Rules of life of Marina Abramovic

• Rules of Life Marina Abramovic

Rules of life of Marina Abramovic

More than anything, I'm afraid to believe in their own greatness.

When I was 14, I looked terrible. I wore these typical Eastern boots with horseshoes - so that all could hear me coming - and suffocating blouse buttoned. I had a boyish haircut, pimpled face and huge, huge nose.

IN ME is still living a good little girl. When I do not do art, I become very quiet and quite normal.

My parents constantly quarreled. But they are constantly celebrated all their wedding anniversaries. I think they're just celebrating that stayed together even so many years, do not kill each other.

I had a difficult relationship with her mother. For example, she could wake me up in the middle of the night if I slept not perfectly straight. Now I sleep so gently that when staying at the hotel, they think that I do not use bed.

When people ask me where I was born, I never say "in Serbia." I am from a country that no longer exists.

IF YOU lived in New York, you're unlikely to be able to live somewhere else. Live in Paris - it's like to live in slow motion. Bourgeois and boring. Happiness comes to you at that moment when you realize who you really are.

People always ask, why is there so few successful female artists. The answer is simple: the woman is not so ready to sacrifice themselves as a man.

Brother of my great-grandfather was the patriarch of the Orthodox Church and is now revered as a saint. Perhaps that is why everything in my life has always been steeped in possession and sacrifice.

I only those ideas that is addictive and deprive you of PEACE - those ideas, I'm afraid.

Art is determined by the context. If you're a baker who bakes bread in a bakery, you remain a baker. Even if you bake the best bread in the world, you're not an artist and baker. But if you bake bread in the gallery, you become an artist - even if you're a bad baker.

WHAT IS DIFFERENT FROM THE THEATER PERFORMANCE? In the theater, the blood - it's ketchup. In her performances, the blood - blood.

I HATE rehearsal. Even if I leave the house to buy milk, I always try to go a little differently, so as not to develop a habit. After all, the habit - it's terrible, it is the antonym of creativity.

When Lady Gaga says that you inspire her creativity, learn the 12- or 18-year-olds about you. So I became a brand - like jeans or Coca-Cola. Woody Allen once said, "If today I am a star, then what I am tomorrow? A black hole? "

I have one recurring dream: I was in a country house, surrounded by the same people. They sing and dance, and after a while I start to get acquainted with these people, which, of course, does not exist in reality.

ALL THE SAME PARTY - too many people and too little food.

We always strive in the future or are looking for something in the past, but we have so little time to spend in the present.

TODAY measure distillation of our attention - this is television advertising. Perceive at once that something is longer than this we can not.

When you feel great pain, you think that you lose consciousness. But if you say to yourself, "Well, what the hell consciousness", the pain goes away immediately.

YOU CAN NOT rehearsed his death, but you can rehearse your funeral.

When you're 60, the best thing you can do - is to start dancing tango.