15 famous pioneers

• 15 famous pioneers

By definition, a pioneer of doing what nobody has done before. They use their mental abilities to solve problems and invent something to help the rest of society. Their innovation is commendable, but the situation becomes severe when they do not get any marks for its work. Sometimes they just do not think to get a patent to protect their ideas and sometimes robbed. Here pioneers who have not received the recognition they deserve.

15 famous pioneers 15 famous pioneers

1. Ada Lovelace.

Born in 1815, she is known as the world's first programmer. It notes recognized first algorithm for processing machine.

15 famous pioneers

2. Henry Hale.

Henry Hale is often considered the first man who made a film screening through a device called fazmatropom in the mid-1800s.

15 famous pioneers

3. Nathan B. Stubblefield.

American inventor and farmer for growing melons in Kentucky, Nathan was the first to demonstrate the radio in 1902. However, it did not work. Received a patent for the technology, he was unable to find a way to commercialization. He became a hermit and died in 1928.

15 famous pioneers

4. Patricia Bath.

Bath was the first African-American woman, who patented a medical invention. Her work has focused on the use of laser device called "Laserphaco Probe" to remove eye cataracts.

15 famous pioneers

5. Nikola Tesla.

Nikola Tesla was an inventor responsible for fluorescent lighting, the Tesla induction motor and the Tesla coil.

15 famous pioneers

6. Garrett Morgan in August.

His parents were former slaves, Morgan became a rich man, and invented the automatic traffic signal, as well as a military gas mask that was used during the First World War.

15 famous pioneers

7. Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis.

Known as the "savior of mothers", the pioneering work of Dr. Ignaz of antiseptics sharply reduced during childbirth mortality rate.

15 famous pioneers

8. Emmy Noether.

Albert Einstein described as the most important woman in the history of mathematics, its work has led to Noether's theorem, named "one of the most important theories of modern physics."

15 famous pioneers

9. Viktor Schauberger.

Victor was born in 1885 and was one of the first proponents of biotechnology. In one experiment vain he tried to get the engine running only on water and air. While it may seem silly, he has done much to show the world the immense power usage and water purification.

15 famous pioneers

10. Dr. Charles R. Drew.

An American doctor in the early 20th century, Drew worked on the preservation and restoration of blood plasma. He organized and ran the two largest blood banks during World War II.

15 famous pioneers

11. George Crumb.

The well-known chef, who worked at Moon's Lake House in Saratoga Springs, NY, this hero invented potato chips.

15 famous pioneers

12. Willis Johnson.

Johnson made a revolution in the culinary world with the help of his mechanical beater eggs in 1884, freeing all from the need to mix hard ingredients manually.

15 famous pioneers

13. Thomas Stewart.

He improved the traditional mop, invented the mop clamp, which could squeeze out the water. However, he was not recognized as the inventor of the original due to racial discrimination.

15 famous pioneers

14. William Austin Burt.

Bert is the author of the first typewriter, collected in the Western Hemisphere, the first solar compass and equatorial sextant.

15. Dietrich Nikolaus Winkel.

Winkel was the inventor of the first successful metronome, known as "chronometer", but he never defended the idea, and she was taken and patented by Johann Nepomuk Johann Nepomuk Maelzel who reaped.