Cute, but dangerous animals

When you think about dangerous animals, come to mind snakes, rhinos, crocodiles and other clawed, fanged and poisonous fauna. They do not want to approach and, except to admire from a distance. Whether business or deer dolphins, right?

In fact, many of the animals that appear to be cute and harmless, it can pose a threat to humans. And in the wild for them to approach you should not, under any circumstances. Before us 15 examples of deceptively cute creatures.

Cute, but dangerous animals Cute, but dangerous animals

Mute swan

This graceful bird has long been a symbol of beauty and nobility. It is difficult to imagine that it can be extremely aggressive. And let the swan is considerably inferior to the man in size, but when it comes to its nest - this bird is fighting to the end. Swans are often carried out the attack in flight, crashing into the man and knocking him down. If this happens in the water and the victim fell overboard Swan strongly holds the victim under water.

Cute, but dangerous animals


Raccoons are so sweet and smart, that they are often kept as pets. They are widely distributed across North America, and some - in Eurasia and Japan. Raccoons usually underestimated because of their appearance, but they are often thrown into the attack even on humans and can cause considerable damage with sharp claws.

Cute, but dangerous animals

Long-tailed weasel

Just look at what a furry cutie! But even affection and do not differ large size, they became famous for the fact that they are able to kill the game in the 10 times larger than themselves. Due to the incredibly fast metabolism caresses have to eat half their body weight each day. Because of this, they are always hungry and incredibly aggressive. Their way of hunting is more like cats: they immobilize the victim, and then kill the deadly bite of the scruff.

Cute, but dangerous animals


On average, an adult koala weighs 10-13 kg, so it will have to work hard if she suddenly wants to kill you. However, koalas are armed with razor-sharp teeth and powerful jaws, so severed limbs may well. And they have long claws that allow them to climb trees, but they can use them during the attack. Fortunately, koalas attack only when they feel danger, so if you keep them at arm's length, the problems should arise.

Cute, but dangerous animals

Red Fox

At first glance, "Chanterelle-sister" seems harmless enough, except that slightly roguish. Foxes prefer to stay alone. But if you put them in a corner, they become very aggressive. Basically foxes are dangerous only for poultry and small livestock, but there were cases when these predators attacking children. In addition, Fox - known carriers of rabies and other infections, and for infection is one bite.

Cute, but dangerous animals


Pandas really lazy playboy who prefer not to mess with people. But these clumsy and cute fauna can become a deadly weapon. We should not forget that they are quite marker bears, which in case of danger will be protected by applying sharp teeth, claws, and its weight, which is often more than a hundred kilos.

Cute, but dangerous animals

slow loris

Do not let this charming eyes deceive you. Slow loris bite is poisonous!

Pretty slow loris creature looks like a cartoon character Disney: his huge round eyes, cute little face and adults resemble harmless young. But Lori has one of the most dangerous poisons on the planet. On elbows animal has special glands that produce dangerous toxins that females are coated with their young to protect them from predators. Lori sucks the poison from the elbow, gaining it in your mouth and in case an intruder approaching its painful bites, injecting venom into the wound. Predators already know this feature Lori defend themselves, so try not to touch it.

Cute, but dangerous animals

The Wild Dog Dingo

While these puppies look like they are just waiting for you to take them home soon, in fact, they have more in common with wolves than with domestic dogs. They are wild animals that often attack people. But a pack of wolves - it's always a formidable force, whatever the time may be around. In Australia, where dingoes still live in the wild, there were many cases of attacks of dogs to people. And more than once fatal.

Cute, but dangerous animals

leopard seals

With the leopard seal is problematic meet in the wild - they live only in Antarctica, penguins feeding. On the face of seals as seals, but they repeatedly attacked the researchers. The only predator that can overcome the sea leopard - a killer whale. Leopard seals are fast, strong and well-oriented in their environment. They prefer to play with its prey before killing it.

In recent years, sea leopards killed several people. Last their mining became a marine biologist, they had to drag 50 meters under water before he choked and drowned.

Cute, but dangerous animals

The Beaver

Experts warn: do not underestimate the beavers, because this animal can jealously guard the territory and even come to blows. One feature makes them particularly dangerous and even deadly - their famous teeth that differ not only in length but also acute. Beaver can easily bite through the limb, which leads to severe blood loss.

In 2013 in Europe there was even a case of fatal: Beaver bitten twice in the leg fisherman, sharp teeth pierced the artery, and the man died before help arrived to him.

Cute, but dangerous animals


Badgers have a small size, but they are among the most dangerous predators on the right. They have strong jaws, which they quickly break the bones of their victims, and thick, durable skin that protect them from most of the bites enemies. In addition, the Badgers have excellent speed and agility and dodge the blow for them is not difficult. And finally - a very unpleasant weapon badger: the vile smell like a skunk that stuns enemies and causes them to run headlong.

Cute, but dangerous animals


Some of the most intelligent marine mammals, and in general the animals on the planet. There are cases when dolphins saving people, but this does not mean that they have an angelic character. In the natural environment, these marine organisms may attack even sharks. Dolphins can injure the victim teeth, beat the muzzle in the manner of clubs and left to die without any desire for profit. Furthermore, among these animals a significant indicator of offspring kills, scientists still can not explain.

Cute, but dangerous animals

Frogs-dart frogs

These brightly colored amphibians possess amazing coloring, but also - incredibly powerful poison. Indians use their venom to lubricate the needle to wind tubes. Frogs secrete poison through the skin, so that the slightest scratch on the human body may be sufficient to infect.

Cute, but dangerous animals


deer males shed their antlers and grow their every year, and these horns are incredibly sharp. When forest handsome face horns with each other, it's loud, but virtually harmless occupation. But people are often perceived as a threat, and ram horns at full speed can be fatal. From wild deer is better to stay away.

Cute, but dangerous animals


Strange but true: when these adorable kids grow up, they acquire the terrible stings, the venom is injected.

Each sting associated with femoral gland duct, which during the mating season produces a complex "cocktail" of poisons. Males use spurs during mating fights. Platypus poison can kill dingoes or other medium-sized animal. It is believed that it is not lethal for a healthy person, but in case of defeat must urgently deliver the patient to the hospital. Affected muscles may ache for a few more months, even in the case of emergency assistance.