Rules of life Sergei Dovlatov

• Sergei Dovlatov Rules of Life

Rules of life Sergei Dovlatov

My profession - to be a Russian author.

I was born in is not very close-knit family. Mediocre at school. He was expelled from the university. He served three years in a camp guard. I wrote stories, which could not be published. He was forced to leave his homeland.

I've been thinking, how one can formulate my nationality, and decided that I was a Russian in the profession.

All my life I tell stories that I have ever heard somewhere, either invented or transformed.

I kept SOMETHING Barges on the Neva, frozen in the ice. She had no idea of ​​no value at all, it seems, with her everything was stolen, that could be stolen. But the clock three people - the other two were with higher education - it was guarded.

ME is not printed. I could not earn literary work. I became crazy, became very drinking. I was surrounded by the same drunken unrecognized geniuses. But wherever I brought their stories, all my life I've heard only compliments. No one has ever expressed doubt my right to engage in literary work.

I have no regrets about their experiences of poverty. If you believe Hemingway, poverty - an irreplaceable school for the writer. Poverty makes people keen. It is curious that Hemingway knew it as soon as the rich.

I left to become a writer.

The only country on the globe, where a person of unknown origin, who owns East European languages, will feel natural, - this is America. When I lived in Leningrad, I read a "tamizdat" or translated authors. And when some American novel has been described as a hero went into a bar, looked at the counter zinc half-dollar and ordered a double martini, it seemed so real, authentic ... just Shakespeare!

NOW in emigration love to talk about their experiences of suffering. I have no one threw, not supplanted, not send. Just as there was life itself. Handcuffed I was not forced to go there - just advised.

TRADITIONAL OPTION emigre at the time - his wife is working, and her husband, lying on the couch, holding forth in a manner Lokhankin, make plans and think about the fate of democracy. What I was doing in a few months.

In America, I did not become rich and successful man. My children are reluctant to talk in Russian. I am reluctant to speak in English.

I am a man weak and resistant dissident me is unlikely to succeed.

I'm not interested FACTS, I confuse a lot of lying, I do not rigorous, not energetic, not ones short- journalist. Although the lifetime earning just that. And, being in exile, I for myself have developed a genre. Since I did not know American life, did not know the American press did not follow the American art, I introduced the genre, which in Russia is called "Look and something". Dovlatov rants about what is necessary.

SUCCESS IN RUSSIA - concepts unambiguously. It includes money, fame, comfort, reputation, positive press, the reputation of an honest man, and so on.. In America success can be ten, twelve, fifteen. There is a market success, have success with university professors, there is a critical success, have success with the common people. My case in English is called "kicker ekleym" - seen criticism. From time immemorial IN RUSSIA is not a technique or trade at the center of people's consciousness, and even religion, and literature.

I'm not sure I consider myself a writer. I would consider myself a storyteller. It's not the same thing. Writer busy serious problems - he writes in the name of which people live, how people should live. A narrator writes about how people live.

There are people which the difference schlock and personal creativity is not so noticeable. And I, apparently, some other sections of the brain that are busy. If I'm doing something custom, I do not write from the heart, it is obviously bad.

NONE Writer did not leave voluntarily their creative activities. Among the technical intelligentsia deserters as you like, but there are almost none among the writers.

Now I have become a middle-aged, and it turned out that none of Leo Tolstoy or Faulkner of me did not work, even though everything I write is published. And we came to the fore some strange things: it turned out that I have a family, that marriage - is not just a fact, it is a process. It turned out that the children - it is not an investment, not an object for your maxims and not belittling beings that you somehow have to bring up being, the devil knows what, but it's some kind of God's creation, on which you depend, that you criticized, and with whom you must at all costs to maintain normal human relationships. This proved to be the most important.

IRONY - a favorite, and most importantly, the only weapon defenseless. OF RUSSIAN WRITERS ACHIEVED SUCCESS undoubtedly one Joseph Brodsky. Others tend to lie.

RUSSIAN WRITERS very rarely passed on foreign subjects abroad. Even Nabokov note, Russian characters - living and foreigners - conditional fine. The only foreigner living in it - Lolita, but it is by nature - a typical Russian lady.

I realized that I would never write about America, never move on to English.

Three things a woman can do FOR RUSSIAN WRITER. It can feed him. She may sincerely believe in his genius. And finally, a woman can leave it alone. Incidentally, the third does not exclude the first and second.

Life is short. Man alone. Hopefully, all this is quite sad, so I can continue to engage in literature.

I personally write for their children to after my death they all read and understand what they had golden father, and it was then, at last, belated remorse tears gush from their shameless American eye!