Strange training sessions and training of police

Police training in some countries is reduced not only to the study of law and training of shooting and interaction with criminals. Some police departments have approached this issue more surprising and unusual:

9. Police in New York are studying the history of art

Strange training sessions and training of police

The New York police do not usually go to a museum, except that when there was a robbery. However, Herman Amy (Amy E. Herman), a specialist in visual perception, is regularly invited to work in the New York City Police Department that she had taught police to explore the famous painting, to teach them more critical view, which can be very useful while on duty.

Miss Herman shows pictures of officers, such as, for example, "Mistress and servant" by Jan Vermeer, and asked to explain what is happening to them, using only visual cues. Her efforts have been highly appreciated as a training officer-box thinking, and sometimes training sessions and lead to surprising conclusions.

For example, one officer showed a picture of El Greco "Cleansing the temple", which depicts Jesus driving the traders from the temple, and asked what was going on there. He replied that "the guy in the pink" (Jesus) be arrested because "he alone is the cause of all this trouble."

8. Canadian police meditate

Strange training sessions and training of police

The work of a police officer is often very tense, so the Police Department of the city of Mississauga (Canada), it was decided to include in the program of training and meditation. Officers listened to a lecture at a local Buddhist temple, where they were taught to dive into a meditative state with repetition himself sound "Om". meditation sessions for law enforcement officials are becoming more common in the United States and Canada, and in some other police departments encourage their practice.

7. The Dutch police are trained eagles to shoot down drones

Strange training sessions and training of police

The Dutch police are worried about illegal drones flying around airports and other public places, so I decided to deal with this problem in an unusual way.

Currently, she is working with "Protection from above" ( "Guard from Above"), which trains eagles attack and destroy small models, which represent an obstacle and a growing threat. Now the work is still at the testing stage, but still in birds there was no problem with knocking down drones and the receipt for the heroic efforts of the remuneration in the form of pieces of meat.

6. Police in Connecticut are taught to deal with autistic children

Strange training sessions and training of police

The officers in Cheshire (Connecticut, USA) learn how best to deal with children with autism. According to the data, half of the children with special needs at some point can dive deep into yourself and disoriented because of the sirens and loud noises. Classes raise awareness officers on this subject, including training methods to approach the autistic children so that they are not scared and ran away.

5. The Brazilian ritual "Blood Wings" ( "Blood Wings")

Strange training sessions and training of police

These Brazilian police shirtless just completed their studies and are now receiving their badges - directly on the skin, a sharp blow, because of what the mount crashed straight into the body. In they shout "caveira" during this ritual ( "skull!"). This type of scarring is rooted in the US armed forces during the Second World War, but banned in most countries.

4. Insanely horrible Chinese paramilitary police training

Strange training sessions and training of police

If you think that American cops are cool, take a look at China's paramilitary police officers during training exercises. These police-military learn to fight on land and sea, in the mud, in the snow, as well as to withstand the psychological stress.

A photo you see above - a public demonstration of their collective power.

3. In the police academy in Maryland tested in the "simulator psychosis"

Strange training sessions and training of police

Role session at which the officer in a blue shirt trying to communicate with psychotic

To better understand the mentality of sick people with whom they may encounter in their work, the police at the University Towson (Towson University) in Baltimore are trained.

Part of the training involves wearing simulating device called "Mindstorm", by means of which the officer is experiencing a psychotic episode, as if being in the patient's brain. Audio and video equipment are literally bombarded officer messaging and visual effects, which may feel sick person. Employees are then asked to go to the site and perform their duties, listening to strange voices in his headphones.

2. Scottish police officers trained American policing unarmed

Strange training sessions and training of police

The Scottish officer demonstrates a de-escalation techniques in staging the attack with a samurai sword. Shooting by police of civilians has become too common in the US, and it seems the police want something to do with it. A group of officials, including the heads of the Police Department of New York and Los Angeles, traveled to Scotland to meet with the police forces, which just two people shot in the last ten years.

This is because that the Scottish police usually do not carry guns - a recognition that simply shook Director of the Research Forum Chiefs of Police (Police Executive Research Forum, PERF), which organized the trip. Other stunning concepts, included in the visit program were "how to resolve a conflict situation" and "tactical retreat".

1. Police use Kinect for training

Strange training sessions and training of police

Kinect, it may not be connected with the mass market, but its ability to communicate through body postures, verbal commands and shows the objects make it useful for interactive training video for police.

A company called MILO Range created a series of performances that allow the police to shoot, reload and use pepper spray and batons against the suspects, using outdated technology.