One in a billion: in which countries live on one billionaire Forbes

In 2016 Forbes magazine counted 1,810 billionaires in the world. First place in the number of the richest traditionally occupied the US (540), second - China (251), the third - Germany (120). Billionaires live in 67 countries, each country accounts for 27 businessmen from the billionaire. But the reality is not quite so. In 13 countries, Forbes found only one billionaire. It is interesting that three of them are connected with the Soviet Union and Russia. Thor Borgolfsson Iceland unwound beer brands "Hunting" and "Bochkarev" in Russia, where, and began his way to a billion. Isabel Dos Santos of Angola - Angolan President's daughter, who studied in Azerbaijan, was born in Baku. And the only billionaire from Vietnam Pham Nhat Vuong studied in Moscow, and his first big business - instant noodles "Mivina" - created in the Ukraine.

In which countries lives only a billionaire, and how they made their fortunes.

One in a billion: in which countries live on one billionaire Forbes

1. Algeria

GDP (2015): $ 175, 1 billion

Population: 40 million

Billionaire: Issad Rebrab ($ 3, 1 billion, No. 549)

Algeria is the only billionaire owns the largest private company in the country. Conglomerate Cevital produces sugar, vegetable oil, margarine, juices, water, jams and other products. Cevital makes appliances under the brand Sumsung, as well as doors and windows made of PVC. In 2015, the richest businessman Algeria bought Italian metallurgical plant, owned by Alexei Mordashov.

In 72-year-old billionaire's five sons, all of whom work in the company Issad Rebraba.

One in a billion: in which countries live on one billionaire Forbes

2. Angola

GDP (2015): $ 102 billion

Population: 25 million

Billionaire: Isabel Dos Santos ($ 3 billion, №569)

Angolan President Jose dos Santos, met his future wife, while still a student of the Azerbaijan Oil and Chemistry Institute. In Baku, he was born and his eldest daughter Isabel - the richest woman in the African continent. In Angola, it is called "Princess." At Isabel dos Santos shares in companies of strategic sectors of Angola - cement, telecommunications, oil, banking and diamonds. However, the special business talents of the president's daughter not - she gets a share in the company that wants to do business in Angola, or to privatize state assets. Among other things, it owns 25% in the telecommunications company Unitel and assets in the Portuguese banks.

One in a billion: in which countries live on one billionaire Forbes

3. Georgia

GDP (2015): $ 13, 8 billion

Population: 4,000,000

Billionaire: Bidzina (Boris) Ivanishvili ($ 4, 8 billion, №298)

Until 2012, Bidzina Ivanishvili has held steady in 20th place ranking of Russian billionaires. His business empire included the bank "Russian Credit", the pharmacy chain "Doctor Stoletov" development projects in Moscow and the agro-industrial corporation "Stoylenskaya Niva". In 2012, Ivanishvili has sold all of its Russian assets, citing the fact that he decided to enter politics in Georgia and does not want the Georgian people had questions about his assets in Russia. Hastily, but profitable as himself said Bidzina by selling its assets, he created a party "Georgian Dream", which won the parliamentary elections in 2012. And he Ivanishvili became prime minister of Georgia, who left in November 2013.

Ivanishvili owns a large collection of paintings. The most expensive painting - "Dora Maar au Chat," by Pablo Picasso, which Ivanishvili bought at Sotheby's in 2006 for $ 95 million.

One in a billion: in which countries live on one billionaire Forbes


4. Guernsey

Billionaire Steven Lansdowne ($ 1, 9 billion, №959)

Guernsey - a small island nation in the English Channel. The only billionaire out of these places - 63-year-old Stephen Lansdown, co-founder of the British financial services company Hargreaves Lansdown. Lansdowne also owns Bristol Sport, dedicated to the commercial component of sports clubs in Bristol. However, himself a billionaire for nearly six years, does not live in the UK, moving to a country with a mini soft tax laws.

One in a billion: in which countries live on one billionaire Forbes

5. Iceland

GDP (2015): $ 16, $ 7 billion

Population: 0, 3 million

Billionaire Thor Borgolfsson ($ 1, 6 billion, №1121)

The only billionaire in Iceland - secular lion, a spokesman for the international elite and people from an amazing family. His great-grandfather twice recognized bankrupt and died one of the largest land owners. Cousins, grandparents held key positions in business and public service. Mom was married three times: first husband was an Olympic champion, the second - the founder of the American Nazi Party, the third - the father of Thor, a millionaire and an alcoholic. Thor himself nearly went bankrupt in 2008, he was saved by the merger of belonging to him Actavis pharmaceutical company with its competitor Watson Pharmaceuticals. A Borgolfsson started from the Russian market. That he and his father created a beer producer and cocktails "Bravo" to promote a brand, "Hunting" and "Bochkarev", and in 2002 he sold the business to the Heineken, for $ 100 million profit. With this money he launched an attack on Iceland.

One in a billion: in which countries live on one billionaire Forbes

6. Liechtenstein

GDP (2014): 5, 4 billion Swiss francs.. Franks

Population: about 40,000

Billionaire Christoph Zeller ($ 2, 5 billion, №688)

The company only in Liechtenstein, Ivoclar Vivadent AG, headquartered in Schaan, engaged in the production of dental materials, including fillings and dentures. It was founded in Zurich by Dr. Adolf Schneider, grandfather Zeller, in 1923. Now, more than 3,300 people working for the company, and revenue of $ 750 million.

One in a billion: in which countries live on one billionaire Forbes

7. Nepal

GDP (2015): $ 21, 4 billion

Population: 28 million

Billionaire: Binod Chaundhari ($ 1, 1 billion, 1577)

First dollar billionaire in Nepal was in the Forbes list in 2013. On the creation of the empire Cinnovation / Chaudhary Group (CG Group), consisting of dozens of companies, it took him 40 years. His greatest asset - a controlling stake Nabil Bank. But in the portfolio of billionaire not only the bank: its companies produce noodles, electronics, cement and beer in Serbia, Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh. Last year, he pledged $ 2, 5 million for the construction of schools and homes after the devastating earthquake in Nepal.

One in a billion: in which countries live on one billionaire Forbes

8. Oman

GDP (2015): $ 60, 2 billion

Population: 4,000,000

Billionaire: P. N. Menon ($ 1, 5 billion, №1198)

The billionaire, who was born in India, founded a development holding Sobha Ltd. in 1976, naming it after his wife. Holding is working in India, China, Bahrain, Brunei, Qatar, Oman, UAE and Tanzania. Indian part of the assets managed by his son Ravi Menon but lost grip and the appetite for expansion. In recent years the holding company is actively developing in the UAE: in 2015 announced an ambitious project Sobha Sobha Hartland near Dubai. In the first quarter will be built 282 houses, 3 mosques, schools, hotels, clubs, shopping area. In general, according to the company, this is the best project for life.

One in a billion: in which countries live on one billionaire Forbes

9. Qatar

GDP (2015): $ 192, 1 billion

Population: 2 million

Billionaire: Faisal Bin Qassim Al-Thani ($ 2 billion, №906)

His climb to billions of Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al-Thani began at age 16 when engaged in the sale of spare parts. Despite the fact that the Sheikh is a distant relative of the ruling family in Qatar, the largest conglomerate in the country, he created alone. Now eponymous holding 68-year-old billionaire owns 20 hotels throughout the world and in real estate in Qatar, engaged in the sale of medical goods and pharmaceuticals. Four out of ten of his children are involved in business management.

In Doha there is a museum, where the 15 exhibition rooms houses a collection Sheikh, which he had collected over 50 years. The museum displays about 15 000 exhibits, including vintage cars, coins and objects of Islamic art.

One in a billion: in which countries live on one billionaire Forbes

10. Romania

GDP (2015): $ 174, 9 billion

Population: 20 million

Billionaire: Ion Tsiriak ($ ​​1 billion, №1694)

Ion Tsiriak, in the past the famous tennis player and former chairman of the National Olympic Committee of Romania, at one time was the manager of different tennis players, but became a billionaire by investing in banking and real estate. Now it trims its portfolio, with a focus on real estate. In Romania, opened his museum, where he collected cars Jaguar, Bentley, Mercedes-Benz, Rolls Royce, and others. In total, the collection Tsiriaka about 300 vehicles, 150 of which can be freely seen in his museum.

One in a billion: in which countries live on one billionaire Forbes

11. Swaziland

GDP (2015): $ 4, 3 billion

Population: 1,000,000

Billionaire Nathan Kirsh ($ 3, 7 billion, # 421)

84-year-old billionaire was born in South Africa and earned the first capital, founded a flour business in Swaziland in 1958. He reinvested the profits in the retail network of food trade, and real estate. Now his company Kirsh Holdings Group owns shares in the largest shopping center in Swaziland. The bulk of his wealth - New York trading JETRO Holdings network.

One in a billion: in which countries live on one billionaire Forbes

12. Tanzania

GDP (2015): $ 44, 3 billion

Population: 11 million

Billionaire Mohamed Devzhi ($ 1, 1 billion, 1577)

An enterprising 40-year-old businessman was in the US, where he was sent to the parents, who owned a thriving commercial businesses, and even worked on Wall Street. But salary is too high rents and high taxes back Mohamed Devzhi home, where he decided to expand his father's business. Prior to joining the family business Devzhi company Mohammed Enterprises Tanzanian Limited (METL) is engaged in import. Devzhi believed that this is not enough and, taking his father's money bought the loss-making venture for the production of soap, edible oils and several textile mills. Now the family company, which is headed by Devzhi, among tissues and soap, produces tea, agave fiber, carbonated drinks that compete with Coca-Cola and the Pepsi, offers mobile services, logistics and insurance.

One in a billion: in which countries live on one billionaire Forbes

13. Vietnam

GDP (2015): $ 198, 8 billion

Population: 92 million

Billionaire: Pham Nhat Vuong ($ 1, 8 billion, №1011)

The only Vietnamese billionaire is the founder and chairman of the country's largest conglomerate Vingroup. Most of the revenue the company receives from the sale of houses and apartments, but is rapidly expanding in the retail trade, agriculture, education and health. In 2015 Vingroup open seven shopping centers throughout the country.

Vuong studied in Moscow, then he moved to Ukraine, where he created the company "Technocom", produces popular in Ukraine instant noodles under the brand name "Mivina." In 2001, Vuong returned to Vietnam, and in 2009 sold the "Technocom" Nestle.