Life in the richest country in the world

Qatar - a country born in which you never have to work, but if you still want to work, then you will have just a huge salary! The citizens of Qatar provides free higher education, other than medicine and pays them the benefits that they can carry out almost any of their desires! How they got it ?! Why are they ?!

The local population

Journalist and researcher Eric Weiner once went on a trip around the world. In Weiner had one goal: to find out where people are most happy. He visited those countries that are considered to be the happiest in the world, in particular, India, Switzerland, Thailand, the Netherlands, Iceland, America, and Qatar, and then wrote a book about the search for happiness, "How I became famous, thin, rich, happy themselves."

Life in the richest country in the world

So, this is how Weiner describes Qatar "By the size of Qatar is comparable to Connecticut. But, unlike Connecticut, in Qatar there are no old money. Only the shiny new coin. 50 years ago, Qatar eked out a living from pearl cultivation and production of sheep. Today, the only pearls that they take into account, wrapped around their necks and is worth millions. "

According to Weiner, almost all workers (flight attendants on planes, the staff at the hotel - not local: Indians, Filipinos, Egyptians), as local in Qatar is not particularly something and need and work, as the country is very rich and indigenous people get money from state.

Life in the richest country in the world

Qatar third largest natural gas and one of the largest exporters of oil and petroleum products. Nevertheless, see Doha (capital of Qatar), the local Arab population is still possible, but mostly local in leadership positions. According to various estimates, the share of visitors from 40 to 60% in the country. Salaries for expatriates are quite decent, so that the average salary in Qatar is about 4 thousand dollars a month. Local currency - Qatari real, which, according to the current exchange rate is approximately 18 rubles.


In Qatar, a fairly low crime rate, including street. The country is considered one of the safest. "It is important for me that the city can not worry about the safety of personal belongings or purse. Many people do not close their doors and leave open the machine. At each corner of the camera stand.

Life in the richest country in the world

One day I was walking at night in their neighborhood, and I live in the private sector - around there is nothing but houses. Local steam saw that I walk alone, and offered to help me they thought I was lost, and offered to drop off at home. Girls alone here rarely walk the streets, "- says in the Tinkoff-magazine Olga Sheveyko, moved to Qatar to work.


Qatar - a Muslim country, so here it is difficult to alcohol. However, not enough to not get. His, of course, selling, but in a limited number of places, for example, in hotels and restaurants, and it costs quite expensive.

Life in the richest country in the world


No taxes

In 2009, the Finance Minister Hussein Kamal of Qatar introduced a uniform corporate tax rate of 10% since 2010. More taxes in the country do not have: no traffic, no income, no. Taxes are only paid the company - in the amount of 10% of the year's total revenue.


In Qatar, it works fine medical system, for both locals as well as visitors and employees. Each guest workers the company is obliged to take out insurance. In the public hospitals service of the local population - free of charge.

Life in the richest country in the world

treatment, medication and even surgery made abroad (if required) are paid by the state. Inconvenient truth is that all drugs, including, for example, nasal drops for colds - are sold only by prescription.


Despite the fact that the country has an outlet to the Persian Gulf, the beaches in Qatar complicated. Hotels located near the coastline, have their own beaches, but if you're not the guest, the entrance fee will have to pay.

Life in the richest country in the world

But that's not the point. In Qatar dry tropical climate, while in summer the temperature rises above 40 degrees. Therefore, in the summer swimming is possible either very early in the morning or at night. The swimming season water warms up to 27 degrees, and the most successful time for a beach holiday is considered to be the spring and autumn. Qataris themselves like Safari and keytserfing.