Interesting facts about Carlson

• Interesting facts about Carlson

Interesting facts about Carlson

The idea of ​​creating "Karlsson on the Roof" has prompted the writer's daughter. Once Astrid heard her story that when the girl is left alone to her room through the window enters a small cheerful man who hides behind a picture, if included adults. Thus was born Carlson - handsome, clever and rather chubby man in the prime of life.

Swedish Carlson name Karlsson på taket.

Soviet cartoons about the Kid and Carlson was the first adaptation of the immortal works of Astrid Lindgren. Unfortunately, filmed were only two books of the three.

Incidentally Bok Soviet cartoon drew the image of Faina Ranevskaya, that the role and the voice.

In Sweden, the surname Carlson third prevalence. In 2008 in Sweden 201 681 vehicles were registered this name.

Interesting facts about Carlson

At home in Sweden, Karlsson dislike, considering it "a boor, selfish, liar, braggart and an instigator." The books do not mention the name of Carlson, he always calls himself simply "Carlson".

The heirs of the writer carefully monitor everything that is connected with the characters Lindgren's books. Their company Saltkrakan ab is the owner of all of its products (the characters and their derivatives).

The Internet has spread the theory that the prototype is a German reyhministr Carlson Aviation Goering (according to this theory, the propeller - a hint of aviation, also Carlsson and Goering are sufficiently well-fed people).

Carlson syndrome - psychological characteristics of children 3-7 years old, feels the need for an imaginary friend.

Contrary to Soviet cartoons, the book never mentioned that the most favorite food Carlson - jam. According to the book, the most favorite dishes Carlson - meatballs and a cake with whipped cream.

Interesting facts about Carlson