40 years with Apple: Forty facts about the world's most valuable company

April 1, 2016 marked the 40th anniversary of founding Apple. Remembering 40 interesting facts about major technological companies in the world.

40 years with Apple: Forty facts about the world's most valuable company

The document is to sell its stake for $ 800 signed by Wozniak, Jobs and Wayne Photo: Bloomberg


Unknown founder. In addition to Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder has a third - Ronald Wayne, a former colleague Jobs at Atari. He sold a 10 percent stake in the company, three months after its creation for $ 800 and not owned by Apple technology until 2011, when at a conference he was presented with iPad 2. Uyen retired after working in the less well-known technology companies, and is now in mainly engaged in collecting.

"Devil" amount. Apple I - - Apple's first computer retail cost $ 666, 66 per share (adjusted for inflation today, this amount would be about $ 2, 8 ths.). Co-founder Steve Wozniak later than once had to explain that there is no religious background at the price tag and Steve Jobs are not laid, and "diabolical" the sum formed from the unit cost ($ 500), the trading margin ($ 167) and love Wozniak to repetitive numbers. In 2014, one of 50 Apple I from the first batch was purchased at auction by Henry Ford Museum for nearly $ 1 million.

40 years with Apple: Forty facts about the world's most valuable company

The first computer Apple I Photo: AP

Snappy logo. Apple's famous logo in 1977, invented the designer Rob Yanoff, at that time art director Regis MacKenna agency. Depicting the bitten apple, he decided to beat the term byte (unit of information, while the verb "to bite"). In later interviews designer complained that he did not get a decent, In his opinion, Apple's gratitude for the work done.

First, after the Ford. Apple IPO in 1980 was the largest in the US for 24 years - since the placement of the auto giant Ford: 4, 6 million shares were sold for a few minutes, company's market capitalization has reached $ 1, 8 billion, and about 300 people have become multimillionaires dollar. Advertising dystopia. At half-time Super Bowl finals of the 1984 Apple introduced its most famous commercial "1984" in the history that the company has removed the famous director Ridley Scott. Budget 60-second video dystopia was significant at the time $ 700 thousand, however, video paid for itself -. He quickly gained cult status, received the Grand Prix at Cannes and collected many other awards and due to multiple display on the evening television show has brought Apple free air time prime-time cost of $ 150 million.

Steve Jobs

100 divers. His trademark style - black turtleneck, jeans Levis 501 and running shoes New Balance - Steve Jobs has created, together with the Japanese designer Issey Miyake. In the mid-1980s, the founder of Apple has supplied more than one hundred identical turtleneck. The very idea of ​​personalized uniforms Jobs was born out of his desire to come up with a versatile style for all employees of Apple - following the example of the Japanese Sony Corporation.

Cavalier CEO. Steve Jobs has gone down in history not only as the creator of the great technology products, but also as an eccentric and tough manager. In the biography of the entrepreneur described the interview stage, where Jobs has asked the candidates the most inconsiderate questions - for example, whether they had a sexual experience and used drugs there - just to get them out of their comfort zone and see if they are able to quickly deal with stress.

40 years with Apple: Forty facts about the world's most valuable company

Steve Jobs, 1993. Photo: AP

iPod and bubbles. At a meeting with the developers of the first models of the iPod, Steve Jobs has long urged his subordinates to make a prototype device more compact, but they insisted that since "re-invented invention". Then the founder of Apple suddenly dropped the gadget into the aquarium. When surfaced a few bubbles, Jobs said: "You see, even in empty space left. Go ahead and do it less. "

40 years with Apple: Forty facts about the world's most valuable company

The first iPod (center) Photo: AP

Jobs effect. Almost 117-fold - from $ 3 billion to $ 350 billion - Apple's capitalization has grown since the return of Steve Jobs to the company in 1997 and up to Apple founder's death in October 2011. Revenue for the same period increased more than 15-fold - from $ 7, 1 billion to $ 108, 2 billion.

Wages in the dollar. Since 1997, when Steve Jobs returned to the post of general director of Apple, he received a symbolic salary of $ 1 a year. This did not prevent the company's founder to be a member of the list of billionaires, according to Forbes: he owned large stakes in Apple and Disney stock.

Apple's in those

Calculator for Apple. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak developed the Apple I computer in the garage of Steve Jobs. To finance the release of the first series of devices, he sold his engineering HP calculator for $ 500, but before the IPO Apple in 1980 gave 800 thousand. Its shares to other key employees unfairly, in his opinion, bypassed the equity.

40 years with Apple: Forty facts about the world's most valuable company

Steve Wozniak with his invention, a number of Jobs, 1976 Photo: DPA / TACC

First investor. Apple was the first investor in the ex-employee of Intel, Mike Markkula, who in 1976 invested in the company $ 250,000 and received about 30% of the shares. By the time Apple IPO in 1980, its share was estimated at more than $ 200 million. Finally there Markkula resigned from the company's shareholders today is unknown. In different positions, he worked at Apple until 1997 and left the company after the return of Steve Jobs to the post of director general.

The main design. The iconic Apple designer Jony Ive to joining the company has worked on the design of many products, from microwave ovens to toothbrushes. One of his first projects in 1989 was the design toilet, bidet and sink, but this project young Quince was not accepted by the customer due to a too high cost. In 1992, Ive joined Apple team, in 1997 became a senior vice president of industrial design, and in 2015 - the director of the design company.

40 years with Apple: Forty facts about the world's most valuable company

The designer Jony Ive and engineer Jon Rubinstein with the first iMac, 1999. Photo: AP

Cook bonuses. More than $ 64 million worth of shares packet of Tim Cook, Apple CEO who can sell out in 2016 (with 2011, when Cook took over as CEO of, the paper is under the restriction by agreement with the company). Another same package be freed from the restrictions in 2021, when Cook will continue to successfully run a business. Salary and bonuses earned him about $ 10, 3 million in the 2015 fiscal year.

40 years with Apple: Forty facts about the world's most valuable company

Tim Cook Photo: Bloomberg

growth driver. Corporate raider Carl Icahn in 2013 to attack the market rhetoric about underestimating Apple stock investors - according to his last statement, Apple's capitalization should reach $ 1, 4 trillion. He has long lobbied for increasing the share buyback program to $ 100 billion to $ 150 billion, while Apple itself has not raised the bar to $ 200 billion.

Business Icon

On cache cushion. Apple continues to accumulate already impressive cache pillow. According to the latest quarterly report (October-December 2015) at the disposal of the company is cash reserves of approximately $ 216 billion These funds would be enough to buy Uber, Xiaomi, eBay, Twitter, Snapchat, airbnb, SpaceX and Pinterest together.

40 years with Apple: Forty facts about the world's most valuable company

When choosing a trillion. In February 2015, Apple first of the listed companies has broken the bar capitalization of $ 700 billion. In the spring of that year, at the peak figure exceeded $ 764 billion, analysts predicted that the company will take the mark of $ 1 trillion. Since then, Apple's capitalization, however, dropped to the range of $ 500-600 billion, and in early February 2016 Apple a day even ceded the title of the most expensive public company in the world Alphabet - Google new head structure.

40 years with Apple: Forty facts about the world's most valuable company

The most profitable. The last three months of 2015, Apple brought a record profit in the history of public companies - $ 18, 4 billion, with the iPhone maker beat its own record a year ago.

40 years with Apple: Forty facts about the world's most valuable company

The generosity to shareholders. Since 2012, when Apple launched a massive campaign to repurchase shares, the company spent on the payment of dividends and the repurchase of shares of $ 153 billion in the plans of the company -. Return to shareholders of $ 200 billion to the end of March 2017.

Debt noose. Aggregate Apple duty in February, increased by another $ 12 billion to $ 75 billion According to Moody's assessment before the end of 2017, taking into account the company's plans to repurchase shares and pay dividends, debt Apple load may exceed $ 100 billion for comparison.. The same period Google maternal structure, Alphabet holding, was only $ 5, 2 billion at the end of 2015.

brand value. According to Interbrand analysts, in 2013, Apple brand for the first time became the most expensive in the world, ahead of the first permanent leader Coca-Cola. Then the cost was $ 98, 3 billion. In the latest ranking of Interbrand 2015 Apple strengthened leadership. The value of its brand has already reached $ 170, 2 billion.

Chinese expansion. In 2015, China surpassed Europe to become the second for the Apple market by volume after the US. Only in the fourth fiscal quarter of the company's revenue in China has doubled and reached $ 12, 2 billion in the US and Europe over the same period, revenues grew much more slowly -. 2 and 10%, respectively.

The mobile era is

Planet iPhone. Since 2007, Apple has sold worldwide 886, 6 ml of n iPhone, conventionally every eight inhabitants. True, Apple's main competitor - South Korea's Samsung - the same volume of smartphones shipped to retailers in less than three years.

40 years with Apple: Forty facts about the world's most valuable company

par partner. Despite the competition from Samsung's smartphone market, and numerous patent wars, Apple continues to work closely with the South Korean company in terms of production of components: for example, Samsung at the end of 2015, producing up to 70% of powerful processors the A9, which are used in the sixth-generation iPhone, and also in the new model iPhone SE. Google is coming. In 2014, the number of devices with the Android operating system from Google for the first time surpassed the number of gadgets on iOS. Android took 44, 6% of the market, and the operating system from Apple - 44, 2%. In March 2015, the first Android surpassed iOS, and the revenue from advertising: it accounted for 45, 8% of the global revenue from mobile advertising on iOS - 45, 4%.

All for 2 thousand. The issue of new flagship iPhone always causes a stir, buyers take place in front of Apple stores a few days before the release. On the day of the beginning of the iPhone 6 sales before Apple interior lined up a record of all in New York from 1, 9 thousand. Man, and two lucky ones who were the first to sell their seats for $ 2, 5 thousand each.

40 years with Apple: Forty facts about the world's most valuable company

The first buyer iPhone 6

Retentive Siri. All that users say the virtual assistant Siri, Apple records, analyzes and stores within two years. However, three-quarters of that period information "depersonalized", that is, data is not tied to a specific user.

Apple: offline and online

Company stores. Apple has begun to develop its own network of stores Apple Store in 2001 with two points in Virginia and California. Today, the company's branded stores operate in 18 countries, the network has expanded to 463 points. A competition for jobs at the Apple Store in Manhattan in 2009 was higher than for a place at Harvard: 200 seats claimed 10,000 candidates, that is, Apple had to cut 98% of applicants. The Harvard that year is not received 93% of the applicants to apply.

40 years with Apple: Forty facts about the world's most valuable company

The opening of the first store Apple Store in California in 2001. Photo: REUTERS 2016

Work for millions. Apple believes that the App Store app store has created a 2, 6 million jobs around the world (1, 4 million in the United States and China, and 1, 2 million - in Europe). These include application developers and software entrepreneurs and professionals related to the IT areas. Office as a spaceship. By 2017, Apple needs to move to a new head office in Cupertino. The project worth $ 5 billion, has created a bureau of Sir Norman Foster: the campus area of ​​260 thousand sq. M. m, similar to the spaceship to accommodate about 13 thousand. employees. Around the square 71 hectares stretched a Apple Park.

40 years with Apple: Forty facts about the world's most valuable company

Apple CEO Tim Cook shows the project is the company's headquarters in Cupertino at the presentation Photo: AP

Apple with the steering wheel. In September 2015 it was reported that Apple is working on the creation of your own car. The project, code-named Titan already work 600 engineers under the direction of chief designer Jony Ive company. The product can be on the market by 2019.

Triumph Facebook. Facebook app - the application is downloadable in the App Store history (in the top 5 also includes two applications belonging to the social network Mark Zuckerberg, - Facebook Messenger and Instagram). Most cash app store Apple - Strategy Clash of Clans. The game is free to download, and it is due to the monetization of embedded purchases. Revenue bestselling Finnish developer, Supercell studios grew by 30% in 2015 and reached $ 2, 3 billion.

Technology and Innovation

Creating a market. In 2010, Apple first major technology companies launched full-scale production of tablet PCs, although the development of this gadget at different times doing almost all of the key market players. In the same year their tablets unveiled Samsung - and de facto in the world, a new niche market, IDC analysts even have to introduce this into circulation, the term "tablet". In 2015, 207 million tablets were sold in the world, and Apple's, at first occupied more than half of the market, has lowered its stake up to a quarter, and Samsung - to 14% due to the growth of Amazon and Chinese manufacturers.

40 years with Apple: Forty facts about the world's most valuable company

Apple import substitution. In 2012, Apple launched the transfer of Macbook laptops manufacturing from China to the United States. The company has set its sights on the import substitution of its assembly facilities and their return to America. In total, this trend, which was followed by many companies from the United States, in 2014 brought the country more than 60 thousand. New jobs.

Competitors behind. His first gadget in the category of "portable device" Apple introduced in April 2015 - it was a "smart" Apple Watch clock. By the end of the year the company has taken over 50% of the global market of "smart" watches with sales of 11, 6 million units, despite the fact that the market was not a pioneer, - Samsung, Sony, and other manufacturers have begun to sell Apple Watch analogues on polgoda- the year before Apple.

40 years with Apple: Forty facts about the world's most valuable company

Watch Apple Watch Photo: Bloomberg

Billion gadgets. In January 2016 Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that the number of active use of devices around the world for the first time exceeded 1 billion - we are talking about the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, iPod Touch and Apple the TV, that at least once in the previous 90 days connected to the Apple online services.

Apple's against all

Tax deficiency. According to a recent study of Citizens for Justice and the US Public Interest Research Group, in 2014, Apple held offshore in more revenue than any other US company - $ 181, 1 billion - not to pay taxes on this money in the US. Because of this, the US treasury has lost $ 59, 2 billion in tax revenues. The authorities have accused the company is that it keeps money in offshore and evade taxes.

Scandal in China. 14 working Chinese factory Foxconn, where going to the Apple device, committed suicide in 2010 because of intolerable working conditions. Check Apple itself has confirmed that some of its assembly plants in China violated the rules of corporate labor code. In 2014 the company was again accused of violating labor standards in China. In particular, Pegatron plant were revealed exploitation of child labor, and a 12-hour shift length.

40 years with Apple: Forty facts about the world's most valuable company

The workers at the Foxconn factory in 2010 Photo: REUTERS 2016

Lips of Snowden. The revelations of Edward Snowden touched Apple in 2013: Der Spiegel magazine published a batch of secret documents of the NSA, which showed that the US intelligence agencies massively monitor the user's gadget of the leading technology companies, including the iPhone maker.

The war with the FBI. More than 5,000 requests from US authorities to disclose the personal data of users received the Apple in the first half of 2015 (the latest at the moment the public company data). The peak of the confrontation with the US government reached in February 2016, when the District Court of California ordered the Apple iPhone hack terrorist Syed Farooq according to the FBI's request. Apple challenged the decision and the end of March it became clear that the FBI gained access to the data without using a smartphone manufacturer.