How not to get lost in the woods

How not to get lost in the woods

Start time to "quiet hunt". People go into the woods to pick mushrooms and berries. For rescue services is not the most peaceful time. Even experienced mushroom pickers manage to get lost. With the forest is known to be trifled with.


How not to get lost in the woods

The trouble prevention is better than later to overcome it, so the important thing is that you need to learn in order to avoid getting lost in the woods, it is good to prepare for the campaign. Even if you just go to the one-day "quiet hunt", it is best to draw up a rough route map, split the area into squares and write their coordinates.

It is better - if any will be made aware of the efforts you sortie. The main thing that should you be with him - it is a knife, a compass (hours) and matches. Well in advance Obtain map of the area, remember landmarks LEP direction of the river, check for yourself the high areas, objects of human activity. All these "little things" can save lives.

To overcome the fear of

How not to get lost in the woods

The forest has long been perceived in Russian culture as a hostile environment. Suffice it to recall our stories, in which the forest is associated with chthonic origins. Forest fear exists in every human being. And how well you cope with the fear, will depend on whether the right decision you make.

Panic attacks can happen in the forest each. How can successfully cope with it? Known psychologist Vladimir Levi, in his book "Taming of fear," advises draw "bodily fear card". "House" of any fear - the human brain, the body - the Executive, but the blood, adrenaline-charged, - the mediator - so says Levy. Suddenly came the fear should be taken under close observation. His study will help to control it. Also, psychologists recommend "burn adrenaline." You can go from the return and not be complacent, but on the contrary - to move, to give the body to exercise. You can pootzhimatsya, poprisedat. It will discharge and the fear will pass. Then it will be easier to navigate and take himself in hand.

"The focus right leg" and benchmarks

How not to get lost in the woods

In order not to get lost in the forest, city, desert, or the sea of ​​humanity already some time ago came up with satellite navigation. However, we're not talking about an ideal situation when the phone is charged, the network catches and wi-fi sounds. Imagine that it is proved that in an extreme situation, that is, we do not have no compass or navigator.

First, do not need to rush and try to run to run to civilization - the need to save power. In addition, if a long time to run through the woods, then most likely, you will soon realize that running around in circles. There is such a thing, "the focus of the right leg." This "trick" is that a person steps are uneven, and it is always a bit of "rakes" to the side. In the absence of a clear "channel" to make it easy. So the first piece of advice: when you go through the woods, try to remember landmarks. Moreover, you can even advance to prepare patches of fabric and every 500 meters to hang them on the right side of his route (or on the left, the main thing - that at one and the same).

Remember the school lessons of natural history. Even in the age of smartphones moss on the north side of the tree has not been canceled, as well as a magnificent crown of the south. Cora still coarser and thicker on the north side, and the vegetation on the south side of the hills is growing worse, and they were drier than in the north.

However, to determine the direction of light - is not always the most important. This in itself is not enough knowledge to give. What is important - remember, which side, such was the sun, when you just went into the woods. Then the knowledge of the compass can do a good service. You can find parts of the world, such as churches. Crosses Orthodox churches "look" to the east, the top crossbar of the lower cross hairs - to the north. In the north, one can still find the church abandoned in the woods.

Coster and hut

If the situation does peak, the night is getting closer, no signs of civilization around can not hear, can not see, then you need to think about how to survive the night. Night in the woods alone - a situation stressful. Especially for the unprepared person. Oddly enough, but the kids are going through it more easily than adults, whose survival instinct is stronger and even cultural experience (scary books and movies) arouses unnecessary fears.

So, what to do. The first - the most obvious - you need to light a fire. If there are matches or lighters to do so will not be difficult. If for some reason you are not there with these necessary tools in the woods, then a fire can ignite by means of friction, with the help of the lens, which can be manufactured from the application of things (of ice and spoons to the condom).

Then you need to build any shelter near the fire. It will protect you from adverse weather conditions, in addition, it helps to keep warm. Most often during a forced short parking tourists build one or gable hut.