The most beautiful Russian lake

Russia - a vast country unexplored. Sometimes attractions exotic resorts or famous monuments of European architecture known to us much better. But our country is rich no less impressive views.


One of the most beautiful places of our vast country - Lake Baikal, situated in south-east Russia and resemble the shape of a crescent moon. Baikal is the deepest and one of the largest lakes in the world, the water is clean and clear, the salt content in it is minimal. Surrounded by mountains and hills, the lake area is unique - many species of animals and plants can only be seen here.

The most beautiful Russian lake The most beautiful Russian lake The most beautiful Russian lake


Astrakhan region is located a unique lake, which due to mineral salts sulfidnoilovoy dirt and natural clays, possesses therapeutic properties, the effect of which is comparable with the use of the treatment at the Dead Sea. The air in the area containing bromine and volatile, is also very good for health.

For the first time Baskunchak lake as a place to "break the salt, pure as ice", it is mentioned in 1627 in the "Big Book of Drawing", the first geographical description of Russia. Today Baskunchaksky salt is four fifths of the entire Russian salt and is considered one of the best in the world. Most of the lake's surface is so hard that you can walk on it. And you can swim in the lake without fear of drowning. Because the water in the lake 90% saturated with salt and pushes the body to the surface.

The most beautiful Russian lake The most beautiful Russian lake


Another beautiful lake located on the Russian Kola Peninsula, Murmansk region, surrounded by mountains - Seydozero. Seid translated from Sami means "the sacred." At the end of last century near the holy lake of Sami remains of an ancient advanced civilization have been discovered that the ancient authors called the Hyperborean (it is believed that she died as a result of global cataclysm). Here are found traces of ancient buildings, including the observatory, the remains of a giant runic inscriptions on the cliffs and fortifications. Traces of some buildings give reason to believe they ruined pyramids.

There are also numerous sacred stones - Sejdiu, which are often found on the territory of Karelia and linked to the cult of the dead, passed in traditional Saami beliefs. And on one of the rocks clearly visible 70-meter petroglyph showing giant, called Kuiv.

The most beautiful Russian lake The most beautiful Russian lake The most beautiful Russian lake

Blue Lake - Kabardino-Balkaria

This is one of the deepest karst lakes in the world. This is a place that everyone should visit the Caucasus. The lake is not good for fishing, but it is located in one of the most scenic and beautiful areas of Kabardino-Balkaria - Cherek gorge.

Cherek-Kul, is the name of Blue Lake - a karst aquifer the mine with steep walls width of about 130 meters and a length of over 230 meters. Depths are staggering: from 180 to 260 meters. From this unique natural monument follows the river, with a water temperature of about 9 degrees. The temperature does not vary throughout the year!

Transparency of water is 30-50 meters and are in no way dependent on weather conditions. That is what makes the Blue Lake is very attractive for diving. The lake has not been investigated to the end, and there is speculation that the investigated depth of 2559 meters there is a bend, rather than the bottom. If so, the Blue Lake becomes the deepest source of water on the planet. Balkars living here called a reservoir for specific smell Chirp-quel, which means odorous lake. Especially strong smell of sulfur in the river flowing from the lake. Curiously, of Chirp-quel follows daily 77 million liters of water (ie, 0, 9 cu. M per second!), In the very blue lake is not no river flows and water levels it does not change. Consider, lake water enters at the bottom of the cracks or sinkhole powerful underground sources. Scientifically it is called artesian artesian rising waters.

The most beautiful Russian lake The most beautiful Russian lake The most beautiful Russian lake

Lake Lotuses

The extraordinary beauty of the lake Lotuses located near the city of Volgograd in the Volga-Akhtuba bay. Representing an unforgettable sight, the lake attracts not only the residents of the area, but also tourists from around the country. It fills the soul with romance, attracting lovers of the heart, and simply appreciate the beauty of our mother nature.

The lake does not differ outstanding size. Lotus flowering period - from August to early September, and if you want to enjoy the blooming of beautiful flowers, it is better to come to the lake during this period.

The most beautiful Russian lake The most beautiful Russian lake


One of the most beautiful lakes in Russia, or rather, a whole system of pure freshwater lakes, which are connected to each other by narrow channels. Geographically, these lakes are located in the Tver region, near the border of the Novgorod region. The area is very picturesque. The water surface of the lake surrounded by fir and pine forest. Can you imagine what a pleasant scent of pine needles in the air!

Definitely can not say that is the name of the lake - Seliger. In one version of the name is literally translated from the ancient Mongolian language as "moon on earth." It looks like this winter Seliger. By the way, in the winter, when most of the lake is covered with ice, tourism Seliger not stops. Popular winter activities - ice fishing, skiing, sledding, ice skating, horseback riding, hiking, picnics, and after - in the steaming hot sauna. Another version of the origin of the name Seliger related to Finnish. For this version of the translation of the word "Seliger" is listed as "clear lake". Both versions have the right to life, and each in its own way characterize the lake.

The most beautiful Russian lake The most beautiful Russian lake

Jack London Lake

... It can be described as the most romantic of all the above. This is one of the most beautiful lakes in the Far East. Very beautiful rocky terrain and forests, as well as the intriguing name of the lake, make Jack London Lake especially attractive.

Old-timers say that its name lake was due to an unusual discovery made by "pioneers". When the lake was found on the banks of the researchers have found the book of Jack London's "Martin Eden".

But there is another version of the occurrence of such a name by the lake. Many geologists loved works of Jack London. YA Bilibin, the head of the first geological expedition to the Kolyma, to open a gold, expressed the idea to name one of the geographical objects in the Northeast named London. In 1932, geologist PI Skornyakov, who worked in the area of ​​one of the most beautiful lakes in the North-East, gave him the name of Jack London.

The most beautiful Russian lake The most beautiful Russian lake The most beautiful Russian lake

Lake Ladoga

Located between the Republic of Karelia and Leningrad region, Lake Ladoga is the largest in Europe. It flow into the river 32. The views here are amazing and picturesque - Pine Beach, Sandbanks and dunes, green islands and granite cliffs adorn Lake Ladoga.

Lake Ladoga - the third in Russia in terms of the Caspian Sea and Lake Baikal after. Once upon a time it was called the "Nebo" (from the Finnish "quagmire, quagmire") and the name "Ladoga" and "Ladoga" appeared later. According to various sources it in Finnish, and the Old Norse meaning "wavy", "lower river" or "open water". Scientists believe that the first name of the river bottom is received Ladoga (Ladozhka), followed by the city and is the last - the lake.

The most beautiful Russian lake The most beautiful Russian lake

Lake Onega

Lake Onega is richly unique sights and ancient monuments. Also on the lake annually sailing championship of Russia.

The main attraction of the lake is an island with the same Kizhi State Historical-Architectural and Ethnographic Museum-Reserve. Its territory is 89 monuments of wooden architecture of the XV-XX centuries.

The most beautiful Russian lake The most beautiful Russian lake The most beautiful Russian lake