The best beaches this summer

• The best beaches this summer

The world is full of beautiful beaches - one can only wonder why humanity is not at full strength moved to the coast in summer. From European secluded lagoons to spectacular spaces Asian shores: here are seven of the best beaches in the summer, it is worth a visit for everyone.

The best beaches this summer

Hidden Beach

Marieta island

Hidden beneath the surface secret beach access to the lagoon with clear water. Anyone can take a kayak here and take an exciting journey through the long tunnel of water.

The best beaches this summer

Boulders Beach

Cape Town, Africa

Much to the beach attracts crowds of tourists from all over the world. There remained one of the last herds of African penguins - even the title suggests that this species is endangered.

The best beaches this summer

Navagio Beach

Zakynthos Island, Greece

But this beach is better known by other names: the sailors know it as the "Island Shipwreck" and curious tourists prefer the more romantic name - "Smugglers Cave". And then, and another is true: in 1980 here the ship ran aground smugglers fleeing from patrol boats.

The best beaches this summer

Scala dei Turchi

Agrigento, Italy

Stairway to the beach carved into the rock, but the long descent is not to everyone. The most impatient often dive into the water from the nearby rocks: significant height gives the bathing particularly acute, and the clear waters of a deep lagoon exclude serious danger.

The best beaches this summer

Zlatni Rat

Brac, Croatia

Long tongue sandy beach on the Croatian island of Brac extends far into the sea. White pebbles covered almost the entire island, and a few Mediterranean pine groves provide travelers ample amount of shade.

The best beaches this summer


Trinity Island, Australia

Paradise beach separates the wide bay almost in half. White sand and turquoise waves at sunset are transformed into a work of art. However, to relax here still not worth it: the sharks - are frequent visitors of these waters.

The best beaches this summer

Beach of the Cathedrals

Ribadeo, Spain

Beach Cathedral and actually looks like a monumental altar of majestic nature. Giant cliffs surround the snow-white beach sand: their ribs like these buttresses of Gothic churches.