Male initiation rites of various nations

Yes, the world still has a place where young men do it. Just to be a "real man". Men still strange creatures, and you are now again to see this.

Male initiation rites of various nations

The ritual sex with krokodilitsa

Not so long ago the world has shaken the story of three brothers from the South African province of Limpopo: young people suffering from impotence and have been assured that the case in the family curse. They appealed to the shaman, who advised them to supposedly the only true means: catching in stagnant water crocodile and rape by turns. To protect against the predator shaman created an amulet called mufi - he allegedly had to scare aggressive crocodiles. But the amulet did not work. All three were torn apart and eaten by the alleged victim of violence and her relatives.

Male initiation rites of various nations

Men menstruation

Residents Waigeo island near New Guinea believe that the first in her life of sexual intercourse the man should be cleansed from the "filth" in the same way that "cleared" the woman - blood loss. But if women lose blood due to natural causes, the man you want to call "menstruation" artificially. Namely - to make a deep cut on the head of the penis.


These scientific word is called a terrible rite of some Australian tribes to turn the boy into a real man, the elders of the tribe first made his circumcision. This procedure is not very different from that which is practiced all over the world, but with one exception: after the foreskin is cut off, the boy has to swallow it. It symbolizes the complete and final victory over his own childhood. When the wound heals, the boy is considered old enough for this initiation: the ceremony begins with the fact that in the urethra of a young man inserting a long, thin stick, which serves as the basis for the knife. penis then dissected from the bottom - the entire length of the bridle to the scrotum, so that it becomes like a forked. The procedure is repeated several times throughout the life of men. Now during urination he will have to squat, as do women, because urine will exit through the base of the penis.

Male initiation rites of various nations

Jumping into the ground

Men from Vanutatu, a small island nation in the Pacific Ocean, have to not only take the initiation ritual, and affirm their masculinity annually. To do this, there is a ritual called "jumping into the ground."

At first the men constructing wooden towers in height from 20 to 30 meters and then rise to the top, tied to the feet of flexible vines, the other end of which is attached to the top of the tower and jump down. The main task - to drop as low as possible and does not become a cripple. Aerobatics - touch the ground any part of the body and remain unscathed. If a man is chosen too long a vine and fell to his death, then, it was not sufficiently masculine.

Take part in the ceremony are almost all - jumping allowed the boys older than 5 years. Of course, the children first jump from a low altitude, but deaths and injuries still uncommon, because the jump off a man or boy, the more masculine he will be considered to a greater height.

Male initiation rites of various nations

The longest and the strange ritual of

Sambia tribe from Papua - New Guinea stretches rite of initiation the boy for a few years. Dedication in men begins with 7 years - a boy separated from his mother, who symbolizes all female, and from that moment he will live in a society of men. See his mother, as well as spending time in the company of other women and girls is strictly prohibited.

Then, closer to the beginning of puberty, the boy is considered ready for bloodletting ceremony child is fed to a tree and poke his nose long, sharp stick - until then, until you bleed. After that he was beaten - to tighten the character of the future soldier. And then comes the next stage of initiation - the longest.

The tribe believed that men and women are born with the Thing - a kind of authority, which is responsible for the possibility of offspring. Women Ting own ripens after the first menstruation, and men will be useless if it does not "wake up". The only way to bring the Thing to a working condition is considered to be drinking "man milk", ie, semen. The boy must retire regularly, unmarried young men from 13 to 21 years and make him fellatio, sperm swallowing. Recommended Do this as often as possible, in order to become stronger. As soon as he turns to 13, it is considered to have reached puberty, and then comes the next stage of initiation. At first the young man again beaten and then commit "to supply the milk man" the other boys. To marry men of the tribe Sambia may, after 20 years, but this is not so simple: it is believed that a woman can become infected (probably feminine), therefore it is necessary to observe certain rituals. Before intercourse supposed to plug the nostrils leaf chewing fragrant plants, so as not to smell the female genital organs, and after - to bathe in the mud to "purify". At the same time during sex in any case should not be allowed too deep penetration of the penis into the vagina - is also considered to be infectious. Given that the young man is not spending a lot of time with his wife, and continues to live in the company of men, the end of initiation is often delayed: consider themselves real men can only those who have already given birth to the first-born.