Top 6 most terrifying places in the world

Do you like to tickle nerves? Then you probably know about Dracula's Castle in Romania, Japan Forest of Suicides and exactly once figured out how you can go in Pripyat, the place of the Chernobyl accident. But in fact, there are places and terrible!

The Church of St. George, Czech Republic

Top 6 most terrifying places in the world

Have you ever been in the church among a dozen ghosts? We suggest to visit the abandoned church of St. George, built in the XIV century. It is located in the small Czech village of Lukova. Previously we came here believing - as long as in 1968 after a fire damaged the roof did not collapse during the funeral ceremony. The villagers saw this as an omen, after which the church was abandoned.

Now this place - home to 30 ghosts-sculptures, which created a Czech artist Jakub Hadrava. Ghosts sit on benches stand in the aisle and remind priests to hear Mass, or to pray. The atmosphere in the church really scary and mysterious.

Leap Castle, Ireland

Getting there: The church is located 50 km from Karlovy Vary, so the easiest way to buy a ticket from Moscow (18 000) and get a taxi to the village of Lukova.

Top 6 most terrifying places in the world

The Leap Castle corridors you can hear the rustling of shoes - according to legend, is wandering lost souls who killed family O'Carroll. They invited his enemies to "conciliatory" dinner at his home, where guests dealt hired soldiers. During the restoration of the castle in the 1920s, workers found a dungeon with stakes. It found the remains of 150 people.

Since then, the castle is considered cursed, and visitors often see ghosts. For example, at night in the "bloody chapel" may turn on the light, walk the spirit of the priest, but also in the great hall of the castle there are the ghosts of two girls who come to someone combed their hair. If you are not afraid of such "tenants" of the castle, go to Dublin by plane from Moscow (from 19 000 rubles there and back). From the city to the castle can be reached by taxi in about half an hour.

The Hanging Coffins of Sagada, Philippines

Top 6 most terrifying places in the world

Philippines Usually associated with surfing and a great beach holiday. But fans of mysticism to visit this country. In contrast to the rest of the world, the locals are more than two thousand years, do not bury the coffins into the ground, and bury the dead in a "hanging coffins" - the ancient burial custom. It is believed that the higher the coffin, the happier shower is on the light, so they have a high (100 m) of rock ledges and caves.

Getting to this place is difficult, but it's worth it. Echo Valley in the municipality of Sagada is located 400 kilometers from the Philippine capital of Manila. Due to the mountainous terrain of rocky road the bus takes 12 hours, and if it starts to rain, all 18. Once there, you will see that almost all the rocks are covered with hundreds of coffins of Sagada, which more than a hundred years. It seems that after every gust of wind the whole structure falls down. But this will not happen - the locals kept secret process of the burial.

Getting there: flight from Moscow to Manila and back will be 41 000 rubles. Of the capital of the Philippines to the place cheaper to take the bus.

The Hill of Crosses, Lithuania

Top 6 most terrifying places in the world

associated with scary Halloween cemeteries and crosses. But not all such places should scare. Some of them symbolize the bright legend and good intentions - such as the Hill of Crosses. Almost 50 thousand crosses set "for luck." According to the old legends earlier this hill stood a Catholic monastery, but once it is, for unknown reasons, left the ground. Later it was replaced by a man from a neighboring village - he was seriously ill daughter, and he decided to put in place cross namolennye. And then a miracle happened - his child recovered. The rumor about the miraculous site spread all over Lithuania, residents began to come to the mountain, and in search of happiness to give up. So far, this is a very popular place of pilgrimage. At night it looks more mystically, so come here after sunset. How to get there: by plane from Moscow will fly to Vilnius 12 000 rubles. Of the capital is a train to the city of Siauliai, where the site is located.

Forest Hoya Baciu, Romania

Top 6 most terrifying places in the world

If you believe in the anomalous zones and are not afraid to get lost among the ghosts, take a walk through the forest Hoya Baciu that surrounds the medieval castle of Count Dracula. A place called the "Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania" - in these parts began to disappear without a trace people, and if you still come back, nothing is remembered. Local say that once a shepherd led his flock to the fair through the forest, but they have not returned. Another legend - the story of a girl who came out of the woods after five years, did not matured.

At the beginning of the last century, the forest began to change before our eyes. Straight tree trunks as if under the influence of supernatural forces, began to squirm in different directions. Gradually disappeared animals and birds, but instead of the usual sounds of nature began to hear strange howling.

No one knows the reason why the place was mystical. Some believe that there is a portal to the parallel worlds, and others that blame Count Dracula, who after the death of not live in peace locals. If risknesh check legends, from Moscow will fly to Bucharest (about 18 700 rubles there and back), and then get on a train to Brasov, which is 24 km and is located Bran Castle.

The hotel "Stanley" (Stanley Hotel), Colorado, USA

Top 6 most terrifying places in the world

What is Halloween without the old hotel haunted? In the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, it is a hotel with spacious verandas, built Frilanom Stanley in 1909. At the dawn of his fame came to the hotel famous personalities, including US President Theodore Roosevelt and the Japanese Emperor Hiromichi. This place inspired Stephen King to write the novel "The Shining" - together with his wife they spent the night at the hotel in 1974 and were the only guests there. Employees of "Stanley" claim that was met ghosts Frilana and his wife. In the ballroom of the hotel "Stanley" guests are not seen as the piano keys moving by themselves. It is believed that it plays music itself Flora Stanley.

The most interesting thing going on in the room number 217. Tenants say that there is often a ghost walks the maid who worked here a century ago. She still constantly something cleans, brings or rearranges things, sometimes strangers unpacks suitcases. And if you climb to the fourth floor, in the corridors of the hotel, you can hear the voices of the children, but also suddenly turned off the light.

If you're tired of the usual hotel, go for new experiences in Colorado. Ticket to Denver worth 43,800 rubles, with easy access to the hotel by taxi.