What will change if the move abroad

Living abroad - it is certainly a kind of reward. Even if it was short-lived, this experience can profoundly change you. For the better.

Kimberlin Boyce, author of the popular blog for expats, says that, as usual looks life in emigration. In this issue you will learn about the ten things that will inevitably change if you begin to live abroad. At least a month or two.

What will change if the move abroad What will change if the move abroad

1. You are constantly learning a new language. And forget the old.

I'm no expert on the part of the workings of the human brain, but something tells me that if you stop to speak their native language, then sooner or later forget it. First you begin to more and better understand what you say new fellow citizens in the streets. Then you will be pleased at how quickly learn a foreign language. It will take another couple of months, and you already start to think on it! Hence - a straight road to the oblivion of the native language.

Remember not to forget, and if it enters back into the Russian-speaking environment, you will once again be perfectly express themselves in their own, but without the constant support of the environment you will be very silly mistakes, will say wild things like "take the bus" (not by storm, and sit on it, in the sense of ) and constantly stumble:

- He did ... as in Russian? Radio? No, no radio ...

- The television?

- Sam you TV! BUT! X-rays!

2. The suitcase it will be not just a convenient bag for things.

I thought that after'll move my suitcases with things collected for the move, will gather dust on the far shelf. I even thought, "What am I going to do with all these suitcases when get settled?" But I continue to use them even after years of living in exile. The fact that the emigration of freed me though. I became more and more likely to travel. And enjoy it. I think most of those who dare to change their place of residence, there will be the same: once having got out of the cage, I want to keep doing this over and over again. And yes, I'm not sure I can live the rest of days in Brazil, where I live today.

3. This is not a trip. It's your life!

You can live abroad for five years, then come home to visit relatives, and your friends to meet you at the pub, will ask: "Well, how's your trip" Sometimes I want to shout: "I'm not on the trip! I live there! "But they still do not understand.

Therefore, I always answer this question in a polite template: "So much has happened in these three years ... We can both have dinner together, and I tell you about my most vivid impression!"

4. You will always keep in mind the exchange rate.

You may live in another country and ten years, but will still remember about the exchange rate. You'll go to the store and at home in their new homeland and constantly compare prices. Now this habit - the part of you from which you can never get rid of, no matter how wanted.

5. The line between "normal" and "strange" now and forever will be a bit blurred.

Despite the fact that many people believe that the world today - a single global "McDonald's", it's not. And every culture, even in the neighboring, may have their own concept of what is acceptable, and that - no. Somewhere normal, where young people kiss on the street, somewhere - not. Somewhere smoking marijuana inhabitants are quiet, somewhere - not. I left America for 23 years. Then I think it is wrong when someone on the street picking his nose. In this case, I myself have always enjoyed a toothpick after dinner. Now imagine that where I am today, all exactly the opposite. I can safely clean the nose here in a public place. But I never got used to the fact that the public use of sticks for cleaning teeth - this is not normal.

But here's what's really great is the fact that an understanding of this difference makes you much more free and tolerant person.

6. Time in different countries is measured in different ways.

In America, you can not invite anyone in the café today. People live on the calendar. And wild rage every time they have to wait for someone for longer than five minutes.

Now imagine that where I am now, too late, even 30 minutes - this is normal. And I was not happy at first: if got into the glue, everything happens in slow motion, no time to nothing ...

But then you get used to and adaptirueshsya. Although they continued to be amazed at how some people are obsessed with time, while others simply do not think about it.

7. The word "routine" will disappear from your vocabulary.

Regardless of whether your life will develop in the new location as you had planned, or not, you there will never be bored and the "ordinary". The miracle will happen every day.

One day, I devoted an entire day of payment of only two utility bills. Now I'm not sure that tomorrow I will have electricity and water. It's so unpredictable ... I just always have a "backup plan" - in case the time go to pieces because of the irresponsibility of local electricians. In general, unexpected things abroad with you in any case will occur ten times more often than at home.

8. You lose everything, but it will not make much difference.

And here is the main argument against immigration, which is often mentioned in the propaganda materials: there you are not wanted. This is a pure truth. But I will reveal a little secret: you do not need anywhere to anyone. You need only to himself. In fact, people are often afraid to move somewhere, because "they will be there no" or because they fear losing their usual work and the usual social circle.

I will say more. When you move you lose all all (except MacBook and clothing), they had. Habitual routes for walking. Family gatherings. Favorite shops. Pet products (if it is not Coca-Cola). And the smells, the colors, the weather and tastes.

On the other hand, you will not bother it. You will be able at least for some time (often - a couple of years) not to think about their social status or that are accustomed to at home. The new world will absorb you completely. And you realize that material success - that's not all.

Before you go to live in another country, and you will not even think that all you want to take home with them, fit into a couple of suitcases. You do not even remember half of the things that seemed to have been very important.

9 will now appear: "Everything is possible."

Now you know: gather and dump anywhere, wherever possible in one day.

To begin life with a clean slate? This idea I have now is not only inspiring, but also comforting. I know that you can always start over. Anything.

10. Everything will be different.

The first time you will often feel humiliated ... We'll have to ask people (often unknown) for help in the most ordinary situations. Every day will seem so complex and unusual, sometimes even be scary.

But it will take a couple of months, and you are comfortable. And your heart will overflow the feeling that you are capable of something much greater than thought.

"If you are brave enough to throw away all well-cozy, and it can be anything: a house, old scores - and hit the road for the truth, to seek the truth in themselves or in the world around you, if you are sincerely willing to be considered a clue all what happens on the road, if you take like every teacher, who you will meet, and the main thing - if you are willing to accept and forgive the difficult truth about yourself, that's when you open and truth "(Elizabeth Gilbert).