it is possible to survive. You can do it. DIAGNOSIS gives you a new sense of life, if you now do not do what you want, you can not do that ever again.

ABILITY TO ME experience something - it's ability to be quick. If you live fast, trouble and goes quickly.

I DO NOT COACH, and I do not go to the gym. People think that those who have been diagnosed with cancer, become obsessed with a healthy lifestyle, but it's definitely not about me.

I never built FAR PLANS. I live and enjoy what is happening right now.

My greatest achievement - this is what I'm still here.

I'd love to BECOME a hermit, if I could afford such a luxury - not to see anyone or anything. It would be great. Real rock 'n' roll.

SOLITUDE - it is almost always silence, and silence - this is the best time to listen to yourself.

NOW I WRITE SONGS more personal than writing a few years ago. Just thought people should know me better.

ALL good songs always have a beautiful past. Good songs are not born out of nothing.

Signed a contract with a record label, you get the product. But this does not mean that you stop being talented.

I'm not very popular in the US. But in New York and Los Angeles know me, and I have enough.

THE SUN printed on the front page of my ass, calling it a national treasure. I laughed for a long time. I'm not sure my ass for something capable. Is that wagging and shaking. I do not have tried to become a sex bomb. I and so is she.

It seems to have a huge number of people who had made love to my music. My songs are not so asexual.

SOMETIMES I FEEL ATTRACTION other women, but I never did anything with this feeling.

YOU NEED GREAT luck to find someone with whom you will live until his death. To some this is possible, most - no. It seems that love - it's a lottery.

HATE tightness too tight clothes and too close relationships - the things of the same order. Nothing is to feel stiff.

FREEDOM in my understanding - it's like a pony in the garden. Do not lock the gate, or I'll kick and neigh. But if you leave the gate open, I will not run away.

I think that if tomorrow I stopped to speak, I may have some time I will be famous, because I - it's me.

WHERE took the name of Kyle? So the natives are called boomerang.

Some part of me, of course, an exhibitionist.

The Vagina, vagina, vagina. What a strange word.