How to store food

"Housekeeping tip". Many of the products we store as we were taught our mothers - the habit put cucumbers in the refrigerator, to the same ship the garlic, and cereals, and all may lie with us for years. Sharing life hacking, how to keep food fresh longer.

How to store food

Vegetables and fruits

How to store food

should be dry, unwashed and stored separately from each other. Fruits not like each other - especially those that deteriorate at different rates. For the question of whether to store the fruit in the refrigerator for more than one lance broke.

All fruits emit ethylene - colorless gas which provokes maturation and, consequently, the decay. The more ripe fruit, the ethylene more. That is why fruits and vegetables are best kept separate, putting them in a paper bag.


How to store food

Potatoes do not like light - as well as other nightshade: eggplant, tomato and pepper. In the light, the tubers begin to turn green and produce a toxic substance solanine, is, in this case, the potatoes can not be.

An ideal place for potatoes - cellar, the temperature there is not more than 2-4 degrees. Cold wet air cooler may trigger the conversion of carbohydrates into sugar, as it will affect the taste of potatoes.

It is best to put it in a paper bag. But if you do not have a cellar, refrigerator prefer.


How to store food

If you have a green tail carrots - cut it without mercy, that it transmits root crop moisture, so the carrot is quickly becoming watery and limp. The crude carrot put in the refrigerator for the bottom drawer in the unsealed package - in this form it can be stored for about two weeks. And filled with water that's small carrots or carrot sticks are best stored in a tightly closed container. Water is best to change.


How to store food

Fresh bread was stored at room temperature in a paper or plastic bag. Only when polyethylene, consider that a crust crunch will not.

In a refrigerator to store it is not necessary (why?) - in the cold accelerates the crystallization of starch, and it quickly hardens.


How to store food

First of all, do not forget that the dealer also has a shelf life.

Millet, oats, oatmeal is not stored for more than 4 months.

Rice and semolina will hold up to 6 months, but low-grade flour generally longer than 2-3 months will not stand. Keep them in tightly closed containers, which does not penetrate (do not panic!) Flour mites.


How to store food

If cucumbers was the slogan, it would sound like this: "Stay away from bananas!" In spite of the similarity of form, cucumbers bananas are not friends. Yellow allocate a lot of ethylene, and green to this gas is very sensitive, so that the eye can not morgnesh, the latter will start to rot.

In the refrigerator they, too, do not store - Cucumbers do not tolerate the cold.


How to store food

If the tomatoes took part in the reality show would be at loggerheads even spectators, because nobody knows the correct answer. Some advisers vehemently advocate that in order to keep our red friends as far as possible from the cold, because the cold affects their cellular structure, making the tomatoes watery and limp. Others, however, say that this trouble is pursued only tomatoes in old type refrigerators. The best advice - the room temperature, but there are tomatoes in this case it is necessary quickly. Or a total freeze.


How to store food

Well, there's one right answer: no fridge. In the honey does not undergo chemical processes on which we should be influenced by the cold. Cold only crystallises the honey and make it thicken.


How to store food

Also unsociable children, but kept long and trouble-free: you can put in the refrigerator and forget. Even outside of the refrigerator, they are stored for about a month, unless the shell is not damaged. May deteriorate only if you left them warm.


How to store food

Sensation! Cheese can not be wrapped in polythene. We seriously. Cheese from this stops breathing, but is much better suited parchment paper, which will not allow the cheese to dry, but missed enough air.

Mozzarella must be stored in its own liquid, but then kept such cheese is less than solid.