"Felicita": because of what broke up the perfect couple, who performed the famous song

• "Felicita": because of what broke up the perfect couple, who performed the famous song

This Italian family duo known around the world for Soviet listeners in the 1980s. their "Felicita" has become a favorite song and classic Italian pop. Al Bano Carrisi and Romina Power were the perfect pair for 30 years, but their happiness crumbled like a house of cards, after a family tragedy.

The famous family duo

Romina Francesca Power was born into a wealthy family of Italian immigrants who made a career in Hollywood - Tyrone Power and actress Linda Christian. In Italy Romina first came at age 17 to pursue a musical education - even at age 14, she released a solo album first howl. At that time, 25-year-old Al Bano Carrisi was a famous singer in Italy and the leading festivals in San Remo. Their affair began immediately after they met, and the following year they were married. The girl's mother was not happy with the choice of his daughter - Carrisi was born into a poor family, he punched his way himself, working as a waiter, a cook and work on an assembly line, while his talent is noticed in the song contest. Yet Romina went counter to his mother and married Carrisi.

They had four children, Romina, despite American education, in compliance with the tradition of classic Italian families with the patriarchal Catholic way of life: it is implicitly conceded to her husband the role of head of the family. Perhaps that is why their union was surprisingly strong and durable. In addition, they were united by joint work and common interests: Romina wrote poetry, Al Bano - the music, the songs they sang a duet.

Their first joint CD was released in 1975. In 1976, the family duo represented Italy at the "Eurovision" and took the 7th place. After the performance at the festival in San Remo in 1982, the duo became world. Their song "Felicita" entered the top three winners. They toured in many countries, including the Soviet Union, where even recorded a record with their best hits. In 1985, they again took part in the "Eurovision" and again took the 7th place.

One of the most popular Italian artists in the USSR

In the USSR in the 1980s. the most popular and favorite Italian artists were Adriano Celentano, Toto Cutugno and Al Bano with Ramin. When the duo in 1986, went on tour in Leningrad, 14000th Hall Sport and Concert Complex named. Lenin in two weeks was crowded every day.


In 1994, the family happened grief: missing eldest daughter Ylenia. 24-year-old girl went to New Orleans for the festival of alternative youth and did not return. The search yielded no results. Romina fell into a severe depression, stopped to pay attention to the other children. Once in an interview with Al Bano he said, "Ylenia is dead, and I have already got used to the idea." Romina has not been able to forgive him for these words. "You have betrayed our daughter, and I do not want to live with the traitor!" - she said, and left her husband after 30 years of marriage.

Their last album was released in 1995. Many could not believe that this pair may break up. Romina but until recently continued to hope for the salvation of his daughter and her husband could not forgive the loss of hope. In 1999, they received an official divorce. Al Bano continued to write songs and has performed solo, Romina left the stage, took up painting, taking part in the TV show, wrote scripts, filming a documentary. Both found their happiness with young partners and do not feel sorry about what happened.

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