How to clean the house quickly and without chemicals?

How to clean the house quickly and without chemicals?

Salty recipes seasoned hosts and hostesses

According to the Orthodox calendar, falls on April 28 Holy Thursday. On this day, many women (and even those who consider themselves atheist) harvested in the so-called "Chetvergova salt", according to legends, protecting all households of ailments, and the house - from the evil forces. Often, however, the salt is indispensable to clean everyday terms.

The salt in the kitchen

Thus, thematic Internet forums beginners housewives periodically ask the question - what means you need to wash dishes, to discourage her from coming pungent smell of fish or onions? Savvy women are always recommended for this proven "grandma" method: wipe the surface of the problem slightly heated with salt, then rinse thoroughly. Since it is relatively easy and quick to deliver using this spice of similar flavor and hands. The technology is in principle the same, only the salt is not necessary to warm up, and then hands should be rinsed with soap and water.

Salt is also widely used by many women as a detergent. In particular, it can help many pensioners washed burning-on enamel pot. First they rub these spots salt, then allowed to stand overnight in salt water, and the next morning water is poured into the dishes and bring it to boiling, whereupon a slight movement of economic sponge lead in a pan original appearance. Yes, I agree to the supporters of this recipe, it's quite a long process. However, it allows to protect the enamel layer from damage, extending thus the life of the coating.

How to clean the house quickly and without chemicals?

By the way, unworldly homemaker advised to still use salt "commissioning" of a new pan. To serve faithfully as long as possible, its bottom first poured salt and heated in the fire, and then grease and heated again. it also helps to quickly clear the table top on the test residue after cooking baking. Even the housewifely men without salt can not do on the farm. On the assurances of many owners, a half-hour pre-soak in salted water knives significantly accelerates and facilitates the process of sharpening.

The salt in the bathroom

"If the ventilation in your bathroom is not doing its job (which is especially important in the homes of old buildings), - says Vyacheslav Sergeev, a former engineer for HVAC air of a suburban cotton plants - and the room is constantly worth a characteristic musty odor you can try to solve this problem, you can use salt. Simply pour some of it into the open container and place in a secluded place. The smell of dampness must soon come to naught. "

"To wash clothes did not freeze during the winter outdoor drying, - shares the secret of a resident of Yaroslavl Olga Zemnuhina - I add in the appropriate compartment of the washing machine with a fabric softener tablespoon of salt. And scroll to a laundry water retains its softness. "

How to clean the house quickly and without chemicals?

By the way, Vitalina Vetrenyuk from the suburbs in the process of washing clothes also resorted to the help of salt. However, she adds this seasoning to the dispenser for detergent. "It makes even my grandmother - she says - that colorful things do not fade in the wash longer." Some things that before washing require prior zastiryvaniya, female handles ammonia solution and salt (in a ratio of 3 tablespoons ammonia at 0, 5 tsp seasoning). Especially good in this case, she says, moving away complicated, fatty and inveterate stains on the cuffs and collar.

The salt in the care of furniture and appliances

Use this spice as a support means recommend not only the citizens, but also such reputable organizations such as non-profit association Roskachestvo. In particular, according to PR-service organization, salt helps to maintain longer aesthetic appearance of the villa wicker furniture. In order to return to her original luster, enough yearly grind it with a soft cheek brine.

If present, artificial flowers, salt and help to clean the interior or exterior housing suburban area. Half a cup of seasoning per liter of water - and after a short soaking in this format plastic plants easily lose unsightly and of compact dusty plaque.

Muscovite Andrei Trofimov long time cleans the sole of your iron with the help of these crystals. "I turn on the unit for the smallest capacity, - says Andrey, - and after a while put on a warmed surface of a thin layer of wax. Once is enough for me to iron some cloth, which is wrapped a little finely ground salt to the soleplate shone like new. " In addition, a creamy paste of flour, vinegar and salt citizen periodically polish on the details of the interior of their homes, made of copper and brass.

How to clean the house quickly and without chemicals?

A cocktail of 1 tablespoon of salt, eight drops of liquid bleach and 4 liters of vinegar helps "Novomoskovsk" gardeners with experience overcome Ivan Smyslenovu creeping thereto the yard with an abandoned neighboring portion ivy. This slightly heated mixture of stretching, he sprays the weed sprouts, which in a matter of days, die together with the root system. It is noteworthy that among the salts of active use of fans and there are originals in the household, such as Natalia Tregubova of suburban Kolomna. In strong salt solution soaks it brooms! "I pour the usual bucket of hot water and add to a good portion of seasonings, then placed in a" bath "broom. After a twenty-minute swim, he becomes much stronger and is much longer. "

But perhaps, on the title of the most extravagant way to use salt Muscovite claims the idea of ​​Martha, positioning itself as a hereditary Slavic fortunetellers. It offers a wash and wash the salt water all served their time and are considered "junk" items and home accessories. Thus, she says, with debris washed all the information about previous owners, which means that enemies will not be able to use it in order to restore damage to the former owners.