The first Soviet hacker who hacked "AvtoVAZ"

• The first Soviet hacker who hacked "AvtoVAZ"

In the yard in 1983. Suddenly, one of the Soviet factories "AvtoVAZ" forced to stop the conveyors for three days. The conveyor belt begins to live his life, no one can understand what was going on. Only later it became clear that the software factory equipment hacked ordinary graduate of Moscow State University. Today it is called the first Soviet hacker.

The first Soviet hacker who hacked

Robots Help

Despite the fact that the average Soviet citizen ever industrial robots, which are controlled by a computer (PC) has been used in large quantities never seen a computer in the factories of the USSR. In 1971 under the direction of Peter Belyanina in the country started the industry's first automated conveyors. Experiments showed that only one industrial robot is allowed to save about 10 thousand rubles.

In connection with this the beginning of the 1980s all over the country about 28 thousand industrial robots were built. In the future, even it planned to create a fully automated plants with minimum human involvement. Computer not only controls the conveyors, but also keep records of the details, pay, scheduling, payments and so on. D.

The first Soviet hacker who hacked

With the massive proliferation of computers in the factories are now required not only engineers, fitters and turners, but also mathematicians and programmers. Especially highly valued past. Programmers received twice the normal operating. Often they were given free garden, bonuses, and organized overseas business trips. Forty years ago, highly skilled programmers were extremely small, so it is valued its weight in gold. One of these guys was the hero of this article - Murat Utrembaev, a graduate of Moscow State University.

Break open the "AvtoVAZ"

Immediately after graduating from a prestigious university Murat sat on the Volga automobile plant in Togliatti. At that time it was probably the most advanced in terms of technology carmaker in the Soviet Union. A career at the plant Utrembaev started as a junior programmer. He distinguished by outstanding intellect and quickly mastered the principle of operation. However, a lot of money and trips abroad young specialist has not yet shone. But Murat decided not to despair and began to study the system from within.

The first Soviet hacker who hacked

While the software factory was completely open. In the case that programmers could change the software code and none of this would not even recognize him. Utrembaev noticed an interesting pattern. Let's say you have a problem on the automated line, technology confirmed serviceability of equipment and in the case were connected programmers.

It became clear that the problem lies in the software error. Failure to quickly removed, and the programmer to fix it received the award and recognition of leadership. Soon Murat appeared logical assumption, and that if the programmers themselves create the error, and then do the same and correct it. His head has matured a plan Utrembaeva.

The programmer decides to write a malicious program with delayed start. The virus was activated automatically on the day of return from vacation Murat. Thus, the programmer provided an alibi, no one would think of a man who had just come from vacation. Once the pipeline starts to "go crazy" Utrembaev solves the problem. As a result, the prize is provided and may be increasing. The virus he downloaded using a conventional floppy disk. But the grandiose plans Murat failed to materialize, as he had planned.

The first Soviet hacker who hacked

The virus has started two days before returning from holiday programmer. Automated tape literally went wild and began to mix all the parts at random. The plant was forced to stop. We arrived at the scene officers from the KGB. Since all the robots were fully serviceable, it became apparent that the problem lies in the software error. dozens of experienced programmers were connected to solve the problem. Only three days later it was discovered and liquidated malicious code. During downtime, the plant has suffered a loss of one million rubles.

The trial of a hacker

Not surprisingly, Utrembaev returned from vacation horrified happening. He realized what he had done and decided at first to keep quiet. But soon, zaboyalis that it can open, he decided to go and confess to the crime. For voluntary recognition hacker has been arrested and the court arranged directly in the factory building. Here are just a Soviet jurists are faced with another problem.

The first Soviet hacker who hacked

As it turned out, under the laws of the Soviet Union Utrambaev he was not guilty. Prior to this incident, justice is not dealt with anything like that. There was no concept of "computer security", there was no law on the protection of software. The hacker did not steal anything, did not break - he just made some changes to the system.

Initially, the case filed by the article "Sabotage" by which Murat for many years could clap in jail because of alleged cooperation with foreign authorities. But given the confession and that Utrambaev conducted active cooperation with the investigation, the prosecution softened up "Corruption of state property." As a result, he was given a suspended sentence for hooliganism, was demoted to an ordinary mechanic, in the position where he had to work for two years. After this period Murat retired from "AvtoVAZ" and returned to his native Kazakhstan. On the fate of the first Soviet hacker nothing more is known.