Cher rules of life

• The rules of life Cher

Cher rules of life

I can kill for her body.

I left home at age 16. It was easy. Mother just told me: "To be successful, does not necessarily make a lot of money. Live, have children, do not lose faith in yourself, stay beautiful and shine, to feed themselves. "

Each of us invents himself. Just someone's imagination is richer than the others.

I'm scared to death of poverty. I grew up in poverty, and always feel it inside. It's like a fat woman who throws 500 pounds, but the inside is still thick.

I am selective in plastic surgery: only boobs, nose and teeth - and nothing else.

Recently, I went into the cabin and removed their tattoos. His first I did in 27 years, and then it was a real statement. Today, tattoos are doing everything, and it was deadly boring.

There is no law, according to which over 65 people have to eat dog food, it becomes unnecessary and die quickly. In old age, there is nothing wrong, if only because it comes to all who lived up to it. But old age - is the enemy. It is better to negotiate with him, than to engage in battle.

I completely ceased to recognize the country where grown. This is probably the worst thing that brings age - a feeling that your country does not belong to you anymore.

As I have lived life? Not afraid to take risks and never worried that think of me. You are not going great, until you learn easily relate to those moments when you look foolish.

The only birthday party, where I was crying - it is my fortieth birthday. When I saw a cake with candles, tears were in my eyes. I thought, "All youth is gone." But the next day I was invited to "The Witches of Eastwick". My partner was Jack Nicholson, and I thought that it was not so bad.

Not so long ago I bought a place on the Pere Lachaise (Paris cemetery where many famous people -. Esquire). But the laws of France there could be buried only a French citizen or someone who died in France. So if I get sick, immediately I buy a ticket to Paris.

I love ghost. Some bring much better than most people.

A man is not a necessity; it is a luxury item. That's why you can do without it.

Women - is invisible architects of society.

Of course, she can indefinitely wait for the right man appears in her life. But this does not mean that it has no right to spend the waiting time with someone wrong.

Yes, we can say that Salvador Dali really gave me a vibrator, but it's a complicated story. Dalí invited me, Francis Coppola, Sonny (Cher's first husband -. Esquire) and my girlfriend Joey for lunch. We went to his house, and then started an orgy in the next room. Everything spoke in French, and there is complete madness. I sat down on a chair and felt something by hand. It was a very beautiful, brightly colored child's toy - a rubber fish. She had a remote control with which you can make it wag its tail. And then I saw Dali and told him: "You have there a fun children's toy." He replied: "Oh yes! Especially when you touch it to your clit. " How to live? Stand up - and let you count them, or sit and stay unnoticed. Do not litter, do not disdain to chewing gum and do not smile, passing by the homeless. And no matter what will happen in five years. Most likely, only love and fear.

Nothing relieves me of a bad mood better treadmill. Unlike many uteshalschikov, it never fails.

Now everyone has the iPhone, which means that no matter where I went, twitter or facebook sure there will be photos where I look really awful.

What is your favorite Emoji - a ghost that has his tongue sticking out. I'm the same, when I dance.

Life has a very simple rule: if you can not walk straight, turn the corner.

It is strange that I'm still here.