Traditional tattoos of sailors

• The traditional tattoos of sailors

You ever wondered, what is meant by traditional tattoos of sailors? Lucy Bellwood from Portland, United States - professional artist-animator. She is passionate about the sea, ships and all that is connected with it. She released a chart "navigator Art" (Art of the Sailor), which show detailed and painted, that means the most common tattoos on the body of a sailor.

Each of these characters tells the story of a sailor traveling. For example, the swallow is that her boss crossed 5000 nautical miles (9260 kilometers), and Hawaiian dancer at the American sailor shows that he was in Hawaii.

Traditional tattoos of sailors Traditional tattoos of sailors

Crossed guns - military service in the Navy.

Turtle - is dedicated to the sailors club, crossed the equator. Starfish - sailor will always find a way home.

Ship with sails - safe swimming around the treacherous Cape Horn.

Anchor - crossed the Atlantic.

Crossed anchors between the thumb and forefinger - the foreman (on a warship).

The rope around the wrist once considered a hallmark of dockers (tattoo as a sign of profession).

Pig on the left leg, the cock on the right - during World War II sailor tattoos on their feet to protect it from death (drowning). These animals were transported in wooden boxes, which were kept in the water. So they often were the only survivors of the shipwreck.

Compass - a sailor to come home.

Crosses - the protection of sharks.

Dragon - a sailor has served in China.