How to cope with the pain in my throat

• How to cope with the pain in the throat

Sore throat can occur not only in the season of SARS, but also in the hot summer. If the problem is acid reflux or allergies from this have their medication. And here is how to deal with it when a viral infection - as quickly as possible and without the mess.

How to cope with the pain in my throat

1. Rinse

You can not spend money on expensive powders and buy folk remedies such as chamomile. Razvedi half teaspoon salt in a glass of water and gargling every hour or two. But vinegar is not necessary: ​​it destroys tooth enamel.

2. Cold drinks

Contrary to the precepts of grandmothers cold liquid helps to reduce pain and inflammation in the throat.

3. Ice

If you're afraid to drink cold or is very unpleasant, it can be replaced by a liquid with a piece of ice.

4. humidify the air

Dry air is not conducive to recovery. Turn on the humidifier or often take a warm shower.

5. Avoid harmful

Now for the throat harmful carbonated drinks, cold food, citrus.

6. Drink herbal tea

It helps to reduce pain and improve immunity.

7. Eat honey

Separately or by adding it in water or tea. Its antibacterial effect is well known.

8. Talk less

Then the throat will be faster. Otherwise, you risk very hoarse for a few days.

9. Change your toothbrush

It actively breed bacteria. It is best to change it at the beginning of the disease and after recovery - again, to avoid secondary infection.

10. If bad, talk to your doctor

High temperature, fever, a strange kind of throat, blood in the saliva - it is an occasion to contact the therapist and decide what to do next.