Apple has patented smart bracelet watch, which "learns" on the wrist of the owner

• Apple has patented smart bracelet watch, which "learns" on the wrist holder

Apple has patented smart bracelet watch, which

Apple filed a patent on the invention, which will help to improve the bracelet watch Apple Watch. Innovations will allow the strap to determine the owner of the skin on the wrist or automatically resize to watch is not dangling on the arm

The fact that Apple has registered three patents for inventions that will improve bracelet watch Apple Watch, told the website Patently Apple citing data from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The first describes the built-in strap or the watch sensor uses infrared light to get a thermal image of the wrist, with all its characteristic features - for example, the texture of the skin or the hair on his arm. The idea is that the clock is "remembered" the one who wears them. TechCrunch this technology compares with the analysis of a fingerprint.

While the clock is not equipped with biometric technology that enables the device to automatically unlock. On the Apple Watch screen still need to enter a PIN code. You can also attach them to your smartphone, and then the lock will be removed on both devices simultaneously.

Apple has patented smart bracelet watch, which

The second patent describes a bracelet watch, which the team can narrow or expand to the wrist. For example, if the clock will be bad to keep on hand while running or if the sensor need to be close to your skin, to analyze it, suggests TechCrunch.

The third patent involves the creation of a bracelet with integrated LEDs. For example, they may light up when you receive a message, suggests TechCrunch. Or it may be a scale that shows how much you have left to run during a morning workout. Now all this can do and AppleWatch screen, but the new technology will save energy and to charge less hours.

While Apple did not equip bracelets that one can easily change to another - they are made from different materials and in different colors. TechCrunch indicates that the use of indicators or sensors can make the situation more difficult - buyers will be forced to choose between a bracelet, which they like in terms of appearance, and the one that has the most useful features.