13 most terrifying mummies world

Probably all of you watching horror films about reanimated mummies, attacking people. These Evil Dead have always stirred the human imagination. But in reality, the mummies do not carry anything terrible, representing incredible archaeological value. In this issue you will find 13 real mummies that have survived to our time and are one of the most significant archaeological discoveries of our time.

Mummy called specially chemically treated body of a living being, which slows down the decomposition process of fabrics. The mummies are kept hundreds and even thousands of years, becoming a "window" into the ancient world. On the one hand, the mummy look scary, some goosebumps run from one sight to the shriveled body, but on the other hand - they are incredible historical value, keeps the most interesting information about the life of the ancient world, customs, health and diet of our ancestors .

13 most terrifying mummies world 13 most terrifying mummies world

Screaming Mummy Museum of Guanajuato

Mummies of Guanajuato Museum in Mexico is one of the strangest and most terrible in the world are collected 111 mummies that are naturally preserved mummified bodies of people, most of them died in the second half of the XIX century and the first half of the XX century and were buried in the local cemetery " Pantheon St. Paula. "

The museum's exhibits were exhumed during the period from 1865 to 1958, when the law was in force, obliging families to pay a tax for the bodies of their relatives were in the cemetery. If the tax is not paid on time, the family loses the right to the burial place and dead bodies were removed from the stone tombs. As it turned out, some of them were naturally mummified, and they were stored in a special building at the cemetery. Distorted facial expressions on some mummies suggest that they were buried alive. At the end of XIX - early XX century, these mummies began to attract tourists, and cemetery workers began to charge a fee for a visit to the premises, where they were stored. Officially, the date of establishment of the Museum of Mummies of Guanajuato is considered in 1969, when the mummies were displayed in glass shelves. Now the museum is visited by thousands of tourists every year.

13 most terrifying mummies world

The mummy of the boy from Greenland (place qilakitsoq)

Near Greenland qilakitsoq settlement, which is located on the west coast of the largest island in the world, the whole family, mummified by low temperatures was discovered in 1972. Nine well-preserved bodies of ancestors of the Eskimos, who died in the territory of Greenland at a time when Europe reigned Middle Ages, aroused the interest of scientists, but one of them is famous throughout the world and outside the scientific framework.

Belonging to the year-old child (as established anthropologists, suffers from Down's syndrome), it is more like some kind of a doll makes an indelible impression on visitors to the National Museum of Greenland in Nuuk.

13 most terrifying mummies world

Rosalia Lombardo two-year

Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo in Italian - is an eerie place, a necropolis, which attracts tourists from all over the world a lot of mummified bodies of different states of preservation. But the character of the place - a baby face Rosalia Lombardo, year-old girl who died of pneumonia in 1920. Her father, being unable to cope with grief, turned to the well-known physician Alfredo Salafi asking to save her daughter's body.

Now, it makes the hair on the head to move at all, without exception, visitors dungeons Palermo - terrific way preserved, peaceful and so alive that it seems as if Rosalia only briefly dozed off, it makes a lasting impression.

13 most terrifying mummies world

Juanita from the Peruvian Andes

Whether still a girl, or have a girl (called the age of death of 11 to 15 years), named Juanita, gained worldwide fame, once in the ranking of the best scientific discoveries by Time magazine because of its safety and the terrible history that after finding the mummies in ancient settlement of the Incas in the Peruvian Andes in 1995, scientists told. Sacrificed to the gods in the XV century, it has reached our days in a nearly perfect condition thanks to ice Andean peaks.

As part of the exhibition of the Museum of Andean Sanctuaries Arequipa, mummy often goes on tour, exposing, for example, at the headquarters of the National Geographic Society in Washington, DC, or in many areas of Japan, generally characterized strange love of mummified bodies.

13 most terrifying mummies world

Christian Friedrich von Knight Kalbutts, Germany

This German knight lived in the period from 1651 to 1702. After the death of his body turned into a mummy in a natural way and is now on display.

According to legend, Kalbutts Knight was a great lover use the "right of first night". In loving Christian had 11 children of their own, and about three dozen bastards. In July 1690 he announced his "right of first night" in relation to the young shepherd from the village of the bride Bakvitts, but she had it, after which the knight killed her new husband. Detained, he swore in front of judges, which is not to blame, otherwise "the body does not fall apart after his death in ashes."

Since Kalbutts was an aristocrat, his parole was enough to make him acquitted and released. Knight died in 1702 at age 52 and was buried in the family tomb Kalbuttsev background. In 1783, the last representative of this dynasty, died, and in 1794-m started the restoration of the local church, during which opened the tomb to rebury all the dead family background Kalbutts an ordinary cemetery. It turned out that all of them, except for Christian Friedrich, decayed. The latter turned into a mummy that has proven the fact that loving knight was still perjurer.

13 most terrifying mummies world

The mummy of Egyptian Pharaoh - Ramses the Great

Presented at the picture belongs to the mummy of Pharaoh Ramses II (Ramses the Great), who died in 1213 BC. e. and it is one of the most famous Egyptian pharaohs. It is believed that he was the ruler of Egypt in the time of Moses hike. One of the distinguishing features of this mummy is the presence of red hair, symbolizing the connection with the god Seth - the patron saint of the imperial power.

In 1974, Egyptologists have discovered that the mummy of the pharaoh Ramses II quickly deteriorates. It was decided to immediately take her plane to France for examination and restoration, for which modern Egyptian mummies have issued a passport, and in the "occupation," wrote "King (deceased)." In the Paris airport mummy greeted with full military honors, relying at the visit of the head of state.

13 most terrifying mummies world

The mummy of a girl of 18-19 years from the Danish city of Skrydstrup

Mummy girl aged 18-19 years old, buried in Denmark in 1300 BC. e. The deceased was a tall, slim girl with long blond hair, arranged in an intricate hairstyle, something like "Babette" of the 1960s. According to her expensive clothes and jewelry can be assumed that it belonged to the family of the local elite.

She was buried in a coffin made of oak, lined with grasses, so her body and clothes are surprisingly well preserved. Preservation would be even better if a few years before it was discovered the mummy, was not damaged layer of soil over the grave.

13 most terrifying mummies world

Iceman Ötzi

Similaunsky man, whose age at the time of opening was about 5,300 years old, making him the oldest European mummy, received from the scientists nicknamed Ötzi. Discovered 19 September 1991 a pair of German tourists during a walk in the Tyrolean Alps, stumbled on the perfectly preserved due to the natural ice of mummification remains resident era Chalcolithic, it created a furor in the scientific world - nowhere else in Europe did not find the ideal survived to the present day the bodies of our distant ancestors. Now, the tattooed mummy can be seen in the Archaeological Museum of Bolzano, Italy. Like many other mummy, Ötzi curse supposedly enveloped in a halo: for several years under different circumstances killing several people, one way or another connected with the study of the ice man.

13 most terrifying mummies world

Yde Girl

Yde Girl (niderl Meisje van Yde.) - the name given to a well-preserved body of a teenage girl found in a peat bog in the vicinity of the village of Ida in the Netherlands. This mummy found May 12, 1897. The body was wrapped in a woolen cape.

Around the neck girl was covered with woven of wool loop, indicating that it was executed for any crime or sacrificed. In the area of ​​the collarbone preserved trace of injury. The skin have not been touched by the expansion, which is typical for bog bodies.

The results of radiocarbon dating conducted in 1992, showed that she died at the age of about 16 years between the year 54 BC. e. and 128 year BC. e. The head of a corpse half-shaved shortly before his death. Keep your hair long, have a reddish hue. But it should be noted that the hair of corpses caught in the bog environment, acquire a reddish color due to denaturalization colored pigment under the influence of which are in the swampy soil acids.

Computed tomography determined that the curvature of the spine was when her life. Further investigations led to the conclusion that the reason for this, most likely, was the defeat of the vertebral bone tuberculosis.

13 most terrifying mummies world

The man from the morass Rendswühren

Man of Rendswühren (Rendswühren), which also belongs to the so-called "bog people", was found near the German town of Kiel in 1871. At the time of the death of a man's age was between 40 and 50 years, and the body of research showed that he died of blow to the head.

13 most terrifying mummies world

Networks I - Egyptian pharaoh's tomb in the

Perfectly preserved mummy of Seti I and the remains of the original wooden coffin were found in a hiding place of Deir el-Bahri in 1881. Seti I ruled Egypt during the period from 1290 by 1279. BC. e. The mummy of the pharaoh was buried in a specially prepared tomb.

Network is a minor character in a science fiction movie "The Mummy" and "The Mummy Returns", where he portrayed the pharaoh, who fell victim to a conspiracy of his High Priest Imhotep.

13 most terrifying mummies world

Siberian Ice Maiden Mummy

Mummy of a woman nicknamed "Altai Princess" has been found by archaeologists in 1993 on the Ukok plateau and is one of the most important discoveries of the late XX century archeology. Researchers believe that the disposal was done in V-III century BC and refers to the period Pazyryk Altai culture.

During excavation archaeologists found that the deck, which has been placed the buried body, filled with ice. That is why the mummy of a woman well preserved. Burial was bricked in the layer of ice. It was of great interest to archaeologists, since in such circumstances might well survive a very ancient thing. The camera found six horses under saddle and with a harness, as well as the wooden deck of larch, boarded bronze nails. The contents of the burial is clearly indicated on the nobility of the buried person.

The mummy was lying on his side with a slightly toned down. In her arms revealed numerous tattoos. Worn by the mummy was a silk shirt, a woolen skirt, felt socks, coat and wig. All the clothes were made with high quality and evidence of high status buried. She died at a young age (about 25 years old) and belonged to the elite of the Pazyryk society.

13 most terrifying mummies world

Ice Maiden of the Inca tribe

This is the famous mummy of girls aged 14-15 years, which the Incas sacrificed more than 500 years ago. It was discovered in 1999 on the slopes of the volcano Nevado sabancaya. Next to the mummy was discovered a few children's bodies also have been subjected to mummification. The researchers suggest that these children have been chosen among others because of its beauty, and then passed many hundreds of kilometers across the country, have been specially trained and sacrificed to the gods on the top of the volcano.