How to make the sill functional

How to make the sill functional

Alternative ideas of transformation of the sill.

As a rule, the windowsill did not pay attention as a functional component of the interior. And in vain! Designers know a lot of techniques that help to efficiently use the space. In this material, collected 10 ways to make a functional part of the interior window sill.

1. The bar

How to make the sill functional

The bar instead of the sill. | Photo:, Pinterest.

One of the most popular alternatives to the window sill, you can call the bar. It will not only be a convenient place for friendly gatherings over a cup of coffee, but also a stylish piece of modern living space. The easiest way to get a bar - to choose and install a window sill, but you can choose something more original. It is best to implement such an idea in the living room or on the balcony. And for a small kitchen bar will be a real salvation, replacing a bulky dining table.

2. Sink

How to make the sill functional

The sink in the window sill. | Photo: Houzz.

Transfer shells in the window area can save the working area of ​​the kitchen. In this case, the idea of ​​combining kitchen with a window sill would be very appropriate. In addition, each time you wash the dishes, will be able to admire the scenery of his native court, the sky, or bathe in the sun.

3. Desk

How to make the sill functional

Desk at the window | Photo: My interior,

You can be turned into a full-fledged desktop in the bedroom or in the living room windowsill. In addition, the window area - the source of natural light, and therefore an ideal location for your workspace. For the realization of this idea need only order the appropriate countertop. It can match the size of the window or occupy an entire wall. Also pay attention to the curly countertops. According to, desktop window - a fine example of the proper use of the space of a small room.

4. Dining Table

How to make the sill functional

The original triangular sill. | Photo: Granitstroykomplekt Plus.

Windowsill unusual shape - this is not a whim, but a very real way to solve some problems of a small space. For example, in the interior of a small kitchen protruding triangular window sill on the legs acts as a dining table, as well as an additional work surface.

5. Bench-shelf

How to make the sill functional

bench by the window. | Picture: BR-Interiors.

The idea of ​​converting the windowsill in the bench came to us from the west and are only now beginning to take root. The construction of the bench by the window, you get not only a complete vacation spot, but also storage, because the lower part of the bench is hollow, and therefore suitable for installation of drawers and shelves mounting.

6. Cache

How to make the sill functional

Cache under the windowsill. | Picture: Twitter.

This narrow window sill is not useless, as it seems at first glance. Hidden under the sill is quite roomy pull-out cabinet, which can be used to store money and jewelry. Such a storage system could be much better and safe deposit box.

7. Chest

How to make the sill functional

Chest padded seat. | Photo:

Standard dresser with several lockers and comfortable sofas upstairs can be an interesting alternative to the usual windowsill. This is a very ergonomic solution is ideal for large and small bedrooms, allowing you to save a maximum of space.

8. Sofa

How to make the sill functional

sofa instead of the sill. | Photo:

If your kitchen is so small that you do not dare to dream about the construction of the recreation area on it, should look at the idea of ​​replacing the window sill on a small sofa. Just imagine how nice to have a cup of coffee while sitting on this couch by the window.

9. Shelves

How to make the sill functional

The storage system with shelves. | Photo: Homedit.

Large open shelving, equipped with a narrow windowsill, help bring order to the details and become a stylish decoration of interior room.

10. Bed

How to make the sill functional

The bed by the window. | Photo:

Perhaps in the course of repair, and you do decide to abandon such useless things as a window sill. In this case, in this space, you can put the bed. Such an unusual decision clearly become a significant detail of the interior.