"No perverts it there staring": Mama says that her 3-year-old daughter just obsessed with beauty pageants

• "No perverts it there staring": Mama says that her 3-year-old daughter just obsessed with beauty pageants

Despite its age, the 3-year-old Bella Ferguson from Yorkshire is almost a professional in the field of beauty contests. The girl took part in more than 20 competitions, which appeared in designer dresses, makeup, wigs and artificial tan.

Her mother, Ria tells Bella simply obsessed with competition. Meanwhile she considers them harmless. "Bella like to participate in beauty contests, she loves to dress up, apply makeup and play with their friends," - he told RIA.

The mother of two calls competitions harmless and does not understand why anyone could ever be against their conduct. "I do not understand why people are opposed to carrying out these children's beauty pageants. My eldest daughter, for example, goes to dances, wearing much more revealing outfits, "- she said.

Ria also says that by participating in competitions Bella accustomed to a strict schedule of self-care, involves the use of artificial tanning, regular application of mascara and a thorough preparation for each event.

Also, Bella wears in competitions elaborate wigs and designer dresses, and her mother does not exclude that in a short time it comes to false eyelashes and nails.

Ria sat down on similar competitions after watching the popular American television show Toddlers And Tiaras, dedicated to the history of mothers and daughters, who participated in the children's beauty pageants. Digging in Facebook, it stumbled on information about local charities beauty contest at Doncaster. Bella was only 19 months. Mother hastily fashioned two suits - one to enhance the beauty of Bella, and the second - to emphasize its individuality, and went to the competition.

"We came to the first contest to see what it looks like and whether it all Bella. She felt it like a duck to water. She loved the beauty and charm of the event, she liked being on stage. In the end, she won in her age category and won the title "Miss confidence." Since that day, we obsessed with the competition ", - says Ria.

To date, Bell has participated in more than 20 competitions, winning numerous awards and certificates.

Wardrobe Bella was breaking from a variety of outfits, including a suit, inspired by the cartoon My Little Pony: cute skirt embroidered with crystals and tiny rainbows and halter top with diamonds and soft toys. It completes the image of dressing of the Unicorn, which, however, almost invisible because of the hairstyle.

Among the other outfits - quite frankly firefighter outfit, a delightful off-season suit made based on the cartoon about the little family Flintstone and bright orange dress worth $ 790. Fortunately, Miss Ferguson did not have to spend money on most of these costumes.

"I'm proud of her - she has so many trophies and various prizes. Bella still like to communicate with the girls a little older, it mimics the way they walk around the stage. We will continue to take part in beauty contests, while Bella did not get tired, but she just loves them. "