Celebrities who have gone from the producers to the scandal

The other day Nargiz Zakirov said on his Instagram, that production center Maxim Fadeev broke the contract with her and now her concerts in jeopardy. While celebrities find out the relationship, we decided to collect for you the history of the artists, who could not break up with their producers amicably.

Nargiz Zakirov

Celebrities who have gone from the producers to the scandal

On his page on the social networking site Nargiz Zakirov said the termination of cooperation with the producer center Maxim Fadeev. The singer said that now her performances in such towns as Jurmala, Krasnogorsk and Tchaikovsky are in question. Moreover, according to the star, now she is forbidden to perform his songs.

"For me and my team, it was news, since we were going to leave tonight, despite the risks and the situation that has escalated more July 16, 2019, when I received the official document of the intention label MALFA forbid me to perform musical works of Maxim Fadeev, the document to terminate the contract with the label, as well as the de facto denial of the production center of the obligations of the tour, "- said Nargis.

Manual production center until the situation has not commented. Yesterday, however, Max Fadeev published in his Instagram picture with the text: "The quickest way to put himself in order: to remove from the ears noodles, with soul - a stone from his neck - brazen people. All. You are in perfect shape. "


Celebrities who have gone from the producers to the scandal

Unable to leave the label without scandal and Levan Gorozia. In March this year, the rapper announced the termination of cooperation with the Black Star, and in early July sued the label guide: Timati and Pasha. The essence of the conflict lies in the fact that after the end of the contract the rights to the song and stage name actor left the company itself. L'One admitted he made a mistake by signing a contract, do not fully deal with his details, but it is certain that no one can forbid him to perform them well-written hits.

Svetlana Loboda

Celebrities who have gone from the producers to the scandal

For a long time, Svetlana Loboda worked with producer Alexander Shirkov, who at the time was her boyfriend. Separated lovers not the best way: with the scandal and litigation. Now each of them has its own life. The past recalls the singer rarely.

"He wanted a family life, and I could not give it to him. Sasha could not survive this: threatened, trying to sue me copyright on songs written by me, even in the name given to me by my parents, send for a purpose to my thugs in the disassembly. But you know, this is the case of bygone days, we've all figured out, Sasha apologized for his behavior - he says lured demons. I forgave him, "- says Svetlana in an interview.

Christine C

Celebrities who have gone from the producers to the scandal

In 2018 at the Black Star ended contract with Christine Sarkisian (Christina C). To part peacefully in the label with his former party failed. Some time later, in an interview with "gentle editor," she admitted, that the ratio of management to it deteriorated after she publicly praised Gazgolder association headed by the strikers. Furthermore, Christina did not like the songs that she had to perform. As a result, Black Star took her right to a creative nickname and tracks.


Celebrities who have gone from the producers to the scandal

In the past, Lolita sued by her former producer and once a close friend Elena Kiper. Singer suspected ex-friend of fraud. According Milyavskaya, Kiper underpaid her for about six million rubles for the song "On Titanic" and "Orientation - north". Ex-producer Lolita, in turn, noted that the actress has received as much as she was supposed to under the contract. The trial in the case of fraudulent activity with the creative property is still ongoing.

Katya Lel

Celebrities who have gone from the producers to the scandal

Katya Lel has never concealed that way on the stage helped her boyfriend influential Alexander Volkov, who in due time of its producer. However, part friends with the former sponsor of the singer's hit "Musi-pusi" and failed. Lawsuits and scandals series become faithful companions of the ex-lovers for many years.

"As many as eleven years have passed since my megauspeha with" Jag-Jag "and the last recital. All this time I was actually trying to destroy. I just picked up and withdrawn from airplay and TV channels, I completely blocked oxygen "- recalls Lel in a recent interview.

Elena Terleeva

Celebrities who have gone from the producers to the scandal

After participating in the "Star Factory", many predicted Elena Terleeva grandiose career and a resounding success with the public. However, everything turned singer is not very good. After the eviction of the "Star House", she began to work with Maxim Fadeev. According to the newly-fledged star producer he promised her mountains of gold: the video shoot, release albums and tour the country, but to fulfill the agreements are not in a hurry. As a result, Terleeva had to leave the scandal. Later, the former partners are also reconciled, and the album was released. However, after another series of disagreements cooperation finally stopped. Now about the singer can not hear anything.

Margarita Suhankina

Celebrities who have gone from the producers to the scandal

In the life of the soloist of the group "Mirage" Margarita Suhankina occurred story, something like the one that happened to Katya Lel. The producer of the girls at the time was her boyfriend Andrew Lityagina. When the relationship ended, they could not find a compromise in the work. Stars have not signed any contracts, so after the break he decided to take revenge on the former passion. He filed a lawsuit demanding to ban Suhankina sing songs of the group. His actions, he argued the simple desire to get its share of royalties.