Unusual tourist attractions in the Netherlands

Perhaps, the Netherlands and the largest country in the world, but it has enough unique and exciting places, year after year, attracting the attention of tourists from around the world, making it one of the top tourist destinations in Europe.

Today, we invite you to stroll through the most unusual places of this small European country and see what many have never seen.

10. Moses Bridge (The Moses Bridge), North Brabant (North Brabant)

Unusual tourist attractions in the Netherlands

This striking "recessed" bridge - the only way leading to the Dutch defensive fortress Fort de Ruvier (Fort De Roovere), which is also worth a visit. Two amazing attractions in one place - the price of one!

When there was a reconstruction of the Fort de Ruvier erected in the XVII century, architects are faced with the need to create a crossing over the moat that surrounds it. It could not be a conventional bridge because it would violate the integrity of the historical sights. After long hesitation, architects, finally found a solution, build a bridge, "Flush" in the water.

The bridge is named after Moses, forcing parted waters of the Red Sea, the association which are born at everyone who passes over this bridge.

9. Bridge Slauerhoff (Slauhoffbrug), Leeuwarden (Leeuwarden)

Unusual tourist attractions in the Netherlands

A rather unusual landscape and local infrastructure demanded the creation of a bridge, the roadway which could raise the river to her by cruising ships. The result was a unique engineering drawbridge, which is popularly called "flying the drawbridge."

The bridge, designed by specialists of Van Driel Mechatronica engineering company and opened in 2000, crosses the river Harlingervart (Harlinger Vaart River). Constructed of iron and steel, Slauerhoff bridge goes up and down about 10 times a day.

8. Netherlands Venice Giethoorn (Giethoorn)

Unusual tourist attractions in the Netherlands

Not only that, there is a house with a roof reminiscent of a dog - it is also the only country in Europe to move on which is possible only by boat!

This unique village with a population of just over 2,600 people also known as the "Venice of the North". There are no cars and no roads - tourists who come here leave them outside the settlement, because the village you can walk or by boat on the water or walk through the charming wooden bridge.

Located in the Dutch province of Overijssel (Overijssel), Giethoorn is surrounded by the national park "De Wieden". Tourists coming here, admire the soothing atmosphere, bohemian channels, small wooden bridges, with bright colors and accurate 200-year-old houses.

7. tulip fields, Keukenhof (Keukenhof)

Unusual tourist attractions in the Netherlands

Maybe this is just a seasonal phenomenon, and perhaps it is not too unusual, but the tulip fields in Keukenhof - one of the most exciting places to be seen in the Netherlands. In addition, a sea of ​​blooming tulips is a must place to visit every self-respecting photographer.

6. The Abandoned Castle, Almere (Almere)

Unusual tourist attractions in the Netherlands

Once upon a time it was intended to build a luxurious castle hotel, but unfortunately, at some point, investors' money ran out, and the place eventually became the home only to birds and ghosts.

If the locks were built on modern technologies, they would just look so - assuming they are only half-built, like the unfinished castle near the town of Almere in Flevoland Province.

Now "deceased" construction project of the castle was started in 1999 in an attempt to build a luxury hotel that was supposed to be a venue for weddings and other large celebrations. After the money for the project ended, the municipality refused to fund the completion of construction of the castle, which now stands alone in a desolate, turned into a "modern" ruin.

5. The house-shoe, Theme Park Vinpark (Veenpark), Barher-Kompaskyum (Barger-Compascuum)

Unusual tourist attractions in the Netherlands

There is a popular British children's nursery rhyme "There was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe" about the old woman who lived in a shoe:

The shoe on the edge

Once there was an old lady

With the horde of children, what to do with it?

Stew without bread

gave dinner, belts all sunken, and put him to bed.

So: it's her house. Or perhaps it was built under the inspiration of these lines.

4. The Church of LEGO, Enschede (Enschede)

Unusual tourist attractions in the Netherlands

Just say it is not real huge blocks popular designer, but still it looks amazing. Besides, not many churches built out of LEGO in the world.

This unique structure was built specially for the festival in Enschede, as a meeting place where participants can prepare for the event. As we said, this is not the official bricks LEGO - the so-called legobloki made of concrete and much larger in size. Each of them is painted in one of the five basic colors popular designer.

Once inside the church turned on the light at night, the spectacle becomes really exciting. This place is a must visit in the Netherlands every fan of LEGO!

3. Home-balls (Bolwoningen Houses), 's-Hertogenbosch (Hertogenbosch)

Unusual tourist attractions in the Netherlands

These futuristic globes made of cement and fiberglass, are indeed real houses. They came here in the 1980s as a result of the imagination of the architect Kreykampa Dries (Dries Kreijkamp).

According to the architect, residents need them to feel closer to nature, because of the spherical windows of houses can be seen in all directions. In each house has a bedroom on the ground floor, a bathroom on the second and lounge on the top floor, from which a beautiful view. In most homes spherical with a diameter of 5, 5 meters for 1-2 people live.

2. Tower Excalibur, Groningen (Groningen)

Unusual tourist attractions in the Netherlands

Excalibur Tower is the world's tallest freestanding climbing wall. Climbing wall 37 meters high and with a projection of 11 meters and is one of the most difficult and, therefore, the most terrible of all that you have ever seen or to be raised.

Even if you do not feel the desire to carry on climbing this wall, it is necessary to see how others do it!

1. Capsule Hotel (Capsule Hotel), The Hague

Unusual tourist attractions in the Netherlands

This tiniest room in the world!

If we are to go on unusual places of the Netherlands, why not stay in a fancy hotel? These rescue hydroapparatuses were converted into floating living quarters, which are moored at the quay Hague.

They have toilets, mini-library, snack, DVD-pleery, pillows for sleeping, and the interiors are decorated by various artists and designers. Glamorous? No. Unusual? Yes!!!