The richest US-2016 family: Forbes rating

June 29 Forbes made a rating of 25 richest US family clans. For the third consecutive founded the Wal-Mart Walton family topped the list. Second place in the ranking took four Koch brothers, whose state was $ 82 billion ($ 4 billion less than a year ago). Two brothers, Charles and David Koch owned holding company Koch Industries - the second largest private company in the US with annual revenues of more than $ 100 billion Mars Clan rated third.. Three representatives of the family owned company Mars Inc., which produces including M & Ms and Snickers, and their status for the year decreased from $ 80 billion to $ 78 billion. The list of the 25 wealthiest US family clans almost unchanged over the years. This time it turned out to be a beginner - the heirs of the developer Sol Goldman. Their fortune Forbes estimated at $ 13, 7 billion.

Cumulative state 25 richest families of America fell during the year by $ 11 billion to $ 722 billion. At the same time the state has decreased 12 clans. 10 - increased. And one family it has remained at the same level.

Top ten rankings - in the photo gallery below.

The richest US-2016 family: Forbes rating

1. Walton Family

Net Worth: $ 130 billion

The number of representatives of the dynasty: 6

Year Business Established: 1962

status Source: Wal-Mart

Head office: Bentonville, Arkansas, USA

Photo: Rob, Alice and Sam Walton (left to right)

Walton family controls the world's largest retailer Wal-Mart. Six representatives of the dynasty for nearly 54% of the company, allowing them to effectively defend their interests. In June 2015, he resigned Rob Walton, who served as chairman for 23 years.

During the year, the Walton family impoverished by $ 19 billion ($ 149 billion in 2015, equal to their aggregate state), due to new information on charitable gifts which have been made late son of Sam Walton, John to his death in a plane crash in 2005. Bloomberg reported in November 2015 that John Walton during his lifetime wrote to half of his fortune at $ 17 billion to charity funds, and a third - the only son Lucas. After these messages Forbes reduced the assessment of the widow of John Walton Christy in 2016 with $ 41, $ 7 billion to $ 5, 2 billion. A small company founded in 1962 in Arkansas brothers Sam (died in 1992) and James (deceased in 1995) Walton. Now the family state control three Sam's children, the wife of his son, who died in a plane crash in 2005, and two daughters of James.

The richest US-2016 family: Forbes rating

2. Koch Family

Net Worth: $ 82 billion

The number of representatives of the dynasty: 4

Year Business Established: 1925

status Source: diversified business

Head office: Wichita, Kansas, USA

Photo: Charles Koch

Koch Industries today owned by brothers Charles and David Koch. The company was founded by their father, and the first time engaged in oil refining. Today Koch Industries -. A true diversified holding company and the largest private industrial conglomerate with annual revenues of more than $ 100 billion general, holding company could own the four brothers, but in 1983, after a quarrel, Charles and David bought the shares of other relatives for $ 700 million.

The brothers are in the top 10 richest people in America and is actively involved in supporting the Republicans, such as Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida and Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, sponsoring their election campaign.

The richest US-2016 family: Forbes rating

3. Family Mars

Net Worth: $ 78 billion

The number of representatives of the dynasty: 3

Year Business Established: 1911

status Source: confectionery business

Headquarters: McLean, Virginia, USA

Photo: Jacqueline Mars

The world's largest confectionery company Mars owned by Jacqueline, John and Forrest Mars Jr. All three are part of the board of directors, but not responsible for the operational management. The company went to the heirs in 1999, after the death of their father, Forrest Mars Sr..

In 1911, the company founded the grandfather of the current heirs, and about 1929 the company patented a unique recipe nougat, which is part of the famous Milky Way bars and Snickers. Among other products created by Mars, - pellets M & M's (in the United States under this brand produces about 400 million candies per day). Now the company does not only sweets in its portfolio of brands such as rice Uncle Ben's and food for pets Pedigree and Whiskas.

The richest US-2016 family: Forbes rating


4. Family Cargill-MacMillan

Net Worth: $ 49 billion

The number of representatives of the dynasty: 23 (estimate Forbes)

Year Business Established: 1865

status Source: Cargill Inc.

Headquarters: Minneapolis, Minneapolis, United States

In the photo: Whitney MacMillan

The dynasty Cargill - MacMillan 14 billionaires, more than any other family in the world. Together with several cousins ​​they possess 88% of agricultural Empire Cargill. The company produces food products, raw material trading and provides financial services. Unlike many other rankings families Cargill - MacMillan this year increased his fortune by $ 4 billion.

Company history began in 1865, when the Scottish captain William Wallace Cargill established its first business. He became rich only at the end of the XIX century due to the railroad boom. In 1909 Cargill took the place of his son in law John McMillan. Cargill has remained a family business until 1995, until the grandson of the company founder not resigned as CEO. Today, only six members of the family run company, but the majority lives on a ranch in Montana. And the whole family remains committed to non-public lifestyle.

The richest US-2016 family: Forbes rating

5. Cox Family

Net Worth: $ 41 billion

The number of representatives of the dynasty: 3

Year Business Established: 1898

status Source: Media

Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Photo: Jim Kennedy

In 1898, James M. Cox bought the newspaper Dayton Evening News. Now, in the company of a whole set of assets, which is part of Manheim (car sales), AutoTrader Group (online sale of automobiles, Kelley Blue Book), Cox Communications (cable TV), and Cox Media Group (newspapers, TV, radio). In June 2015 the company announced the acquisition of software maker to automobile dealers DealerTrack for $ 4 billion. Who is the main owner of the business empire of James's daughter, Anne Cox Chambers - it holds a stake of 50%. Grandson of company founder James (Jim) Kennedy was CEO from 1988 to 2008, and now presides over the board of directors. Granddaughter of James M. Cox Blair Parry Okeden lives in Australia and is not involved in the family business. Kennedy and Parry Okeden inherited 25% Cox after the death of their mother, Barbara Cox Anthony in 2007.

The richest US-2016 family: Forbes rating

6. Johnson Family

Net Worth: $ 30 billion

The number of representatives of the dynasty: 11

Business year of foundation: 1886

status Source: cleaners

Head office: Racine, Wisconsin, USA

Photo: Herbert Fisk Johnson III

This year, the Samuel C. Johnson family has risen in the ranking by two lines, adding to his fortune of $ 1, 5 billion company for the production of parquet Johnson's Prepared Paste Wax Company was founded in 1886 and engaged in the sale of "The finished mastic Johnson." - funds specifically designed for the care of parquet. In 1928, the company was inherited by his son Herbert Fisk Johnson, who ran the business until his death. Johnson did not leave a will, and after a long battle for share in the company of his successors Herbert Fisk Jr. and Henrietta Johnson Louis received 60% and 40% respectively. The company is now managed by the grandchildren of Herbert Fisk Jr. engaged in the production of cleaning products. In the line of brands SC Johnson - bags Ziploc, and Windex means, Drano and Raid.

The richest US-2016 family: Forbes rating

7. The Pritzker Family

Net Worth: $ 29 billion

The number of representatives of the dynasty: 13

Year Business Established: 1936

state source: hotel business, investments

Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois, USA Photo: Penny Pritzker

the most influential family Pritzker is known as the founder of a network of hotels Hyatt Hotels. But his condition dynasty owes Anthony Pritzker (died 1986), who, along with his two sons founded the Hyatt and invest in various assets, including industrial conglomerate Marmon Group, which is now owned by Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffett.

All null business clan spent in endless litigation because of family assets, has not yet decided the structure of management and ownership. 11 representatives of the dynasty included in the list of billionaires, according to Forbes. Penny Pritzker, one of the heirs, who served as US Secretary of Commerce. John - the owner of the boutique hotels Commune Hotels network. Brothers Anthony and JB started a family investment company Pritzker Group. Karen and her husband Michael - investors. Gigi - a famous film producer. Liesel Pritzker Simmons, who in 2003 sued his father and other relatives about the assets section, is also engaged in investments (one of her exotic projects in Ghana - processing human waste in burning fuels).

The richest US-2016 family: Forbes rating

8. Family (Edward) Johnson

Net Worth: $ 28, 5 billion

The number of representatives of the dynasty: 4

Year Business Established: 1946

status Source: Financial Services

Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Photo: Abigail Johnson

In 1946, Edward Johnson II founded by Fidelity Asset Management. Now, his son Edward "Ned" Johnson III, and three grandchildren possess 49% of the financial giant, the remaining share - the Fidelity group. Ned held the post of Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer since 1977. In 2014 this place was awarded to his daughter Abigail. Son of Edward Ned Johnson IV manages the family estate portfolio. Elizabeth's second daughter is not involved in the family business.

The richest US-2016 family: Forbes rating

9. Family Hurst

Net Worth: $ 28 billion

The number of representatives of the dynasty: 66

Year Business Established: 1887

Status Source: Hearst Corp.

Headquarters: New York, NY, USA

Photo: William Randolph Hearst III

The founder of the business empire of Hearst, William Randolph Hearst was a celebrity, and even became the prototype of the hero of the film "Citizen Kane" by Orson Welles. In 1887, he was the first to have itself as the "owner" in the output of the newspaper San Francisco Examiner. Today in publishing 49 newspapers, 340 magazines that go around the world and share in cable networks ESPN, Lifetime and A & E.

Son of the founder of the Hearst William Randolph Hearst, Jr. became a famous journalist, and won the prestigious Pulitzer Prize. Grandson of William Randolph Hearst III in the status of chairman of the board engaged in a strategy media concern. During its long history the family has gone through several scandals, from Patty Hearst kidnapping of radical leftists in the 1970s, before the divorce, John "Banks" Hearst, Jr. and his wife, Barbara, revealing the secrets of the family business dynasty Hurst.

The richest US-2016 family: Forbes rating

10. Family Duncan

Net Worth: $ 21, 5 billion

The number of representatives of the dynasty: 4

Year Business Established: 1968

status Source: Energy

Headquarters: Houston, Texas, USA

Photo: Dan Duncan

The founder of the dynasty Dan Duncan was born in a poor family in a provincial town Texas Center. Duncan left without parents - my mother and brother of the future billionaire died when he was 7 years old - was raised by my grandmother. The richest resident of Texas he was due to investments in gas, oil and chemical industry. When Duncan died in 2010 at age 77, his condition with an estimate of nearly $ 10 billion in proportion to his four children inherited Rand Duncan-Williams, Milan Franz Dannin Duncan-accidents and Scott Duncan. Since then, the family fortune has increased by almost two. His eldest daughter, Rand chairman of the board. 32-year-old Scott is a list of the youngest millionaires of America, inherited his fortune, and not earned. A sister of AC Milan and Dannin engaged in charity in his home state.