10 low-budget films which thwarted cash

10 low-budget films which thwarted cash

The films became a real sensation. When the meager budget they grossed huge amounts.

It is already known that the producer of a new franchise "Halloween" will be directed by the original horror John Carpenter. His "Halloween" in 1978 at the time has become a sensation, with meager budget collected a huge sum at the box office. Current vorotilam film business, who spend hundreds of millions of dollars blockbusters, should learn from Mr. Carpenter! Ivi has compiled a list of films that can boast of such an achievement.

Dirty Dancing / Dirty Dancing, 1987

10 low-budget films which thwarted cash

Budget: 6 million dollars

Fees: 214 million dollars

The most famous actor in the "Dirty Dancing" was created the role of the father of the main character Jerry Orbach. But as soon as the music on the tape resting on spa girl and her lover Johnny were released, Patrick Swayze has turned into an idol of millions of women. A soundtrack of the film became a cult hit, winning the "Oscar".

Night of the Living Dead / Night of the Living Dead, 1968

10 low-budget films which thwarted cash

The budget of 114 000 dollars

Fees: 12 million dollars

It is believed that it was George A. Romero started the fashion of the zombies on the big screen. Heroes of horror rose from the grave before, but it was Romero showed it in all its glory. This fashionable and still kinotendentsiya was the world in 1968 with the band "Night of the Living Dead." Later came two remakes, showing the glory of the original, and the impact of offspring Romero can be seen in many horror movies.

Hangman / The Gallows, 2015

10 low-budget films which thwarted cash

The budget: $ 100 000

Fees: 43 million dollars

"Night of the Living Dead," and many other films - the classic, recognized, and has quoted an army of fans. But the horror movie "Hangman", released in 2015 and has a very low ranking, is unlikely to fall into the category of classic. Just amateur thriller, shot almost to the knee. This incoherent story about how the students decided to perform a play, which caused the death of his 20 years ago, the main star, could also disrupt the cashier.

Astral / Insidious, 2010

10 low-budget films which thwarted cash

Budget: 1.5 million dollars

Fees: 97 million dollars

But the "Astral" is worth seeing. Firstly, director James Wan tried to glory, and secondly, a very good actor, and thirdly, this tape is about a boy who wants to go through into our world the evil spirit, rather trivial removed. Behind her came a successful film "Insidious: Chapter 2" with the same actors and the director. But on the third part I have not worked van, and its quality is affected very sad.

Saw: The game of survival / Saw, 2004

10 low-budget films which thwarted cash

Budget: 1.2 million dollars

Fees: 103 million dollars

Sin to forget about another successful film by James Wan - horror for the amateur, however, also disrupt the cash register, and huge. After impressed experts shorts director decided on full-length debut on the same topic. Thus was born the "Saw: The game of survival." The picture was the beginning of the franchise, inscribed in the Guinness Book of Records. In total this cycle, a kind of ode to the suffering of the flesh, 7 parts. But the van except the first one did not remove any, going on to other projects.

Mad Max / Mad Max, 1979

10 low-budget films which thwarted cash

Budget: 350 000 USD

Fees: 100 million dollars

In 1979, the "born" yet another star of world cinema - opened it and invited the lead role, aspiring Australian director George Miller. Its action takes place in a futuristic thriller future in which the ball is ruled by violent biker gangs, dissecting on their iron horses of the thinly populated highway. The main currency - fuel, and human life is not worth anything. Bandits confronted former policeman Max. Its something and played Mel Gibson.

Friday the 13th / Friday the 13th, 1980

10 low-budget films which thwarted cash

Budget: 700 000 USD

Fees: 60 million dollars

In the story slasher "Friday the 13th" in 1980, there was nothing out of the ordinary. In the summer camp on the beautiful Crystal Lake began to systematically deal with the counselors. It turns out that many years ago in the local lake drowned mentally retarded boy, and now someone is taking revenge for his death. What is remarkable in the film? With him, in fact, began the career of Kevin Bacon. After the tape was filmed several sequels, but the original picture, they could not beat.

Paranormal / Paranormal Activity, 2007

10 low-budget films which thwarted cash

Budget: 15 000 USD

Fees: 193 million dollars

So far it is unclear what the audience hooked mockumentary horror story "Paranormal Activity", if she was able to earn money 13 000 times more than spent. The cheapness of the shooting is explained easily: the director has given his nature as a house involved non-professional actors, who worked for the "thank you". But how do you explain the success? We almost always show darkened room - the camera is pointed at the bed on which sleep Micah and Katie. The couple thinks their house wound up poltergeists, here and hung the camera - capture the presence of mind. Spectators long peered into the gloom in the hope: that's now something will happen! As a result, the franchise was born, the main "bait" which was desire of curious spectators understand what happened to Micah and his wife.

The Blair Witch Project: Project, The / The Blair Witch Project, 1999

10 low-budget films which thwarted cash

Budget: 22 000 USD

Fees: 248 million dollars Similarly sell style mokyumentari and with amateur performers also became published eight years earlier "Blair Witch Project, The." That's it, we should be grateful for the brood psevdodokumentalistiku, ragged assembly, twitching hand camera from which dazzled. The production of "Blair Witch Project" took only twenty-two thousand dollars. But then it was time to "clipping coupons".

Halloween / Halloween, 1978

10 low-budget films which thwarted cash

Budget: US $ 325,000

Fees: 60 million dollars

And what about the "Halloween", that started this conversation? For 1978 its profit was unbelievable - $ 60 million. For a horror film with 300,000th budget it was just brilliant! But here at least all deserved: no one makes a fool of us. There is a baby-boy angelic appearance, which for no apparent reason kills the elder sister. No one can explain this atrocity, and the culprit is placed in a psychiatric hospital. After 15 years, he manages to escape, and then a wave of murders shakes the small town. Skillfully injected atmosphere, white mask maniac, disturbing music - all worked to succeed.